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Saturday, June 30, 2012

French Baker's Banana Split and Oreo Cheesecake

I met with a long lost friend here at THE FRENCH BAKER before I proceed to the Buddhist Temple somewhere in Malate Manila for a film viewing which I was invited to. For an hour or so we found ourselves caught into each others stories and old jokes. Good thing that we chose to be at a very conducive restaurant which clearly underwent a major renovation. I like the ambiance that moment than it was a few years back wherein it looks old and crowded. The vibe was homey and the place was incredibly clean with just a handful of guests that night, so we were able to keep the place as peaceful and inviting for the two of us as possible. Since both of us had our respective dinner, it was high time for dessert. Yay! I missed eating my favorite banana split at this particular restaurant so I did not hesitate to order for such huge dessert goblet.

Banana Split (PhP 160)

Bar DOLCI: Life is So Sweet!

Bar Dolci is an Italian-inspired gelato place owned by a very young and private guy named Nicholai Go. It can be found at the coolest spot of Fort Bonifacio Global City situated exactly at the famous Burgos Circle where dozens of fancy restaurants reside. I passed by this place twice but never got the chance to taste their European-inspired sweets and savories, not until last Sunday that  I got an invite from my fellow foodies to join them in such another frenzy gastronomic adventure. I've been meaning to have even just a quick snack in here and what transpired was more than just a snack. You'll find why as you scroll down. *wink*

As per the restaurant manager I've talked with, they have over 40 gelato flavors that our palate could explore little by little but each day they only sell about 16 different flavors with their best sellers as regular offerings. 
But hey, this store is not only limited to those Italian ice creams but sweet and surprising treats such as coffee, tea, afogato, macarons and bruschetta too!

For new guests you will instantly notice the vandals written on the walls as you try and taste the vast gelato selection. Well they are not necessary be called as such because these are the names of regular and new diners alike who ordered a cup or two of their gelato favorite. Only at Bar Dolci I've witnessed such a cool idea. Downside is if the crew can't place the name of a certain guest among the many different names written on the glass wall. But as manager Ryan confidently said they knew their customers well the moment they enter the store as most of them were regulars already.

Josiah's Catering TastePRO BRAND DEGUSTATION: Brand Tastefully Done

The Blue Leaf Events Pavillion
The other night I attended an exciting showcase of savory dishes called TastEX held in Banyan and Jade Pavillions at The Blue Leaf Events Pavillion, Park Avenue McKinley Hill. My first time and to tell you frankly this years event featured three different themes which present wide array of offerings for business events, meetings and activities. Josiah's Catering, the country's leading corpotrate caterer expressed si much enthusiasm and intimate understanding of the most successful brands in the Philippines. Hence, each company was represented by a dish which interprets their distinct strengths that ultimately enable them to experience the real taste pf success.  It was a gastronomic journey to remember. The event was sumptuously rich and elaborate even if I only stayed for less than two hours. Definitely comparable to glamour,great ideas and glorious ingenuity. Allow me to unveil and let you discover the real taste of success by presenting to you the following scrumptious dishes and delectable delights as interpreted by certain group of companies here in the country.

Josiah's Catering TastePRO BRAND DEGUSTATION: Brand Tastefully Done
Cheers for these refreshing drinks. Don;t get me wrong for I did not imbibe all of them. I simply settled for the Lemon Iced Tea.
Josiah's Catering TastePRO BRAND DEGUSTATION: Brand Tastefully Done
Josiah's Catering TastePRO BRAND DEGUSTATION: Brand Tastefully Done
Josiah's Catering TastePRO BRAND DEGUSTATION: Brand Tastefully Done
The delicious selection of dishes enables guests to develop a deeper and meaningful understanding of the company through an unforgettable gustatory experience. These dishes were featured in different themed areas. Since it is a buffet type of service, I started with type of foods according to the normal order of menu because I do not just get and get for I want to indulge my senses and discover the true taste just how the TasteEx 2012 would expect from each one of us present that night.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Bay View Park Hotel is one of the oldest hotels at the heart of Metro Manila with over 75 years of existence. I've heard a lot of this hotel  from old and respected relatives of mine. It was my first time to be at the hotel  the other day to take part on its on going "Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival", which is a month-long event launched last May 28 and will culminate on June 31, 2012 but extended until the later part of July. The said festival is situated at the Bay View Park Hotel Coffee Shop which is is in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and also participated by Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines. Being at this hotel which is the longest-enduring and sought-after destinations by tourists and travelers who are here for business and leisure, I felt that the Kulinarya Festival filled with unique blend of authenticity and creativity with its wide array of dishes, was apt to be celebrated inside the very walls of a hotel with historic significance. Since the event aims to showcase Philippine food, arts and crafts I am sharing you here my buffet experience.

