"As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life." -BUDDHA

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New York Pizza Palace

Ooopppsss sorry if I have to start my post about NYPP's toilet. I need to use this place and tale a pee before actually ordering. I left my gastronomic companion at the dining area for a while. I can't help but be amazed with such a perfect piece of vandalism made at the toilet wall's surface. I bet most of the guest who use this comfort room admire the simple yet artful design.   But first and foremost what is NYPP??!! NYPP is also known as New York Pizza Palace. My buddy and I went here last year during one of my well-deserved rest days. As usual we are going to use printed vouchers that I got for free at a certain group buying site here in the Philippines that does not require its customers to pay over the counter or on line. One has the opportunity to print deal of the day vouchers at a certain period of time with the limited number of copies to be printed. The name is Salamat.ph.com., which is as of press time ain't that active as before :( I kinda miss their superb deals as it is ultimately hassle free!

NYPP Spicy Shrimp and Prince Street Clam
We both love seafood, the reason why we ordered these slices out of the various huge selections at the pizza counter area. We could afford to choose the cheapest among the display but we'd rather ordered these two which costs P135 each slice. Anyway, the voucher indicated that any flavor will do + a drink for only..guess what??? P99. That's incredible huh. For a big slice of pizza and a soft drink of our choice this is oh so good.

This table serves as our lunch scenario. Our wooden sturdy table was equipped with tomato ketchup, hot sauce, parmesan cheese (condiments that are just perfect for our pizza slices). However, these pizza may seem big but we were kind of dismayed by the quality of toppings as it looks underportioned and sort of dry already. Maybe..just maybe it is overheld at the station. But I do love its thinness and overall appearance..though we had a hard time swallowing every bite of it. Rating would be good! :)

What is so clever about this place is the theme which very well portrays the busy New York environment. Like those running LED lights that will easily catch your attention? You could feel the NY City even in Makati just because the place features state of the art LED’s capturing actual live footages of New York City. Those who'd been to NY for sure will appreciate this one-of a kind set up. The dining area is big enough for barkada and family packages. Actually on our right side is a group pf people celebrating their lovely girl's graduation day. 

See the wall behind me? It is filled with cool stuffs that is typical of a New York style pizzeria. Love those signages. The place is clean and neatly set up. Staffs are well-groomed and trained. We'll have another round of meal here with or without vouchers, preferably in the evening just to compare the mood.

I provided you guys a map just so you want to drop by at this cool place in Makati. Got it from the restaurant's website. If you love pizzas better hit this place, Why won't you give it a try? 

A. Venue Event Mall
G/F Unit F105-106
# 7829 Makati Avenue Makati City
Delivery No: 720-5977
(for more info about delivery, click here)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power...it is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits."

-Baron Justus von Liebig, German chemist (1803-1873)

First to unwrap when I got home! :)
I received these delicious small packs of chocolates midnight of Valentine's day. I was on my night shift from work when my lover gave these to me. I wasn't expecting one as he promised me weeks before that he is treating me to a  dinner date instead of buying me gifts, flowers and all. Also, I am good with that than receiving things that can easily be consumed, wilted or spoiled. I value time such as bonding over material possessions. I am simply good with that idea ^_^

raisins and nuts are just perfect combination in chocolates..sinfully good!
California dried raisins and hazelnuts are awesome!!!!!

Although this is not the very first time he gave me chocolates in 5 years, I appreciate the thought of getting one from him even if it was totally unexpected. There has been several times when he purchased one and issuing it to me out of the blue..as in no occasion worth celebrating for. Yes! I do love surprises especially if it has something to do with chocolates. He knew what I really wanted and I find it so sweet and manly of him :) 
The advantage of me getting these luxuriously tasting chocolates no matter how small and cheap they are is that it keeps me more active in reading other blogs and posting some things for my blog site. The adage posted above is true enough for those who treat chocolates as their best friend. I just couldn't agree more. 

