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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Last month I acquired one of the most functional possession to be included in my closet. As told by great fashionistas, it is but essential to have at least a piece of little black dress as this is one wardrobe must-have. Since I learned about this when I was in my teen years I promised myself not just to collect one little black dress but as much as I want and my pocket could afford. At a group buying site known as BigDeals, I have purchased two pieces of this so-called little black dress. But you know what is the beauty about it is the fact that it is a LITTLE BLACK DRESS Hanging Jewelry Organizer. Yup! I was searching for this kind for months already and luckily found it during my online shopping time.  Without any hesitation I click the buy button and expect it to be delivered right at my home. I want two black dresses but managed to accept a friend's advise to purchase two hanging organizers of different color. I did. 

Upon receiving my purchases which I bought at PhP270 each, I briskly yet excitedly opened the lightweight packages and have my cluttered accessory stuffs of different style, colors and sizes be kept in an organized and clean manner. By the way I can't help but to share that I've noticed  among the group buying sites in the metro BigDeals has the cheapest deal for this particular type of organizer. Cheaper for like 9 to 20 pesos. I sincerely believe  made the right choice for buying at this site. So here are the pics...

The Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a two-sided organizer which can be hung on a rod or hook. Thus, it has the ability to maximize space in your room or closet. 

Little Black Dress

Little Pink Dress

With 36 clear vinyl pockets for to-die-for earrings- cute or big ones and 18 hooks and loop closures for your colorful necklaces and bangles.

The organizer can store up to 50 plus accessories from assorted earrings to necklaces to bracelets and bangles. It is all up to you to style and put fashion using such a cool organizer. These two greatly put so much smile on my face. I love them both - black and pink. Now are you looking for something essential yet fancy,  add more style in your wardrobe now. I think the deal is still up and you may still order. Check out this link.  

Hang those accessories now which have been sitting in a box with dust formation already and cluttered for ages. Be stylish and organize using this Hanging Jewelry Organizer. No pressure, just grateful for this kind of offer.