The ambiance at the lobby coffee shop welcomed me with this kind of festivity equating Filipiniana motif. The restaurant is not the typical enclosed type with glass or wooden doors, instead it was somewhat open in style with metal fences adorned with colorful displays of native bilao and abaniko with plastic fuits and flowers covering the venue. 

This dramatic-styled chandelier brightens up the place even on a sunny day caught my attention. There were dozens of which as you look up the ceiling. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KROKETTEN Now Open In SM MALL OF ASIA South Terminal Booth

Kroketten officially opened its newest branch at the biggest and grandest tourist spot in Manila where fabulous shopping and dining experience take place, where else but at SM Mall of Asia. Situated at the south terminal part of the mall, last June 23, Saturday at exactly 4PM friends from blogosphere together with a very handful few people behind this successful food kiosk gathered together to celebrate the humble opening of its latest outlet. It started with a food tasting of all their offerings to the public beginning with these MINIBALLEN.

Miniballen are fun mini potato balls served in 9 bite-sized pieces, best for sharing among friends and families. The kiosk was mobbed with foodies, local and transient customers alike willing to taste the Netherland's healthy hearty favorite with a Pinoy twist. Since it is something new to the tastebuds of Filipinos, free tasting will help them appreciate Kroketten's products and get to know them better. It has been sprouting in different parts of Metro Manila and paving its way to be the this generation's favorite fired potato snack.

Here are the available products displayed and subjected to taste test that afternoon. 

JAMBA JUICE Gimme’ Five for a Mango Seedling Campaign

You could have probably encountered these words. Well, for your information this is part of Jamba Juice's campaign entitled Gimme’ Five. I am so proud that I supported this campaign together with my fellow food bloggers. The idea to join just for fun was  initiated by me and Stacy. More bloggers followed suit :) Although a certified patron of Jamba Juice since it started blending in their flagship store in BHS, it was actually my first time to ride the Jamba Juice Bike Blender where it was first introduced.  Itwas made possible through a partnership with the Bureau of Plant Industry–Guimaras National Mango Research and Development Center (BPI-GNMRDC). 

Right after the event while everybody is sipping their next favorite all-natural fruit smoothie, we had this same thoughts of trying out the 5-minute stationary biking. Yup we experienced perspiration but we what's more important was that we supported in promoting Philippine mangoes to the rest of the world.

Here are our Gimme'  Five biking moments. . .

Photo courtesy of Mr. Mac Vasquez
                           That's me and Stacy enjoying our first two minutes of cycling ^_^

JAMBA JUICE Now Blending in SM Mall of Asia

California's iconic brand JAMBA JUICE opened its third store at the strategic location in SM Mall of Asia last Saturday, June 23. Attended by health buffs, media partners and bloggers like me, we were introduced to this brand representing active living bringing the best fruits to blend and match our needs. I for one get hooked with their healthy smoothies and oatmeal varieties early this year when me and my best gastronomic partner chanced upon their first-ever branch at Bonifacio High Street one late evening. Right now Jamba Juice is expanding its presence in the Philippines which is set to expand to 37 more locations within the next 10 years. Who doesn't want perfectly ripened and sun-sweetened premium fruits blended to perfection?
Mr. Mark Gamboa, Marketing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines
“Our hope is that locally grown Guimaras Mangoes will one day play a larger role in Jamba’s smoothie menu. In the meantime, promoting the planting of trees with a ride on the Blender Bike is our fun way of engaging our customers in this campaign to support the local mango industry."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Energizer & Nuffnang: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Screening Contest!

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through the availability and accessibility of things I needed most; and more oftentimes than not, these two serve as bridges in achieving things I want that undeniably complete my day. Thus, it keeps me going every minute because both promise a long-lasting relationship with me for the services they provide.  In case of Energizer, being the 'Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries", my recharge chargers along with rechargeable batteries are always with me securely tucked inside my bag in order for my digital camera to be perfectly working all day long without any worries of getting drained. There were so many scenarios in my life that Energizer has been there for me. Aside from being economical, it is also ideal to any type of devices from my digital camera to capture great memories; flashlight to illuminate my environment during black outs; to remote control that allows me to jump from one channel to another; to even my car toy and its remote control that I share with my sweetheart to navigate properly. On the other hand, Nuffnang, is responsible in updating me regular awesome happenings that are not just pure advertisement but exciting contests and blog invitations as well. I feel the sense of belongingness in the nuffnang community eversince I started blogging.