Reserved this for the following night :)

Fine dark chocolate with an intense taste of mint...that is what Lindt Mint is all about!
I love mint ice cream so is mint-flavored clocolates. Thanks to him for the nice and quality choices of chocolates. It may only weigh 35g and can be finished in just a few minutes, it is all worthwhile. After all it is the thought that counts. 

Forget love-- I'd rather fall in chocolate! 

SMACKED SNACK is yaniconquistadora's compilation of cheap eats or great snacker's find in and out of the metro and of course from the confines of her own home.  Basically this is composed of her brief reviews on anything that is considered to be a light quick meal at any given hour of the day. Any food consumed  out of elation, cravings or just any type of mood that could possibly be associated with food. Are you now ready to smack all the snacks or allow it to kiss you goodbye? Join me and lets smack 'em down!


I borrowed this book one rainy evening while chatting over with my best gastronomic buddy over our lovely all-expense paid dinner at L'Entrecote Restaurant in Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City Taguig. (See my future post about this place and how we earned a free romantic date). I saw this book before with a different year but never had the chance to buy because of being penniless that time. So that night I skimmed and scanned the said book for entertainment purposes. I gotta have this book this year as it bears too may information of the places to see and dine! . I dunno if Philippine Tatler's Ultimate Guide to Dining Out has released one already, uhmmm I guess towards the end of the year. I firmly believe that I need a copy of this book soon.  

L' Entrecote is where we are currently at that romantic evening

NEXT STOP: Chef's Table by Bruce Lim

Why I need this handy solid book? Simply because I love eating and dining out. I love reading too that makes me more informed of the places to see and explore...of course with tasty cuisines to try out. It is a dining guide that could be used as our direction in finding our next eating destination. So for all foodies out there I think most of you grabbed a copy of this; if not yet, then it is about time for us to have one now.  EAT, DRINK and always be MERRY folks! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a great way to expend my time and energy for my rest day!!!!!!Wohoooo!!.. This is so unplanned. I was logging in my Yahoo! email account two days ago and upon checking I luckily entered a certain colorful form for Goldilocks' upcoming event. Since I am a food enthusiast and baking is my outlet, I am certainly  all for it. In the said form I not only enrolled myself but my best partner in every crime. We conspire in almost anything ..from the food we eat, to places we go and some little stuffs that further need attention. I just got so luck that night that I earned two entry passes for an all-day hands-on workshop :) Geeeeee.....

So later we must cooperate in going to SMX Convention Center for the GOLDILOCKS' 3rd CAKE DECO EXPO. I think I cannot retire to bed at this point in time as we would like to vie for a special gift from Goldilocks! How sweet it is to be FREE on a Sunday - no work and full of enjoyment await us ^_^

I first heard about this very exciting event from my second cousin two years ago who is pursuing a course like I did 6 years back - B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics. As per her sharing it was part of their curriculum to join the said event. What a great exposure indeed! Because not only they are mingling with the best pioneer in baking industry in the Philippines, but it helps in their personal evolvement. One of the great projects I could not afford this year. I really can't help but be very enthusiastic. 


So what are you guys waiting for???? Join your family and friends here and spend your Sunday in a more fruitful and sweet way. General admission is only P50. Not costly for a fun-filled day with all the beautiful cakes and workshops that are for sure worth trying for.  Mind you . .workshops are on a first come first serve basis so might as well catch the event way ahead of its schedule. See you guys later!

