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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something for your Dads this Father's Day: Tobys and Runnr Sports Shoes

Photo courtesy of RUNNR
Is your dad active and always on the run?  How about getting your dad something that will make him healthy or more active? Giving him the same stuff year after year might tire him and won't surprise him anymore, such as pricey watches, stylish wallets, sophisticated gadgets or his favorite chocolates. It is about time to give in to his passion after all it is his day and we should be making it a truly special day for him.  If running is his passion, TOBY'S and RUNNR have something in store for him to address his kind of lifestyle. Please don't just settle on  getting him a pair of running shoes as it has to be of high quality to suit his activities be it running, mountain climbing or camping. He will definitely appreciate these two great brands. Whoa! Perhaps, your gifts are something new to him and will surely foster good health to get him back in shape. Now I can say that you can have a morning jog together, do workouts and even trip to the outdoors. 
Having quality time while getting fit at the same time sounds good.

Photo courtesy of RUNNR
He will definitely love it if you would get him a gift from Toby’s Sports, the country’s leading sports equipment and apparel retail chain. Toby's Sports offers a wide variety of products that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle from fitness equipment, sports apparel, accessories and footwork. Learn more about sports at www.tobys.com and on facebook.com/tobysstore, while keep up to date by following Toby’s Sports at @tobyssports on Twitter.

Moreover, you might want also to consider one of the best running shoes brands from around the world, RUNNR. It does not only adds a dash of science behind running as it also offers a suite of state of the art services called FOOTWORX that provides Footprint Analysis, Video Gait Analysis, and Custom Insole Moulding. The result is a shoe that matches the exact type of foot, allowing your dad to push himself more into his passion for running. RUNNR carries well-known brands like Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Fuelbelt, Moving Comfort, CW-X, and the revolutionary line of Newton shoes. RUNNR specialty stores are located at B3, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, Trinoma Mall in Quezon City and Ayala Center Cebu. Reach them at 651-7777 or check out www.runnr.com.ph.

Now that you have these new ideas, it is about time to start putting them into action. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so go now to the nearest Toby Sports or RUNNR outlets and get your dad the perfect sporty gift. Good luck!