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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Fly me to the SUPERMOON!

I know you have heard about this thing..MOON...or should I say SUPERMOON! It is indeed the biggest moon of 2012. So great! I could not afford to miss this chance. The reason why at exactly 10:15 PM tonight I prepared myself to amateurly photo shoot the earth's natural satellite as today is its time to shine again. Not many of us are so fond, maybe not even startled with its beauty and majesty but hey I am one of its avid followers every night. I never forget to look up and admire her shine, though not brightly at all times, no matter how busy I am at night.  

Based on the local news I've seen earlier it is at its brightest at exactly 6:30 PM, unluckily I wasn't able to catch it on time as I am busy strolling around the mall with my mother to do some shopping and also to breath some air away from the unbearable heat at home. I learned that the moon tonight appears 30% brighter and 14% bigger as it comes within 221,457 miles of the Earth. Hence, the most striking! And oh it will be there until 5AM the next day. There's still plenty of time to catch this FULL moon.

Take a look at my one dozen consecutive shots of the SUPERMOON.....
Definitely BIGGER and BRIGHTER at the Sunday's night sky!
In most photos I made my logo  super opaque so as not to obstruct the photo images. *wink*

 Startled? Hell yeah! 

 Noticed that while shooting this much it is at 120.6x zoom :)

Still waiting for the meteor shower to arrive...hopefully I will catch it too. I am the most happiest when it happens. I will of course let you guys know ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed my shots. But please no Edward Cullen nor Jacob Black tonight. Maybe next time :) Again, thanks to my everyday buddy bridge camera Fujifilm FinePix S2950. Always glad to have you.