You're the ONE Goldilocks!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


MEGA FOOD SALE is so back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really excited..I will be at this mall in a few hours and I am just as excited as you are. Maybe I am one of the lucky few to savor the flavor at the some of the participating establishments and eat my heart out with my very best gastronomic partner. ^_^  I caaaaaaaaaaaaaan't wait.  So it is true. One of my friend from work informed me about this. And I said "nooooo way!" Why? First, I am into promo and freebies and how come I didn't know about this. Hahaha poor me. Second, the very first event of the food sale held last year was oh so great. And to tell you honestly I was the first one who spread the word with my office mates which they positively answered by encountering the said event with themselves. We wished we could be together, but with the given shifting schedules we have it is next to impossible really! Now that I've confirmed it through searching online I can't wait but to binge again. So foodies out there I know you'll love this promo. Love FOOD? Love MEGA Food Sale! Yeahbah! :)

Just so you guys know . . . September of last year, me and my buddy were at the mall as early as 10:30 AM. Food choices on sale were unbeatable if not totally addicting. Whole day we are at the mall and we bumped with some of our friends. Among the few restaurants that we tried in chronological order are as follows (will be featured on this blog very soon. . . sorry for the late post due to busy sched at work):

Mey Lin Hand-Pulled Noodles
XOI Vietnamese Chicken
Gotti's Ristorante
Akiba Cafe

The well-embraced FOOD SALE started yesterday (Friday) and will be enjoyed by many until February 26 (Sunday). For this year's event here's the list of participating stores which I copied from the FB account of SM Megamall. (https://www.facebook.com/smmegamall):

* Cajun Red Rock - Buy the creole chicken pasta worth P250 or original classic burger worth P245 or a red rock salad worth P270 or bottomless iced tea P99 for ONLY 1 PESO for a minimum purchase of Php 500!

* Gotti's Ristorante - 50% off on ALL PIZZAS!

* Dulcinea - Churros all you can from 2 to 5pm for only Php 98

* Pepper Lunch Philippines - Get their bestseller Pepper Rice for only Php 145

* French Baker - Php 100 discount on their premium Angus rib eye steak

* Happy Lemon Philippines - Get a free Kitkat chocolate for every drink ordered

* Masuki - mami and siopao all you can for only Php250

* Yoshinoya - Buy 1 take 1 on the Italian beef (save Php 120)

* Mesa - 50% off on all desserts

* Wendy's - Just buy a biggie iced tea & get the wendy's regular hamburger for only Php15

* Papa Johns - Half the price on 4 flavors of the 9inch pizza

* Gumbo - free seafood paella for a min. receipt of P500 (P395 savings!)

* Yabu - Get free choco lava cake (worth P175) or free appetizers for a min. purchase of P500


See you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Each one of us is Starbucks addict! It was Tuesday morning when out of the blue I invited my cousin to go with me and try out Starbucks Philippines' Frappuccino Happy Hour. Since I was bum during that time I had plenty of time to look out for orpportunities in the world wide web..be it food, travels and promos related to them.

The said Happy Hour  is a promo that features their frappe variants at a huge 50% discount from 12nn-2pm. A week-long promo at its best.
I've read an article online about this that the ever-growing coffee shop named STRABUCKS will held this kind of promotional activity all over the Philippines. That surely be a sure hit!

Long line . . .and only less than an hour left before promo ends.
I was expecting that there will be some kind of commotion in every Starbucks coffee shop as it is guaranteed a huge saver. Every Pinoys will definitely make the most out of this happy hour knowing that this coffee shop is a remarkable brand and well-embraced by most of us. I was never wrong about this. 

Since the Mezza Residences is just a ride away from where we live, we got there just in time - 45 minutes before the promo ends. I asked the guard if we can still be accommodated as we were queued outside of the shop already. He said it is still positive for us to be entertained as the baristas are doing advance calling out of order to the assembler. 

It took us roughly around 15 minutes for our orders to be taken. Not bad. After all Starbucks obviously has lot of fans that afternoon. And see our happy faces? All because of the VENTI drink! :) This year I dunno if they will be having another run of this promo. We hope so! ^_^ I am sure a lot will be very excited. 

Whipped cream topping of our MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO is already melted. But still worth the wait. We ordered for VENTI size to make our stay super enjoyable.
We noticed that they are giving coffee caddy even if we said FOR HERE. Uhmmm?!? Maybe for those whose patience of waiting is not that let us say looonggg. . .
Since it is a week-long celebration, I thought every one will be given an opportunity to have their fair share of Frappucino Starbucks goodness. 

