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Thursday, May 31, 2012

KOHL Revealed

Fond of hand rubbing? Better check this out...

Given these KOHL promising products, the next best thing to do is to try and test them myself before sharing them with my loved ones. So let's get it on!

As soon as I got home from a simple gathering happened somewhere in Ortigas, I excitedly attach the Puregel hand sanitizer to the body bag of my mother, which I sometimes borrowed. I just wanna surprise her with this cute sanitizer with patented rubber holders that we can share together. The scent is Frost Berry  which smells so chic and feminine good enough to last for 3 weeks I surmise. Since it was indicated that it is made with 68% ethyl alcohol, rubbing small amount into my hands will do the trick in making my hands as clean and sweet smelling as possible. Other variants include: Crisp Apple Bite, Floral Paradise, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry and Spring Breeze.

What's COOL with KOHL?

How frequent do you sanitize your hands? How rare do you use sunblock to protect your skin from burning?   Do you use disinfectant? How about whitening mouthwash? 

If you answered YES to any of my above mentioned questions, then I believe it is but proper to introduce to you one of the promising  household product named KOHL. Maybe you have heard about this brand, maybe not. In my case I've encountered  some of them in supermarkets and hospitals too. Hence, it is considered as one of the leading manufacturing companies  producing household and industrial products locally.  Get to know them one by one. . .

Doctor J Rubbing Alcohol. Does it ring a bell? Yes it was a long time ago endorsed by a basketball superstar Jaworski. And it goes without saying that Kohl has been with us since then but since during the early years of 2000 this alcohol is under a new and much improved formulation and packaging.

Bactigel Hand Sanitizer has the HIGHEST alcohol content in locally produced sanitizers, containing 68% ethyl alcohol that is able to kill harmful bacteria and germs on hands without harming your hands. It is used in hospitals by doctors and nurses before clinical operations. I believe this is quite familiar to you too. Moreover, it is also now available for people outside hospitals in small bottles with rubber holders. Hence, everybody was given access to its sanitizing power.

Golf Your Way to Father's Day at Marriott Manila

This June, we share our own fun way to uniquely indulge every great leader of the family—our dads! At Marriott Manila, they ensure that it is the perfect venue to celebrate his life and love through golf.

Since it’s another event that deserves a grand blow out, food is always the first thing to consider especially for the man who takes time to enjoy family, hobby, and a good meal of course. If thinking where to eat on his special day, it would be great to consider a venue where dad can enjoy a hole-in-one treat from dining, accommodation, plus his love for golf!

Wake up the whole family a little earlier and head to Marriott Café for a taste of  most-talked about Sunday Brunch. Needless to say, there’s just something so endearing about a brunch especially at Marriott Café which has set the bar on the way we brunch—cozy, comforting, and basically has everything to satisfy an ever-fickle taste buds. For only P2, 500 net, the whole family is in to be treated with a spread that is purely gourmet. You cant’ go wrong with executive chef Meik Brammer’s 17 stations, featuring its newest additions such as oyster bar, chilled seafood, salumiere, cheese studio, homemade pasta, yakitori, Chinese, and tandoor. Plus, Cru Steakhouse also incorporates its specialties such as Angus beef rib eye, strip loin steak, grilled fish, squid and veggies--which of course, every meat lover dad should never pass up! If you’re family is a fan of big, tender, and tasty slabs of steaks, you must have heard about our Cru. Our well marbled, precious steak slices that are usually saved up for special occasions can now be gorged limitless and enough to suffice the price for this brunch. And who would’ve thought that a martini bar is such as pleasure to enjoy this time of they day? With these well-crafted cocktails and great mixes, it will surely set the stage for dad’s extra special event. Plus, our chocolate room that spells decadence is brimming with assorted chocolates and rich cake choices is always worth saving up the space for. Whether it’s for the romantic mom and dad or sweet-toothed siblings, this corner is bound to let you experience a taste of heaven. And if you haven’t tasted just yet our sensational homemade gelato, it’s the best time to savor every flavor, especially the famous Ferrero! 

Get arrested by Sam Pinto and other sexy ladies at the Axe Anarchy Raid

Who wants to be frisked and handcuffed by the arresting Sam Pinto at the Axe Anarchy Raid?