To both of these powerful creations, they deserve to have certified triple stars from me for being so fun yet functional anytime of the day!

*This is an entry to the "The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Screening& Nuffnang" contest.

FLAVORS OF ASIA at Marriott Manila

Many will agree that one of the best ways to experience Asia is through its food—historic, flavorful, and vast. Especially for the Southeast Asian region that boasts a multi-cultural and hard-hitting influence with the way we enjoy cooking and eating, it’s no wonder why dishes that hail from these regions are considered a feast for the senses.
Photo courtesy of Marriott Cafe

To pay tribute to this revered cuisine of the world; Marriott Manila brings home four of the Asia’s most famous cuisines. From Thailand , Malaysia , Indonesia and Vietnam , Marriott Cafe tantalizes everyone with a masterpiece through a month-long celebration of Oriental flavors that’s uniquely Marriott.

What else could be more exciting other than a larger than life encounter with Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Ruhizad Muri, JW Marriott Jakarta’s Dadang Wahyudi, Renaissance Riverside Saigon Phan Tien Hoa, and JW Marriott Bangkok Thanatorn Krobsuay. Boasting with culinary career track that is dynamically diverse, expect only authentic and a palate tickling adventure anyone could get.

For only P2, 300 net from Sunday to Thursday and P2, 500 net for Friday and Saturday, enjoy a charming Asian dinner that assures an enjoyable age-old tradition of bonding through a delicious mix of aromatic, spicy, rich, sweet, and hot Flavors of Asia.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The HUROM Slow Juicer at MAFBEX Cooking Demo

HUROM Slow Juicer
The  6th Manila Food and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) successfully held a five day event at the World Trade Center last June 13-17, 2012.  Last week, I was invited to witness a special cooking demo at the activity area (tent-annex) and  was so thrilled to be part of the chosen spectators because I love innovations when it comes to food preparation. Having a degree related to food,  it is but natural for me to easily get involved with kitchen appliances most especially those that are guaranteed to have high rate of productivity.

I noticed that most of my seatmates, aside from those taking up culinary studies at La Salle College of Saint Benilde, are homemakers whose main job is to have full time and effort to take care his/her family and are the ones who buy and use household tools including kitchen supplies and appliances. The star of the live cooking demo was a slow juicer that is already out in the market called HUROM.

The HUROM Slow Juicer at MAFBEX Cooking DemoLive cooking demo guests. The demo started at 5PM and finished in less than an hour. As usual I learned some techniques and lots of advantages using the slow juicer that I was dying to have one right that very moment. A kitchen must-have really.

Athletes In Action and FILA run for school kids of Iligan

FILA and Atheletes in Action
showed concerted efforts in raising funds for the rehabilitation of schools in Iligan City that were destroyed by Typhoon Sendong. This is entitled "Schools Run for School Rooms" led by an international humanitarian-sports organization AIA.

Few hours ago, I attended an event at
FILA Sports Store in Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City. It was announced that over   15, 000 runners have signed up for the event composed of students from major universities in Metro Manila, groups from the government agencies, private corporations and churches and last but definitely not the least, running enthusiasts.

Bloggers here and there :)

                       Tim Yap hosted the event. Beside him is Ms. Cris Albert, President of FILA
AIA Philippines national director and AIA Southeast Asia coordinator Mr. Toti Andes and coaches Mon Casuga and Potit De Vera graced the event too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome the School Year with Kroketten, the Healthy Potato Dutch Snack

June is here and aside from beginning of the rainy season, this period is also an exciting month for every diligent student. Of course, school time is so back, together with the thrills and pleasures of learning and discovery-- which includes yummy food trips with the whole gang in between!

Stress and hunger is never a perfect combo to spell a great day, but if the hectic schedule comes your way, Kroketten simply introduces a filling snack that is easy on the pocket. And since we understand that scrimping on good food is undeserving for hardworking students, we make sure these 
products are both yummy and filling.

Introducing a unique take on potato, croquettes are a homegrown delicious snack of Holland. Fried and made golden brown in corn oil, these tasty and crunchy balls are made healthier too for only P35! The original kroket, an oblong shaped potato filled with tender ground beef, chicken, and cheese is hefty and truly delectable on its own. Another batch of popular alternative is miniballen, the round potato balls with cheese, chicken, beef, bacon, hotdog, longganisa, pork, tuyo, and mango as the filling options. From the sweet to savory, they’re injected with the appealing Filipino taste and flavor. To make it an endearing filling meal, on offer is equally affordable melt-in-your-mouth goodness of five pieces of mini ballen (P20) and four pieces mini ballen with 6.5 oz of revitalize 10 or nutri 10 fresh fruit drink (P35). Another signature beverage product called Vers En Snel by Kroketten which means fresh and fast, these thirst quenchers are certified made of pure and all-natural goodness of fruits.