Thing is one must have a strong will to go to the nearest Sbux coffee shop and muster the virtue of patience. Watchatink?! This happened last year between May 2 to 8, 2011 12 to 2 PM and I kinda miss it. Guys inform me should Starbucks has another event like this for this year okay! :) 

Ground Level, Mezza Residences
Aurora Blvd. cor. Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 353-7424


Just a few minutes ago when I open my email account, I have seen this this very timely invite from Nestle Philippines! I just feel I am lucky to be blessed with perks like this. No matter how simple things may be, I always treat it as a blessing and each and every day I am proud to have one. Actually I am on my way to work but I just cannot help not to share this with everybody. 

I have this invitation to a Zumba Fitness Party. Wow! I will try my very best to attend this even if it falls on month-end and I have to do more workload on this very day. NESTLE FITNESSSE will be the one to spearhead this event so it is sure to be an awesome shape up night that girls out there must not miss! 

Here's what Nestle says in the exclusive email sent to me:

"Here is a new reason to look forward to summer 2012. NESTLÉ FITNESSE will be encouraging women to shape up their lifestyle through a highly enjoyable fusion of nutrition and exercise. Watch out for the NESTLÉ FITNESSE SHAPE UP NIGHT: Featuring Zumba Fitness Party which will be held at the NBC tent in Fort Bonifacio on March 31, 2012. Guests will be able to experience of the biggest Zumba assembly to date in a unique party feel and at the same time understand how the whole-grain goodness of NESTLÉ FITNESSÉ plays part in helping them get in shape and keep in shape."

If you are not yet a Nestle Club Member then I should say this is about time to be one of us. Just click this link Nestleclub@ph.Nestle.com  and enjoy the goodness! Remember with Nestle you can be asssured of GOOD FOOD GOOD LIFE! ^_^

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Want some SWEET GOOD NEWS?!!! 
This will definitely make your day as CONFEZIONI DOLCI is giving away some goodies and is inviting EVERYONE to join.

2011 was a great year for them, thus they
nailed some new sweets :) As a token of our thanks to all of you, 
they are giving away the following. . . take note they are real sweet goodies!!!!!

17 Loaf Cakes
(Sour Cream Pound Cake and Carrot Loaf Cake)
19 Box of 3's Cupcakes/Muffins
(Mocha Chocolate Muffin)

But WAIT. . .before really drooling out why not follow first the mechanics. Who knows you might be one of the lucky few to taste such a sweet treat only from CONFEZIONI DOLCI!!!

1. Subscribe via E-mail, click here. Please don't forget to activate your e-mail subscription. Please don't unsubscribe once this contest if finish. :)
2. Please like our page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Confezioni-Dolci/204451527266 and share this contest!
3. Please re-blog and share them to your readers (If you don't have a blog, please re-post blog link to your Facebook wall + please tag us!)
4.  "Let us know why you deserve the freebie, who will you share it with and why?" Comment away your answers on this post together with the e-mail you used in subscribing.
(For example: I deserve to win the free dolci treats because I have a sweet-tooth & I'd like to share this with my mom, as a token of my appreciation for all she has done for me.

FYI  Winners will be randomly picked via random.org.  

Winners will be posted via Facebook, blogspot, e-mail. Winners have 3 days to reply with the needed information of claiming the prizes. No reply within the said period, winnings are forfeited.

Open only to Metro Manila Residents + 3 Cebu-based Residents.

