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Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Caramel Open House

Matter-of-factly, it was my first time to partake at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Open House early this morning with a close cousin of mine. Ever since I knew about this, I always confirm my attendance to their events thru Facebook but due to my work schedule before and the restriction it accompanies, I cannot not make it every time :( I noticed it always fall on a Sunday, a great time to bond with your family and the one closest to you too. And since I just resigned from my work, I have all the time to spend Sundays with my loved ones. Finally!

Today, at exactly 10AM all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in Manila, Batangas, Cebu and Davao invited everybody to their Caramel Open House! They are doing this regularly for everyone to get to know their finest drink for FREE. I know it sounds awesome but being there at one of their participating store makes it all the more specially awesome.
Belle and I made it at past 10AM at their branch in Ronac Art Center situated in  Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan. We live nearby so this was our planned branch to spend our cool Sunday morning together. Unfortunately, when we entered the place a female barista informed us that they are not yet open for business so I hastily asked if they were included in the Caramel Open House even if obviously they are not. I was quite piqued and dismayed by the idea that this newest branch which I admire since it was opened to public is one of the places exempted of the offering. But as I can recall it was not written in the list of branches where it can't be offered. I did the checking with my iPad and there I confirmed that these are the branches not covered with the event: Two-Ecom Center, One Archer's Place, Ayala Ave. Convergys and DLSU-Cybernook. The next best thing to do is to travel from Ronac Art Center to CBTL's branch in Promenade Greenhills which is thankfully accessible from where we intend to spend our time together. 

As seen above, the coffee shop is not crowded, no hustling nor bustling that we encountered. Just perfectly conducive to have a great coffee break on a Sunday morning. We were not new at this branch as it is actually one of the best branches of CBTL I've encountered so far - with friendly baristas and squeaky clean ambiance. I do not know if it was just a blessing in disguise to be at this branch or what but it feels so good to be in here. There were no long, lines just pure bliss and peace. 
Caramel Macchiato for Belle and Caramel Cream Tea Latte for me.
Caramel Macchiato has this real taste of espresso to give a stimulating lift for someone who'll drink it. Maybe my next big favorite. On the other hand, the Caramel Cream Tea Latte hooked me with their tea infusion and foamy milk. It has a light caramel taste which I definitely liked and my cousin can't bear.

No need for packets of brown sugar nor stirrer and steamed milk for these two newest offering. They were perfectly blended already. Two-thumbs up for that CBTL! I have to sip a little for it to find out. Anyways, we happily returned everything we did not use. 

Absolutely FREE! Thanks CBTL. You are the best. Next time I'll bring my little cousins and parents too!

Cheesy. Heavy in every bite. Your PhP65 won't be wasted. A must-try and perfect pair to any of CBTL's coffee and espresso drinks. I was actually considering buying a sandwich or salad since I have with me two vouchers I tore from my Navi Planner, but my dear cousin insisted to use those at the branch closest to us. Hence, I purchased the  cheesy ensaymada  instead.

Caramel Ice Blended 
We tried our luck if we can still avail of their coolest offering - the Caramel Ice Blended. And hey, we were able to experience these two 12-oz refreshing drink as well. Excellent! We did enjoy all these complimentary drinks CBTL. My first time experience of the open house ---the BEST! 

Unemployed? You might want to be part of their team. One day application process only! Sounds good. Hmmmmmmmm I am actually considering this company. We'll see what will happen :) Good vibes everyone!

Ground Level, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number
(+63 2) 621-9470


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