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Thursday, May 17, 2012


A summer pool party at Aqua in Manila Ocean Park will not be completed if we only starve ourselves to death considering the enormous display of food available. And when I say food at MOP, it means a lot! Taking time to eat sumptuous food from the display table while meeting  a lot of people clad in their best summer fashion outfit while rubbing elbows with them was such a fantastic idea. Bloggers were full of energy and so gay that night most especially when the party officially started after the magnificent Musical Fountain Show

Sharing you here how groovy the people who were present that night and the food that doubled the fun. 
Yes they are up for grabs!
Big Fruit Platter
Still another one
Whole Roasted Suckling Pig 
There were lots of dishes offered some of which I wasn't able to grab a bite and no food shots at all,  but just having them a little of everything in my plate made me so full that I need to unbutton my pants already.  Good thing I did not miss this event and so glad to be part of it. Of course my FB and Twitter status were all updated while having fun under the moonlight. Thanks to Manila Ocean Park's e-wrist tag that made possible for me to access my social networking accounts in real time. Now, I wish to visit this park through and through because of their marvelous attractions. Even if I've seen the Oceanarium and few of MOP's fantastic attractions since they opened to public, this year it is in my plan that I will have to visit the following: Trails to Antartica, Tweeter Showdown at Birdville, Aquanaut Voyage, Penguin Talk Show, Marine Life Show and Jellies. I am sure it is exceedingly fun and educational as Zoocology Skin and Bone Museum, Musical Fountain Show and Fish Spa.

AQUA is presented by Manila Ocean Park, Acquatica, Flawless, Makan Makan, Hotel H2o Liquid Pool Lounge and Brand Magazine.