Axe fragrance lets both men and women experience the “Axe effect” with Axe Anarchy, its newest his and hers fragrance. The universal result, characterized by a magnetically strong attraction, will be put to the ultimate test during its launch at an insanely hot cops and robbers game¾the Axe Anarchy Raid! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have won JACKPOT! So what??!

Almost everyday I am used to receiving emails and at times text messages stating that I won this and that. It was so surprising that I won those things when in fact I have not engaged myself to joining such never-heard before contests. Just this morning I received an SMS from a certain man who called himself as Dir. Alvib Ayala of Phil. Com. Center. Here are the exact words . . .
 "Congratulations! U have won php300k+Starex Van ur sim # as a homepartner last mar. 26, 2012.For info call ds #0932*******"
Here are still some of the letters I received thru electronic mail: 

12 Vincent Square,
London, SW1P2PA
United Kingdom
SAT 26 MAY 2012 DRAW 1714
(02) (06) (07) (15) (25) (44) (45)
Dear Winner,
Your e-mail has won you 1,000,000.00GBP from the BBC LOTTERY on our 2012
charity bonanza. The draw no. 1709 brought out your e-mail address from
a Data Base of Internet Email Users and qualified you a bonafied winner of
the stated winning amount.
You are to contact us via e-mail (bbcl25@aol.com) providing the below
stated information for the processing of your claims.
1. Full Names:
2. Address:
3. Country/State:
4. Mobile No:
5. Sex:
6. Age:
7. Occupation:
8. Email:
For confirmation of your winning numbers, please ensure your check your
winning details on our site http://www.bbc.co.uk/lottery/.
Claims Manager,
Scott Mills
E-mail: bbcl25@aol.comhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/lottery/

Our PUG wears Saizen Pet Shirt

You got it right! Our beloved pug dog named PUGi wears Saizen pet shirt. I bought him a t-shirt type of clothing to protect him from chillsa and his light brown skin from getting dirty as well. I so love this dog who is more of a little brother to me than just a good pet, that is why I am willing to dress him up as long as I can afford it. April of this year when me and my friend stroll around the mall of Robinsons Galleria and chanced upon this Saizen Store which is filled with lots of stuff from food, cosmetics, small furnitures, apparels, accessories, supplies and almost anything that can make your home prettier. I always love shopping in here. Feels like I am surrounded with good stuffs at great uniform price. Everything in here is amazingly at Php 85! so you can actually shop 'til you drop.

Sharing you here are some of the pet clothes I am wishing to take home next time around only for PUGi. . .

My Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Last month I acquired one of the most functional possession to be included in my closet. As told by great fashionistas, it is but essential to have at least a piece of little black dress as this is one wardrobe must-have. Since I learned about this when I was in my teen years I promised myself not just to collect one little black dress but as much as I want and my pocket could afford. At a group buying site known as BigDeals, I have purchased two pieces of this so-called little black dress. But you know what is the beauty about it is the fact that it is a LITTLE BLACK DRESS Hanging Jewelry Organizer. Yup! I was searching for this kind for months already and luckily found it during my online shopping time.  Without any hesitation I click the buy button and expect it to be delivered right at my home. I want two black dresses but managed to accept a friend's advise to purchase two hanging organizers of different color. I did. 

Upon receiving my purchases which I bought at PhP270 each, I briskly yet excitedly opened the lightweight packages and have my cluttered accessory stuffs of different style, colors and sizes be kept in an organized and clean manner. By the way I can't help but to share that I've noticed  among the group buying sites in the metro BigDeals has the cheapest deal for this particular type of organizer. Cheaper for like 9 to 20 pesos. I sincerely believe  made the right choice for buying at this site. So here are the pics...

The Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a two-sided organizer which can be hung on a rod or hook. Thus, it has the ability to maximize space in your room or closet. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girbaud celebrates 18th anniversary

Turning 18 is a milestone worth celebrating! That's why Marithé + François Girbaud is giving great deals on all items, including new arrivals! 

