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Thursday, January 24, 2013

SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!

SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
My gastronomic experience definitely did not end on the superb lunch I had with some fellow foodies for there is certainly more that Sentro 1771 has to offer. And I am speaking here of their numerous to-die-for desserts. Have you had one already? This blog post is the continuation of my recent post and I want to end this on a very very sweet note.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Fried Suman and Ripe Mangoes  PhP180
We Pinoys surely eat suman and we take pride that each region has its own version. This one from Sentro 1770 are rolled out suman which are fried to a light crisp making it a bit tastier. Topped with ripe mangoes  and drizzled with sweet coco jam. What a fine creation that every first timers must taste and see.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Coffee Pie PhP220
I fell in love with the plating at first sight! I was so lusting for this one that I can finish an order in less that 10 minutes. If you love coffee and ice cream like me, then you should go for this pie.  Every spoonful is heaven. It was such a creamy dessert with strong coffee flavor.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Keso Flan PhP220
This one is slightly resembling bibingka, a kind of rice cake. How? A baked but no crust cheesecake which is so light in taste and smooth in texture. Sided with queso de bola slices and red egg. The combination is the bomb! Try it to believe.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Mango Jubilee  PhP195
Whenever I finish a hefty meal I am always looking for ice cream. I dunno but I really have this deep deep love for frozen desserts. Say for instance this one which is an ice cream dessert topped with ripe mangoes. Nothing too complex but extremely delicious. The level of sweetness from the vanilla ice cream and tartness from the mango go hand-in-hand. I'm looking forward to have this long-stemmed glass again filled with joy and a perfect smile in my heart.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Coffee Bean Sans Rival  PhP205
This one turns me on. Who would not be? Among the desserts before me, this one possessed with so much beauty that I can't let my eyes off it. I do not want to sound biased okay. So this is not the traditional kind of sansrival, right? And in my opinion this is the best in town. Unassuming. Different. Lovely. Very pleasing to the taste.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Maja Blanca Crepe PhP180
Crepe is of French origin and would you believe that Sentro has something related to it on their menu? Yup and that is the Maja Blanca Crepe. Imagine coconut pudding wrapped into a very thin pancake then topped with corn kernels and drizzled with coconut jam. It doesn't look that intimidating.  Soft to the bite and really sweet.
SENTRO 1771 to-die-for Desserts!
Creme Brulee  PhP180
Burnt cream it is. Nothing so surprising with this one though it truly has rich custard base that is so enjoyable to eat or over eat.

Now, you probably have an idea where to go when you are too stressed from reports, deadlines, projects or just anything that put pressures on our daily life. Try to spell stressed backwards and you know what you need...DESSERTS! Sentro 1771 is really about good food served in a modern or most innovative way.

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