Giveaway Duration:
January 16 to February 20, 2012
Take note that tomorrow will be the last day. So what are you guys waiting for???!! Click before time runs out  ^_^

GOOD LUCK everyone! Spread the NEWS! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

BONCHON Chicken Philippines: Meet the SECRET CHICKEN

BON CHON is slowly captivating the hearts of Pinoys thus, it has a big possibility that this Korean fast-food chain could be the next big thing in chicken business among the QSRs in the country! Agree or disagree?!...  Ever since me and my gastronomic partner experienced eating here I always notice one new branch of Bon Chon after another. I saw their outlets in Greenhills Promenade one day,  then in Robinson's Galleria, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Mall of Asia and just recently in Il Terrazo Building in Quezon City. See they are like plants that easily grow, sprouting everywhere. Madlang pipol embraced it easily. So what's with their chicken huh?!  Whenever we eat out and not craving for anything. everything or anything that we first noticed will always work for me. I am this spontaneous and adventurous and so he is. 
Queuing is not that easy. Expect it to be always long lines and peak as if there is always a commotion going  Just like what we experienced that afternoon in their branch at SM Megamall. Grabe! is all I can say. It took me almost 15 minutes to line up but that is fine with me as I kept myself busy observing the place while my partner in crime is on a lookout for our seats. There were three POS (Point of Sale System) machine opened that time. Plenty enough to cater its hungry guests. Crew members did their best to accommodate its customers and that's good to notice as people will keep on coming back here not only of the food they serve but with the quality of service as well. Hope that won't change given that this restaurant is still newbie.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


ICE CREAM HOUSE!!!!!!! Yay! :)
Whenever I hear and eat ice cream it never fail to bring happiness to me and changes my mood into a positive way. Actually it is always best eaten when shared. 

There was this one ICE CREAM HOUSE near my home that is truly affordable. The main reason why the establishment never ran out of customers. It houses various ice cream flavors, sizes and shapes ans sometimes included in a value meal.  From the street-peddled type ice drop to a home-made type of buco and fruit salad ice cream and different kinds of sundaes, everything you can find in here. Not to mention even those high class-looking ice cream. I first saw plenty of this outlet  in Marikina, like every block there is one Ice Cream House. I am from San Juan City and just got lucky to have one nearby.

I successfully swayed one of my new co-workers to try out  this place. She never hesitated to join me even if I somehow let her walk some extra feet to get to where I want to eat that nearly-dinner time. Here's what we got for ourselves . . .

I ordered for fries. Though not their specialty I still tried since it is still snack time.Nothing special though but at Php 25 and weighed 100g (the supervisor told me), it is still worth it! 
However, Kath  tried the spaghetti (Filipino-style) I must say that  it is  sweet. Aptly called as such.  Sided with buttered-toasted bread. 

Additionally,I also ordered for 2 slices of pizza but wasn't able to get a snapshot  of it :( It was just 2 small slices of pizza which are home-made with few gated cheese and bits of ham as toppings. 

For the WIN. We have these . . .

The ice cream used may not be made with dark chocolate but a nice two hefty scoops garnished in such a way that it'll look fancy to the one who is craving to eat one.
It cost me exactly Php76  for my meal with ice cream!!! We can really tell that this place is simple yet rock! She wanted to try all of the stuffs here at  the Ice Cream House since there is no such thing as this in their province in Dumaguete. I was delighted with the fact that at least I let her experience how it is to eat in Manila in an inexpensive yet delicious way! 

Craving for more ice cream!

N Domingo St.
San Juan City

David's Tea House: A Wee Hour CHOW

I am already getting used with my night shift, my body clock has adjusted too. Before, I used to complain about the lack of social life whenever I was plotted on a night shift! I never really liked the idea of working after lunch until midnight but then I survived. For more that 6 months now, I can tell very well the difference of snacking during wee hour to snacking in the afternoon of early in the morning. During one of my late night shifts, my gastro partner surprisingly fetched me from work. We had no plans whatsover on where to go as it was too late or too early. . .It was then that I realized that being on a shifting schedule allows you to make use of your time in the morning a fulfilling one. However, after work it allows you to eat just before retiring to bed. Such a habit that was just formed  lately. We as a romantically linked couple eat a lot! As in A LOT :) Well of course depending on the mood and on the situation but eating is a social habit therefore some of us could be eating more that what was required of us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


BO'S COFFEE facade
What a lovely day for me! First thing in the morning I got my prize for being one of the monthly winners of Unlimited R.I.C.E Promo of OpenRice Philippines, next my gastronomic partner and I went shopping and food kiosk hopping at St. Francis Square then proceeded to SM Megamall to try out some restaurants there offering great dish deals. Such a full day made with success, love and a lot of food!!!!! 