Visit any Girbaud branch until June 12, 2012 to enjoy discounts starting at 18%. Club LeJean members can also double their points by simply presenting their Le Jean card and rewards booklet with every purchase. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Brother's Mustache Folk Bar

My Brother’s Moustache Folk Bar is the home of local folk musicians. Jess
Bartolome, Florante, Freddie Aguilar, Joey Ayala, Asin, Juan dela Cruz and upcoming artists are the regular performers. 
The folk music bar is where you can listen to the soothing good old folk music covers of the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Much of that music reminiscing and reviving the music of America, Jim Croce, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and many more. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bridal Expo Year 9: “Wishing for a HAPPILY EVER AFTER"


Slater Young, PBB Big Winner and eligible bachelor graces the EDSA-QC Billboard of this biggest exposition of wedding essentials with a lady holding up a “Marry me” message. This year promises to be the biggest exposition on wedding essentials as Tradecon Inc. launches this on June 2-3, 10am-7pm, PICC Forum at the CCP Complex. It has also partnered with Fashion Wedding Designers of the Philippines (FWDP) headed by its President Joel Bautista who will sponsor a grandiose fashion show within the expo (June 2 at 6pm) where twelve lovely aisle-ready bridal gowns will be featured. The show will be directed by Raymond Villanueva. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIANA STALDER - The Promise of a Better You

Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter by Dermaline, Inc. is the nation's pioneer in Facial and Skin Care Centers which was established in 1996. Now, it has 25 branches all over the Philippines. Two of the most respected awards it garnered are Consumer's Choice 2010 Outstanding Surgical & Skin Care Center and one of the finalists in  2007 Most Promising Filipino Franchise. Buy the current issue of Metro Magazine to get to know more of Diana Stalder's promise.  Celebrating 15 Years of Perfecting you Skin!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last May 19, I am among the lucky ones who have just attended and gratefully enjoyed the first ever FILIPINO BLOGGERS HUB Acquaintance Party. It happened right at the very accessible place to me, the Central Colleges of the Philippines,  the very college next to where I graduated in highscool, my Alma Matter, Immaculate Heart of Mary College. Going there was a snap as I've known these two schools since I was in my teen years but it was just my second time to be able to see my neighboring school. Really. I enjoyed every minute of the get together and I considered it a witty idea to come up with because ultimately Filipino bloggers in the metro were formally introduced (at last) though not all were present. It was a simple yet unforgettable party for a blogger like me who has just joined the blogosphere five months ago. Allow me to share with you about the simple gathering through these pictures...

Make-Up Like a Pro by Bottega Studio and COWO

I do love make-ups and its applicators but honestly speaking I really do not know how to apply them like a pro, so upon learning about this workshop I got truly interested with it. This will be presented by Bottega Studio and COWO. The co-working space known as  COWO and Bottega Studio (led by US Trained Celebrity Make-up Artist Au Mauricio), will be holding a workshop entitled....


on Saturday, June 9, 2012 for the whole day. Calling all beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there to never miss this chance. Learn the secrets of professional make-up in the comfort of a cool workspace for collaboration at the heart of Ortigas Center. For Php 5,000, you get PIXI professional make-up products worth Php 3,500 and a lot of freebies that makes it all worth it! Early bird price is Php 4,750. You also get that discount if you are a  COWO  member. Food and drinks are also included.

COWO area. So cool and collaborative!

For more information, inquiries and how to register, please call or text Gaye at 0917-5062344.

Tang Galing Mo Kid Awarding Ceremony

The stage that gave me the vibe of greatness.
Three long days before the event, it was a pleasant surprise that I received an invitation for a Tang Galing Mo Kid awarding ceremony. I was fully aware that Tang which happens to be a Kraft Foods product that I learned to drink at a young age was having a nationwide search conducted last year that aims to recognize young achievers from seven to twelve years old. These children must have positive attitudes and traits that are remarkable and worth-emulating which I am sure hundreds of children were nominated.  As I entered the Centennial Hall of the Manila Hotel, I was reminded of my post-college years some five years ago particularly the Oath Taking Ceremony for passing the  Nutrition-Dietetics licensure exam.  This time around it is a different kind of ceremony, not something about my career but we are talking here advocacy, omething that I am inclined to support as I mature and years go by.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Integration of the Domestic Passenger Service Charge into Airline Ticket

Good News! There is a new system that allows domestic passengers to skip one line before boarding  the plane. Isn't it music in our ears? Of course it is! That means to say ONE LESS QUEUE.

