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Sunday, May 20, 2012

DONUT TALK: GoNuts Donuts Bloggers Event

It was indeed a catchy name for a bloggers event, as if you are not allowed to talk. In fact it was such a great event (even though I was a bit late) letting everyone express their delight and enjoy all the great donuts, games and surprises which GoNuts Donuts are known for. It was once me and my family's favorite donut brand and I think will forever be included in our precious bucket list  of great donuts seller. I can still remember how my eldest brother surprise us with a dozen of donuts on a weekly basis as the nearest and biggest branch of this more than just great donuts happen to be situated near our residence, actually just a ride away from us - their Cubao branch. It keeps on coming back to me  now the typical smell of their factory-like store where hundreds of donuts are being produced on a daily basis. I hope I can still see something like that today. I am one of the saddest person when I learned that their branch  beside Araneta Coliseum transferred somewhere. Anyway, I am considering their Magical Tour lately hoping that adults can be accommodated as well although much more educational for kids. 

My ever attentive and participative co-bloggers during the event hosted by
 Vince Golangco of When In Manila.

Since it was just a pure luck to be included in their list of bloggers for surprisingly the very first bloggers event of GoNuts Donuts, I did not hesitate to have the courage and  mustered to still go to the Mall of Asia where the event happened despite heavy traffic and not so close proximity. In fact I was bewildered on where exactly the store is situated as I can still recall that it was somewhere near the facade, until a friendly guard roaming around the mall pleasantly taught me the correct direction. Thank God! I am still surrounded with good people. 

Just a friendly reminder for all the guests

I was fascinated with their bulk round light bulb encased in a solid fab box. The vibe makes it a casual hang out place.
At one corner are the spread of pocket pies, SUMMER KOOLERS and assorted donuts pizza (something that I get addicted to two years ago when it was first launched). I do usually get a box of three after it was introduced to me by my friend at work. Best eaten when hot of course. GoNuts Pizza rocks!!!!!! My faves FYI are Hawaiian and Garlic & Cheese. When eating them it is as if they are not made by a local brand. Something we Filipinos must be proud of. So I always encourage my friends to Buy Pinoy! and love our own. No wonder one of their sponsors that night was Yabang Pinoy.

Ultimate Ube KOOLER
          An all-natural freshly-made ice blend drinks that you may want to indulge any time of the day.
It was a refreshing drink on a cute cocktail glass. Instead of martini what bloggers had are these refreshing summer KOOLERS. Other variants are Pastillas Delight, Berry Great Mix, Mocha Madness and Pineapple Paradise.
GoNuts Donuts was right! Looked like a donut but 100% pizza!

Tuna and Chicken Pocket Pies
They are like turnovers for me which are baked and  glazed made with flaky puff pastry stuffed with meat fillings

I tried just a little of everything though I am already too familiar with their offerings. I miss my best friend now who too loves this donut brand.

Aside from the who's-the-fastest competition that everyone enjoyed in participating, one of the coolest time too was the create your own donut contest. Kindly check this out for further info. One's creativity was challenged and it was super fun. I was hoping I could create as many donuts as I can but I have to follow the guidelines of course. Loops and Stuffits are so nice to dress up with. 

With Camille and Stacy, two of the blogger peeps that I usually see 
in events, we enjoyed a dozen of consecutive shots at a fabulous
photo booth set-up. We made sure that each get a copy making it
12 shots all in all. It pays to eat donuts and have fun. 

Until your next event GoNuts Donuts!!!!!!!!