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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AXE Anarchy: Scent for Women

Are you aware that AXE, a very popular men's grooming brand already has something for us girls? Wow! It is about time that men and women nowadays should be of equal footing so that all of us must stay cool and confident throughout the day. That's such a pretty good idea. For the first time, AXE is releasing a scent for women and to launch this, they’re going to hold the biggest and sexiest cops and robbers game with young and sexy models chasing after the guy. Something to look forward to. Hmmmm...

Watch this video of the AXE Anarchy girls apologizing for the censored AXE television commercial. DJ's of Boys Night Out were given one hell of a massage by Axe girls. Ooopss seems like there was some sort of  commotion going on. 


And here's the TVC that almost everybody is talking about. Disorder. Confusion. That's what Axe Anarchy is all about. No wonder it is currently the talk of the town. Say something about what you have just seen.