Morning of May 17 at the NAIA terminal 3, Department of Transportation and Communications and the Manila International Airport Authority formalized the agreement with major airline companies to integrate the fees into the total cost of airline tickets.  Hence, the new system enables all departing domestic passengers to skip one line before they board the plane. Who would not love this idea? They no longer need to queue and pay terminal fees in all domestic airports in the country. In so doing, it  allows passengers to do other things before boarding the plane. Time is so precious and I believe more and more people will smile upon hearing this news particularly those who are constantly traveling. In Ninoy Aquino International Airport they are serious to go the extra smile. 


The search for young heroes is over!  Do you know who are these Tang Galing Kids? Can you name at least one? Tang which is a popular powdered juice drink recently celebrated the greatness of the youth and thus presented the 7 awardees of the Search for the Tang Galing Mo Kid!   About a week ago Tang recognized these kids who are worth emulating and have shown heroic acts since their young age. Organizations from all over the country sent in their nominations for children whose lives and stories are worth emulating

I took the opportunity to get to know them better by reading their simple acts of heroism at the portrait 
display found at the back portion of the Centennial Hall. There I met Mr. Efren Peñaflorida, the founder and head of the Dynamic Teen Company. I have an instinct that he'll be around during the event and I was right. While the program at the Manila Hotel has not yet officially started I killed my time by looking at their achievements. How inspiring these kids are which leads me to hoping that more and more kids would follow their steps to make this place a better place to live in. So shall I introduce you to these Tang Galing Kids now? I have provided a brief description about them which I copied below their portraits so that everybody will get to know them well as the fonts in the portrait seemed inconspicuous already to be read properly. It pays to be informed. So here they are: 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Body Scrub at YSA Skin and Body Experts

Facade of YSA Skin Care Clinic found at the 4th floor of the Robinsons Metro East mall
Did you know that YSA Skin Care Center is now offering a very popular body treatment known as BODY SCRUB? Yes they do! Only that they are currently offering it at one of their branch yet in Robinsons Metro East . Perhaps other branches will follow suit. Well I guess they should include it as one of their signature body treatments and all the stressful ladies out there  looking for some pampering time would be surprised of its results and benefits. 

Last week, I experienced how it is to be pampered by YSA not through their facial treatments but by one of their newest services- Body Scrub. Since it is new on their list then I should see it for myself. Anyway I badly needed one as the last time I did body scrubbing was about two weeks ago.

YSA Skin Care Center: IPL Hair Removal Treatment

YSA SKIN CARE CENTER is one of the pioneers in skin care and body care here in the Philippines. I can still recall how a female cousin of mine introduced this brand to me when I am in my pimple-infested face during my high school days. Yes I used some of YSA's skin care products back then particularly the papaya soap which I have always believe to be the most effective soap in my generation because of its natural properties that brought skin lightening effects to majority of its users.  I am just happy to have experienced one of their services lately that resolved my problem with unwanted hairs. I am pretty sure ladies of my age do experience the common plight which could either be hair growth problems in face and different parts of the body. Count me in for those who would love to reduce if not totally eradicate stubborn hair growth. YSA as I highly expected addressed my pressing problem of course. Let me share you my experience.

Tropical Donuts & Grab and Go by GoNuts Donuts

As more and more people are hooked with donuts and easy to grab snacks, GoNuts Donuts came up with something similar to that effect so as to address the emerging needs of selective foodies. I for one depend on a to go food most of the time especially when I am in a hurry and I have the need to maximize my time. I need little effort in grabbing a snack which I'll just eat in a hasty and momentary manner. But allow me to start with the newest donut flavors that serve as the Summer Edition! donuts which can now be found in all GoNuts Donuts shelves. These are called as Tropical Donuts as they taste like Philippine's homegrown fruits which has six different flavors. As shown in the photo above (from L-R), Mango Mania, Durian Delight, Ube Jammin,  Banana Choco-rama, Pineapple Sensation and Pandan Macapuno. Sold at PhP 18 each donut. If you are the type who is fond of eating fruits, you may like these few choices and  grab a donut with a special taste of you fave Philippine fruit/s. Since GoNuts Donuts is a local brand it is heartwarming to know that they've included these flavors in their insanely delicious donut list. Perhaps they could invest into making these flavors a regular part of their menu believing that these very well reflect our distinct Filipino taste.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