LEGO It's More Fun in the Philippines Exhibit

Have you  guys seen this fascinating display at The Block Atrium in SM North EDSA? June 3, Sunday, I was with my mother and dear cousin when we are on our way to the restroom after purchasing some breads on sale at Tous les Jours, we chanced upon this very interesting huge exhibit that is really jaw dropping. Instantaneously, I get the bridge camera inside my bag and started capturing all that I can. As my two companions get awed, I just clicked and clicked until I think I got everything I need to share in my blog post that you are about to see :) Pardon me for such a late post as I need to adjust with the uploading process. Moreover, security guards were so strict in making sure that acrylic panels securing awesome lego creations will not be damaged whatsoever by spectators like me. Of course no one is allowed to lean nor stand at the  elevated sides of the exhibit. I spent almost 25 minutes to cover all sides. Whew! 

When I was a kid I used to play LEGO and build all sorts of things with my three rascal brothers. LEGO is a trusted and well-known toy brand that young and old could enjoy playing or putting things together. It is so surprising that LEGO featured our Philippine map adorned with popular landmarks from different regions - mula Aparri hanggang Jolo! Let's tour the Philippines in their lego format. Thrilling! Game? Don't just scroll down but study each shot please. 

 It's more fun in the Philippines indeed with LEGO!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

American Standard launches new luxury line of bathroom fixtures

American Standard, one of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood. The latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets highlights the company’s commitment to design quality and innovation that it has long been known for.

“These new product lines represent American Standard’s uncompromising belief in the growing sophistication of the market. These products are here because of extensive product research into what the consumers want and what they need.” said Noel Tolosa, American Standard marketing manager.

As a trendsetter in the design and innovation sector, American Standard has always ensured that its designs remain relevant to the needs of today’s families and to today’s times.

One of American Standard's newest luxury line of bathroom fixtures,
designed by award-winning designer, Franco Bertoli
Conceptualizing for today’s modern dwellings

The company launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and stylish bathroom fixtures. The Concept Cube seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and simple lines for a contemporary look. A signature soft inner rim that lends architectural style beautifully balances this and is ideal for even small bathrooms so common in today’s condominium housing. The Concept faucet series, on the other hand, complements the modern, compact and sophisticated styling of the water closets and lavatories. Made of high-quality chrome, these faucets make even small bathrooms chic and stylish. The faucet allows better water saving because it provides better control for users and being leak free.

Monday, June 18, 2012

i-LASH Extensions Salon: My First Session

i-LASH Extensions Salon
 I was at Greenhills Shopping Center with my dear cousin last May 26 and we make it a point to pay this salon a visit. We were invited by our friendly neighbor to check out this place and try one of their services. I took the opportunity to add more beauty to my very short eyelashes while Belle was waiting. She was not game to the idea yet perhaps because when was gifted with beautiful and naturally long eyelashes.  Actually, it was my second time to experience my lashes to be extended. My very first experience was during the last quarter of 2011 so I know how it feels and what to expect during the process, but I want you to know that this place is far different from other salons or spas that offer the same kind of services. Why? Mainly because i-Lash Extensions Salon is the first salon to exclusively offer eyelash extension services.  Hence, no other services but only concentrated to prettify your lashes by extending them and as a result will put inner beauty to its guests. How's that appeal to you?  
i-LASH Extensions Salon

i-LASH Extensions Salon
The salon was generally clean and had enough manpower to cater its guests. It was equipped with around 6 beds coupled with foot stool/ foot rest. It was so comfortable as if you were there to simply sleep and kill time.  Staffs were very accommodating and you will be provided with consultation services on which type of service will look good on you. Just in case the place is fully booked, guests will be acknowledged but have to wait but they highly suggest to do some window shopping while waiting for vacancy. The approach was always friendly each time someone needs their services. 

BOUNCEBACK at Starbucks

Dark Mocha Frappuccino and  Java Chip Frappuccino

It was such a looooong day for me and my girl friend Ness. And what better way to end it is to stay for a while at a coffee shop where we could embrace a nice venti plastic glass to ease our tired mood. I think this was the fourth time we had coffee time together at Starbucks since we first met about 3 months ago. Obviously we are more comfortable together than before and coffee time or should I say frappe time is the best time to share our thoughts and rants. 

