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Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Love your own!
We used to hear those three words a lot but does it really mean anything to you? If you are wearing something that is 100% Pinoy made, does it make you comfortable and proud? Well I do hope so. Because in my case I am so proud to have even such a simple creation made by our kababayan- be it in the form of bags, necklace, furniture and other types of accessories. It was not in DONUT Talk Bloggers Event that I first encountered Yabang Pinoy as I happen to read and hear much about them several times already. It was so nice to learn that they are among the interesting sponsors of the event hosted by GoNuts Donuts. Everybody gets to have such a cool bracelet made of what appears to be 100% abaca which is made by men and women in a depressed area of Barangay Aplaya in Muntinlupa City. Proceeds will then go to projects that aim to instill pride among the Filipino people. Very inspiring isn't it? Can we now act and be involved?!

I really take PRIDE in wearing this YABANG PINOY BAND. What so special about it is the advocacy it signifies.  A simple thing with special goal of uniting us as one through Filipino ideas and concepts. Learning to love our own is not hard at all.

So what is Yabang Pinoy exactly? 
Yabang Pinoy would like to describe themselves as  a Filipino Pride Movement which envisions every Filipino Filipino to be Proud to be a Filipino, to believe in fellow Filipinos and to patronize Filipino ideas, concepts and services.

Photo courtesy of GoNuts Donuts and Yabang Pinoy
Me and my blogger friends - Camille (on my left) and Stacy (on my right)
Proud to finally have one. It is Worth Buying For! 

Now we are officially Yabang Pinoy Advocates!!!!!!

Yabang Pinoy invites every Filipino to take part of the PHmade movement. As early as now, save November 10-11 2012 for the 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar, a showcase of Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride

To know more about Yabang Pinoy, visit their Official Website and Facebook FanPage ^_^
But wait, Ano nga ba ang maipagmamayabang mo bilang isang Pilipino?