DONUT TALK: GoNuts Donuts Bloggers Event

It was indeed a catchy name for a bloggers event, as if you are not allowed to talk. In fact it was such a great event (even though I was a bit late) letting everyone express their delight and enjoy all the great donuts, games and surprises which GoNuts Donuts are known for. It was once me and my family's favorite donut brand and I think will forever be included in our precious bucket list  of great donuts seller. I can still remember how my eldest brother surprise us with a dozen of donuts on a weekly basis as the nearest and biggest branch of this more than just great donuts happen to be situated near our residence, actually just a ride away from us - their Cubao branch. It keeps on coming back to me  now the typical smell of their factory-like store where hundreds of donuts are being produced on a daily basis. I hope I can still see something like that today. I am one of the saddest person when I learned that their branch  beside Araneta Coliseum transferred somewhere. Anyway, I am considering their Magical Tour lately hoping that adults can be accommodated as well although much more educational for kids. 

My ever attentive and participative co-bloggers during the event hosted by
 Vince Golangco of When In Manila.

Chef Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience

Live cooking show demo using King Sue for a pasta dish by a young and fresh chef born and raised in Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental. Moreover, he too is one of the products of Heny Sison Culinary School, Owner of MedChef Homemade Cakes and Pastries, Co-owner of Desserts Strip of Chef Maribel in Cagayan De Oro, Chef Instructor of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, One of the chefs behind Chefs and Foodservice Community of the Philippines and of course Global Excellence and People's Choice Awardee as an Outstanding Young Chef by Asia Pacific Awards
Chef Hasset Go, my chef idol.  I felt so privileged to have finally met this humble person of my age who also loves baking. I've been to Il Mercanti and Banchetto several times already where his MedChef must-try desserts are ubiquitous, as if each and every food stall is selling one. I particularly love his famous Pastry Tower because of its uniqueness in terms of appearance and packaging style but honestly I never get to taste it not until the challenge during the bloggers event set it. However, I'm buying his homemade pastries each time I drop by at the food bazaars in Ortigas.

Chef Hasset Go’s Dessert TO GO: Future Best Sellers

One of the best parts of the Chef Hasset Go Blogger's Night that approved everyone's eyes and palate and was the  CAKE FASHION SHOW wherein members of the  Boyz Next Door and few of the pretty ladies showcased with much confidence the upcoming line of cakes and desserts by the one and only young and handsome chef of this generation, Chef Hasset Go. Cakes included  are inspired by the cakes to be featured in his soon to be launched recipe book called Desserts To Go. Since I am a recipe book lover, I am one of those who excitedly watching out of its official release. I beg to have a copy. You might notice after viewing all of them these desserts are not the usual kind we see in commercialized bakeshops as they are fit for those who love sweets infused with healthy goodness of fruits and leafy vegetables. Such a great sense of style as not every chef and entrepreneur is open to this kind of idea. One of a kind and obviously yummy and healthy at the same time.
So are you guys ready to see all of them? I am sure you do. So without further ado photographs below gonna tease your appetite. . .correct me if I am so wrong. 

Marang Panna Cotta
Maja Blanca Spring Rolls

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biggest Free Surgical Mission in the Philippines 2012 - Operation Smile The Journey Home

Photo courtesy of Operation Smile Philippines FB page
“Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.” - Anonymous
2 weeks 2 major events 10 mission sites 30 countries 1,000 volunteers 6,000 SMILES

Since 1982, through the help of dedicated medical volunteers and generous partners — has provided more than 2 MILLION PATIENT EVALUATIONS and over 200,000 FREE SURGERIES for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities AROUND THE WORLD. As one of the most prominent children’s charities in the world with a presence in over 60 COUNTRIES, we are able to heal children’s smiles and bring hope for a better future. 

On NOVEMBER 8 to DECEMBER 2, 2012, Operation Smile will undertake another milestone as it celebrates its 30th year! 

Operation Smile will celebrate with a special homecoming mission to the Philippines to give back to the country that gave birth to what is now a global children’s medical charity organization. It aims to provide free life medical treatments to at least 6,000 Filipino children and young adults in 24 days through 10 dental and cleft surgical missions sites in various parts of the country, namely, Koronadal City, Cavite, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, General Santos, Silay City, Manila, Naga and Pampanga.