BIG 'N TASTY Love ko 'to!

What is burger without Mc Donald's french fries right?

Who else has not yet tasted the BIG 'N TASTY burger of McDonald's? I was able to taste this a few weeks ago with my blogger friends Carlo and Ness after having some beauty sessions with them. For dinner we chose McDonald's as some of the restaurants that night were already preparing closing for business. Glad we hit this place as it has been months  since I last set foot on a McDo store. I simply missed this fast-food place and one of the best hang out places especially at night. I so love their ambiance and the effort they are making to keep up with the vibe nowadays.
Our food tray that night

Sunday, June 17, 2012

TEA ZONE Gift Certificate Winners :)

Announcing here the winners of my first wave of Tea Zone gift certificates giveaway. You guys are so lucky! Have a great Father's day and a blessed Sunday to all of you who have joined. Watch out for more surprises.

Have an ultimate pleasure guys!!!!!!!

1. Aquiz Minlay
2. RiCalyn Sicad
3. Fragila Anna Cruz
4. Ruby Salazar Papio
5. Agnes Neria-Espino
6. Berlin Tan
7. Ness Mercader
8. Lynne Padilla

9. Gladys Villaflores
10. VintageKawaii OnlineShop
11. Jennifer Aguirre
12. Elmer Crisostomo Sotana
13. Vix Parungao
14. Sella Goden
15. Ma Joy Calipes-Felizardo
16. Merry Jane Ocol
17. Gigi Celemin-Beleno

18. Isabelle Bonina
19. Connie Santos-Beltran

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something for your Dads this Father's Day: Tobys and Runnr Sports Shoes

Photo courtesy of RUNNR
Is your dad active and always on the run?  How about getting your dad something that will make him healthy or more active? Giving him the same stuff year after year might tire him and won't surprise him anymore, such as pricey watches, stylish wallets, sophisticated gadgets or his favorite chocolates. It is about time to give in to his passion after all it is his day and we should be making it a truly special day for him.  If running is his passion, TOBY'S and RUNNR have something in store for him to address his kind of lifestyle. Please don't just settle on  getting him a pair of running shoes as it has to be of high quality to suit his activities be it running, mountain climbing or camping. He will definitely appreciate these two great brands. Whoa! Perhaps, your gifts are something new to him and will surely foster good health to get him back in shape. Now I can say that you can have a morning jog together, do workouts and even trip to the outdoors. 
Having quality time while getting fit at the same time sounds good.

Photo courtesy of RUNNR
He will definitely love it if you would get him a gift from Toby’s Sports, the country’s leading sports equipment and apparel retail chain. Toby's Sports offers a wide variety of products that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle from fitness equipment, sports apparel, accessories and footwork. Learn more about sports at www.tobys.com and on facebook.com/tobysstore, while keep up to date by following Toby’s Sports at @tobyssports on Twitter.

Moreover, you might want also to consider one of the best running shoes brands from around the world, RUNNR. It does not only adds a dash of science behind running as it also offers a suite of state of the art services called FOOTWORX that provides Footprint Analysis, Video Gait Analysis, and Custom Insole Moulding. The result is a shoe that matches the exact type of foot, allowing your dad to push himself more into his passion for running. RUNNR carries well-known brands like Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Fuelbelt, Moving Comfort, CW-X, and the revolutionary line of Newton shoes. RUNNR specialty stores are located at B3, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, Trinoma Mall in Quezon City and Ayala Center Cebu. Reach them at 651-7777 or check out www.runnr.com.ph.

Now that you have these new ideas, it is about time to start putting them into action. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so go now to the nearest Toby Sports or RUNNR outlets and get your dad the perfect sporty gift. Good luck!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ballet Philippines announces its 43rd Season: Dragon Song

43rd Season

A shared heritage 
Of hopes and dreams 
In his eye. 
Cultures, woven 
With magical threads 
Singing, birthing moments 
Of flight, strength, 
Courage, faith, 
And love…

Dragon Song

The season is composed of four performances and one special performance, namely:

Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
(July 6-8, 2012, CCP Main Theater) A gala of masterworks featuring the work of international and Philippine choreographers—BP Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales, the legendary Agnes Locsin, BP resident choreographer Alden Lugnasin, former BP artistic director Augustus Damian III and French choreographer Redha Beintefour.

Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Neo-Filipino: Anting
(Sept. 14-16, 2012, CCP Little Theater) Featuring four noted Filipino choreographers who will bring to life pre-eminent dramatist Tony Perez’s libretto that explores the world of talismans and amulets of Filipino magical traditions