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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chef Hasset Go’s Dessert TO GO: Future Best Sellers

One of the best parts of the Chef Hasset Go Blogger's Night that approved everyone's eyes and palate and was the  CAKE FASHION SHOW wherein members of the  Boyz Next Door and few of the pretty ladies showcased with much confidence the upcoming line of cakes and desserts by the one and only young and handsome chef of this generation, Chef Hasset Go. Cakes included  are inspired by the cakes to be featured in his soon to be launched recipe book called Desserts To Go. Since I am a recipe book lover, I am one of those who excitedly watching out of its official release. I beg to have a copy. You might notice after viewing all of them these desserts are not the usual kind we see in commercialized bakeshops as they are fit for those who love sweets infused with healthy goodness of fruits and leafy vegetables. Such a great sense of style as not every chef and entrepreneur is open to this kind of idea. One of a kind and obviously yummy and healthy at the same time.
So are you guys ready to see all of them? I am sure you do. So without further ado photographs below gonna tease your appetite. . .correct me if I am so wrong. 

Marang Panna Cotta
Maja Blanca Spring Rolls

Calamansi Meringue Pie

Pumpkin Revel Bars
Kids and adults alike should have this. If you are a fan of bite sized desserts, then you should have these bars as a hefty snack. 

Vegetable Cake
Calling all vegetarians out there. 'Tis a must try.

Sugar- Free Moist Chocolate Cake
A crowd pleaser. Such a mouth-watering creation!

Papaya Cheesecake
I think I have to try this at their branch in Quezon City as soon as possible. As a cheesecake addict I have to address the urge to taste it.

Malunggay Cake
Those specks looked like crushed pistachio nuts but hey they are malunggay leaves. I gotta believe a slice of this cake is nutrient dense already.

 Ube Jackfruit Cake
I though jack fruit can be candied only..they are now possible to be incorporated into a cake recipe. Those almond flakes makes the cake all the more delicious-looking, My goodness!

These divinely delish spread of desserts are truly drool-forming and great masterpieces. I would love to try them with a dessert buddy one by one partnered with a freshly brewed coffee. Oh how I love the comfort it brings. You may buy them only here at...

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