LOCO DONUT: My Create-Your-Own GoNuts Donuts

Photo courtesy of GoNuts Donuts
Hello! I am so proud to share with you guys that I am one of Top 10 finalists for Create Your Own Donut Contest spearheaded by GoNuts Donuts, more than just great donuts. You might wonder how was I able to make it to the top 10. It was actually so easy. Last May 2 GoNuts Donuts had a fantastic DONUT Talk Bloggers event held at their branch in Mall of Asia. Those who were able to standby for a while after the event and wait to line up for their dressed up quality donuts were the handful few who actually made it to the top 10 list.  I am so grateful upon learning such an exciting idea. What is so exciting about it is the fact  that the chosen creation will be a part of product line of Go Nuts Donuts. So last week they've created a poll at their fanpage to vote for your donut of choice. Naturally, it got me excited making me spread the word in just a nick of time hoping to win this fab contest. I linked, shared, spammed and told my friends about it. Thanks for those who voted for me. By the way I did not win but I value all your support. It was worth the fun and excitement.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The month of March is popularly known as Fire Prevention Month here in the Philippines. This aims to increase public awareness on ways of preventing fires and most importantly saving lives. I am one of those who support this advocacy spearheaded by TxTFIRE Philippines, a non-profit foundation founded by Mr. Gerry Chua. This is the first time that the said foundation will hold its first TxTFire Run dubbed as 
"Takbo Laban sa Sunog!"
When: May 27, 2012 4:00 AM
Where: Mall of Asia grounds
How: Registration officially started last  April 8, 2012 in all Eng Bee Tin Hopia stores in Metro Manila and Runners’ Circle in Aloha Hotel, Quirino Ave., Malate Manila. Forms can be downloaded here.


I just can't stop myself from sharing this good breaking news to you guys! Sorry I really can't help it. 

Zalora,  Philippines' leading online destination for fashion and footwear is having a GREAT sale which is up 70% off. You and I only have 2 days left to shop online so better be quick. But you know what? Surprisingly my eyes  I caught these lines ....
'INTRODUCTORY GIFT PHP 250 VOUCHER WHEN YOU SIGN UP!' and the next thing that happened was I received a newsletter subscription from them stating that I successfully signed up for the ZALORA PHILIPPINES newsletter. So they do value exclusivity. Hence, it is about time to receive all the latest news on fashion, trends and offers before everyone else. That is so fantastic! At least it compensates for my non-attendance to their grand launch last May 9 due to time constraint :( Yup I got an invite from Nuffnang

The Spa Reflexology: Relax. Recharge. Heal.

Introducing one of the newest services of the pioneer in the spa industry – The Spa Reflexology. Enjoy the best of both worlds – experience healing and relaxation in your own tranquil sanctuary at The Spa Wellness. 

The Spa Reflexology is a healing massage that focuses on particular “pressure points” of the soles of the feet, where sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered.A different massage experience awaits clients as hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil are used unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms and elbows. 

If healing is all you want, enjoy a no-frills Reflexology Massage in plush customized chair/convertible bed withsoothing ambiance of The Spa Wellness branches – Acropolis,Trinoma and Greenbelt (Trinoma and Greenbelt soon to open).Cozy rooms with multiple chair/convertible beds equipped with LCD TV screens make it perfect for a Reflexology sparty with friends and loved ones. It’s a sit-and-massage service that lets you begin healing instantly, without the hassle of changing into robes. Licensed and highly-trained therapists work with precision onto the foot to soothe pain and stress. 

Once Upon an Ocean at Manila Ocean Park

Matter-of-factly, it was my third time to watch the famous Musical Fountain Show at the Manila Ocean Park last April. I never get tired and be awed with the jaw dropping multi-sensory spectacle of fantasy and reality experience. I must agree that the director Freddie Santos has great intelligence in coming up with something like one of the world's best. It is comparable to that of in other country or maybe something even better. 

The video I embedded in this post was the very first video I took last October 2010, when Manila Ocean Park launched the very first 'a must-see for all ages' show, so it is but something special to me as it is my very first time. I've almost recorded the best parts and hope you'll have a good time. I was so excited then because they were having a promo that time which I encountered while surfing the net. I took my mother there on one free weekend day and it was indeed a blast. The following day (literally speaking), I took my best gastronomic partner and resulted the same reaction. Guess what? I only paid PhP 50 per head for such a magical experience. The Musical Fountain Show has a story entitled 'Once Upon an Ocean', so when I was invited for the Aqua event I thought they will have a different format this time around but my expectation failed. Anyhow, I still enjoyed the same plot and story. However, deep inside me I'm still having this desire to watch something that is a little more different from what I've seen two years ago and last month. Maybe on my fourth visit???