I received a phone call from my close friend named Karen which made my day extraordinary.  As per her request she wanted to have a date with me later that day and since I cannot  afford to turn down her invite no matter how busy I am, I instantly agreed. That is  because we dearly know how we missed each other. 

She was waiting for me at the Greenhills chapel wherein it is much easier for her as she was just working at the Cardinal Santos Hospital. The reunion of two pals started to unfold at Bo's Coffee!

We strolled and studied other restaurant's menu yet we ended up at this coffee shop situated across the Greenhills Shopping Center Chapel at the what seems like the outdoor dining area and a lover's lane as well. We need a dose of coffee and sweets that is why our feet destined us to be dining here. We chose the spot where we can comfortably seat as we kill our time together.


Does this place ring a bell to you??? I think for those few who are  avid members of Buyanihan, one of the very first  group buying site in the Philippines, then  you could also be the one of those who purchased their undeniably awesome deal at this chic casual restaurant in Makati. I bought four vouchers for myself and my brothers as a Christmas present last December 2010 priced at P135 with P300 as its real value. So that is an awesome discount of P165. Not bad at all!  It is so possible because it will be expiring on the following year by the month of  March so nobody will be in any hurry to use it. I used 2 vouchers for me and my friend during one sunny day that I am officially off from work and that was mid November. We didn't expect the place to be a bit far from where we came as it is situated in the far away place of Brgy. San Antonio in Makati City. We finally hit the place in time for brunch just as they are about to start their business hours. It is a cute place with majority plain white walls and ceilings decorated with  poinsettia flowers reminding us that Christmas season is at hand. The dining area is kinda small which approximately could occupy at least 10 heads. Imagine a small place like this could offer you something incredible. 

When we were seated the supervisor on floor that time gently assist us and handed us down the menu. It is plain and simple one with few texts and photos of their offerings. The discount coupon I had could afford us to order any COMBO meal of any pasta + panini + bottomless gulaman or iced tea. Great savings ! Imagine paying only half of its original price. This was during those days, weeks and months that I became in love with the idea of group buying making my eyes glued to the newest deal in town. Thanks to my BFF who greatly influenced me into this.

I ordered for a bottomless gulaman which ideally is Pinoy's great pamatid uhaw! perfect for that sunny day. However, my companion chose the bottomless iced tea. We had this chance to exchange drinks whenever our tongue gave up with the taste of our chosen drinks. There was really plenty of room for sharing that time. 

As you can see on the left photo, our table has a display of San Pellegrino that is a brand of mineral water with naturally occuring carbonation and additional carbonation added by the bottler itself. We didn't open it of course as we are contented with the beverage we have ordered which is bottomless! :)
I am too busy as well to surf the net given the free wifi connection the place had from its neighboring food shops at the Collective. Thanks for allowing us to connect Ms. Supervisor, the one who generously shared us the password.



For the grilled sandwiches, we ordered these two hot breads made with their special freshly baked ciabatta bread that is crusted to perfection. Love those charred and grilled dents but not with the type of cassava chips they served as its side. Why? Because I find it kinda lacking in taste. I know it is home-made but a little spices will do to make its taste more alive and addicting just like the potato chips and popcorn we binge happily.

The Italian Panini (P100) is stuffed with Italian deli such as salami, pesto sauce, roasted pepper and cheddar cheese. On the other hand, the Pinoy Panini (P90) is stuffed with kesong puti, caramelized onions and of course adobo flakes making it more Pinoy in every bite!


