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Monday, May 14, 2012


I am sure everybody knows about the coffee craze this month that only Starbucks could offer!
Exactly a week ago, my cousin Belle and I hit the nearest Starbucks Coffee branch, the one in Mezza Residences in Sta Mesa.  The very same branch we visited years ago for the well-embraced by coffeeholics    and frappuccino addicts like us, the  HALF-PRICE FRAPPUCCINO Happy Hour!
 We were there 2 hours before the end of the promo giving ourselves enough leeway as it is expected that every Starbucks shop will be crowded given the very reliable promo. Once a hit will always be a HIT!

Just a friendly reminder from the very popular coffee shop. Good thing that they've
installed this just before getting at the counter station to give everybody an idea that
 frappuccino hoarding is a Big NO NO during the promo period. At least everybody
 has a fair share of Starbucks, right? Everybody is therefore HAPPY! ^_^  

This Ciabatta Bread could be a possible good match for the frappes we were ordering. But we passed up :( We went there with our stomachs still full.
Finally we hit the counter area. Unlike last year we patiently wait for our turn for like an hour, but last Monday was different. It was quite fast and organized although jampacked that even the security guard took part in organizing the very long lines both leading to the counter and claiming area. Mechanics as we've noticed is a little more generous in terms of the duration of the promo. Quite lengthy hours was provided compared years ago.  Last year it was 12noon-2PM only. This year it is 2PM to 6PM. Great great great strategy Starbucks!

What Belle and I had are these Venti Frappuccino named Caramel and Mocha. We were planning of having the Mocha Cookie Crumble, the newest among the Starbucks Frappuccino line next time around. We'd just settle for the cheapest among the frappes on the menu list. For these two drinks we shelled out PhP 150. Absolutely HAPPY for these Frappuccino blended drinks. So loyal Starbucks addicts come on and join the bandwagon. You guys still have May 21 and 28 for the said promo. Better mark your calendar now! Be early for you to catch that comfy sofa seat okay?