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Saturday, May 05, 2012


At Nail Station Nails and Spa  Tag-Araw at Tag-Ulan..Price Markdown!!!!! This I guess this is the beauty of the place - their chic ambiance plus a promo that you cannot resist. I believe this is one of the cheapest nail station that I have been to lately. Situated near Max's Restaurant and Nomama in Scout Tuason, Quezon City .Come and try their affordable services because I just did! 
Together with my two gal buddies, we availed of their Basic Package of Pedicure + Manicure + Foot Spa with Massage. Guess your best price for this? I rarely give my  hand and feet nail color as I am not very fashionista when it comes to nail care. A simple yet effective method of trimming and cleaning fit me. But I can hardly resist the offer. Imagine for only PhP 550 I can have a complete and feel-good package for  the most used parts of my body (hands and feet). Surely this is the best deal which prompted us to hit the couch and just sit back and relax.   

Here's my personal experience about the package I am talking about.

Foot Soak

Still another foot soak using a spa machine half-filled with solution to soothe my feet.
For about 10 minutes the machine gently massage my tired soles. Best experience.

Filing the feet and buffing the feet produce tickling sensation...I refrained myself from screaming out loud..uh oh!

Two Nail Station staffs joined forces to do a make-over for  my hands and feet. Prettifying them is as easy as ABC. ^_^ Thanks to their well-trained pedicurist and manicurist. Job well done.

Before. My hand looks lifeless.

 Now it looks fabulous.
I choose the glittery pink and blue nail polish to add color to my day :) Matte finish worked well with me yet I asked the staff to make it a little glossy by applying a few coat of transparent nail polish. It may look odd but to me it defines my personality. Outrageous but not violent. Bold. Fun. Simply ecstatic! I do not need to impress somebody I am just being myself.

 Miss Beauty. The brand used to prettify my nails!

 Isn't it cool to be different even just for a moment?


I should be coming back for more and try some of their packages in the future. Perhaps one of the following: Bridal Shower Package, Birthday Package or Kiddie Package for alluring hand and feet service. For your information,  package price ranges from PhP 3780 to PhP 7,200 minimum of 6 persons. Package price is consumable of any service of choice, gift for the celebrant, bottomless iced tea, 3 hours exclusive use of Nail Station. Moreover, out-of-station venue charge is PhP700. Check how the place looks like here.

Scout Tuason Street (near Roces Avenue)
Quezon City
0928-9001592/ 0915-8778816