He got the first plate and I got the next plate. When ordering these kind of pasta dishes you have to first choose your type of pasta among the displays at the counter station. After which you may then opt to choose the different varieties of sauces that Pasta Box has for its guests. We opted for the high-priced items which falls under the Primero Sauce. It doesn't matter if it is within the Classico Sauce listing.`
Your job is just to choose what pleases  you :)
As expected we take turns into tasting each other's choices from the drinks to sandwiches up to the pasta dishes. Everything went well. We just have to wait for about 15 minutes for our orders be completed. They did it in a way that everything was cooked and prepared fresh. We can even see their cook and assembler do our orders. Mind you, we were the very first customers that day so we are actually entitled to taste the freshest items right on our table. The only downside we encountered was that the ventilation is not working properly causing us to perspire a little. 

Just after  few weeks after the holiday break, I returned at the very same spot with a girlfriend as I was about to treat her using the very vouchers that I once gifted to my brother. He can't use it anymore as his girlfriend was out of the country. Having the idea not to waste my hard-earned money in buying those vouchers, I invited my friend from work to join me at Pasta Box one weekday. Guess what happened?! WE cannot find the cute restaurant :( Worried of its whereabouts and my voucher's validity I had to muster to ask the admin of The Collective on what should I do. After doing some conversations with the gentleman I met I instantly called Buyanihan to settle the issue right away. Hence, I never tasted their unique recipes again but  I was informed that they'll be setting up another branch somewhere in Marikina. I just dunno how true is it as of press time I haven't heard nor see it yet. Maybe just maybe in the coming months. 

The Collective
 7274 Malugay Brgy. San Antonio
Makati City


What enters your mind when you hear the word KRR or Kenney Rogers Roasters????? . . . I believe most of us will answer healthy, roasted chicken, veggies, great selection of sidings etcetera.
My gastro buddy and I  have been  fans of KRR particularly their Healthy Meals . Whenever we dine here, we are always being reminded not to watch out what we eat...ooops yes I said it right and YES you read it right as well! Why? For as long as we won't overeat in a place like this we can nourish our body with nutritionally good food and in return we consider ourselves to be health buffs! Why not?! Oh well it takes time to be in a strict healthy diet most especially nowadays where everywhere there are more and more junk foods with nothing else but empty calories. So I appreciate the fact that KRR succeeded in piloting healthy food choices among us Filipinos.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Decoration and acrylic standee on our  chosen table

My gastronomic partner and I were having our usual non-stop window shopping at SM Megamall one fine evening when we saw this familiar restaurant as we are about to take our first step on the escalator. Since we are  officially on,  ALMON MARINA became our personal favorite casual dining resto whenever we stroll the vastness of Megamall :) 
The reason why it became our favorite hang-out place is because of the fresh sandwiches and deli that are available anytime of the day. They even have gourmet sandwiches selection  inspired by cities around the world. Everything is fresh and delish. I cannot place how many times we ate here but for sure it is always best. We may happen to shed some extra cash only to have the best snack or meal of the day. It is always worth it! That day we had these simple orders:

 He is fond of eating gourmet type of sandwiches so he gave this one a try. Made with chicken strips and lots of curly lettuce with a dressing that is oh so light and delicious. Also sided with home-made potato chips.  An ala carte order that made his dinner superb.

 I cannot imagine how many times I've tried this one-dish meal. . . but I really find this perfect for my reducing diet. Stuffed with all the good stuffs like fresh veggies and fruit cut-ups that are crispy to the bite and  worked well with the tenderness of grilled porkchop. I wonder how do the cook made a clean cut in between porkchop meat. Interesting! The sauce is kinda salty though. Plating makes the difference. Well done! Simple looking but elegant. 

FOOD is excellent so is the restaurant set-up which emanates rustic appeal and cool /relax ambiance. Fells like home. Resto's music is congruent with the athmosphere. PRICE is just right. Not too cheap nor too expensive. SERVICE is excellent even though you have to pay at the cashier first and your orders will be served later.A feel-good place if you want gourmet sandwiches and deli!

Ground Level, Bldg. A, SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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