Every man’s dream fulfilled: The Axe Anarchy Raid is here!

For the man’s man, only a few things on this earth can prove as exciting as the thrill of the hunt. Axe pumps up the pleasure of the predator-and-prey pursuit with the Axe Anarchy Raid, the metro’s hottest game of cops-and-robbers that features 100 of the Philippines’ sexiest ladies chasing a hundred ordinary guys for a two million peso cash prize, to be held on June 9 at Eastwood Plaza, Libis. 

The Axe Anarchy Raid is open to all men of legal age who are bold enough to be part of the 100 contenders. Playing the role of robbers, the shortlisted men will be handcuffed and assigned a number. The ladies will play the role of cops and will also be assigned certain numbers each. Braving a host of wild obstacles and challenges, the “cops” must hunt down the “robber” with the same number as hers. The first pair to make a successful arrest will clinch the coveted prize in this no-losers game of fun and adrenaline-filled pursuit. 


A summer pool party at Aqua in Manila Ocean Park will not be completed if we only starve ourselves to death considering the enormous display of food available. And when I say food at MOP, it means a lot! Taking time to eat sumptuous food from the display table while meeting  a lot of people clad in their best summer fashion outfit while rubbing elbows with them was such a fantastic idea. Bloggers were full of energy and so gay that night most especially when the party officially started after the magnificent Musical Fountain Show

Sharing you here how groovy the people who were present that night and the food that doubled the fun. 
Yes they are up for grabs!
Big Fruit Platter


 Love your own!
We used to hear those three words a lot but does it really mean anything to you? If you are wearing something that is 100% Pinoy made, does it make you comfortable and proud? Well I do hope so. Because in my case I am so proud to have even such a simple creation made by our kababayan- be it in the form of bags, necklace, furniture and other types of accessories. It was not in DONUT Talk Bloggers Event that I first encountered Yabang Pinoy as I happen to read and hear much about them several times already. It was so nice to learn that they are among the interesting sponsors of the event hosted by GoNuts Donuts. Everybody gets to have such a cool bracelet made of what appears to be 100% abaca which is made by men and women in a depressed area of Barangay Aplaya in Muntinlupa City. Proceeds will then go to projects that aim to instill pride among the Filipino people. Very inspiring isn't it? Can we now act and be involved?!

I really take PRIDE in wearing this YABANG PINOY BAND. What so special about it is the advocacy it signifies.  A simple thing with special goal of uniting us as one through Filipino ideas and concepts. Learning to love our own is not hard at all.

So what is Yabang Pinoy exactly? 
Yabang Pinoy would like to describe themselves as  a Filipino Pride Movement which envisions every Filipino Filipino to be Proud to be a Filipino, to believe in fellow Filipinos and to patronize Filipino ideas, concepts and services.

Photo courtesy of GoNuts Donuts and Yabang Pinoy
Me and my blogger friends - Camille (on my left) and Stacy (on my right)
Proud to finally have one. It is Worth Buying For! 

Now we are officially Yabang Pinoy Advocates!!!!!!

Yabang Pinoy invites every Filipino to take part of the PHmade movement. As early as now, save November 10-11 2012 for the 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar, a showcase of Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride

To know more about Yabang Pinoy, visit their Official Website and Facebook FanPage ^_^
But wait, Ano nga ba ang maipagmamayabang mo bilang isang Pilipino?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Another TEAriffic Giveaway: TEA ZONE GIFT CERTIFICATES


Who among you here are bubble tea enthusiast like me? Raise both your hands! High five as you've just come to the right page. I am currently giving away gift certificates to a handful few who would commit to follow simple instructions as indicated below. Joining as always is very SIMPLE.  I swear you cannot afford to leave this page without trying your luck. 

You guys want something of ultimate pleasure? Tea Zone has something in store for all of us. They  create the sweetest combination of our favorite ASIAN-INSPIRED treat that'll MAKE our taste buds tickle with delight that you'll WANT to come back again! Now you are drooling...please hold it up as I want to introduce to you some of their tasty indulgence...

Branches: SM North Edsa (Main Building), Cavite (San Roque Church),
 SM San Lazaro (2nd Floor), UST Dapitan Street, Robinson's Place Lipa