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Monday, June 04, 2012

CAFE PUBLICO: Where Everyday is GELATO Holiday!

Have you been at this store lately? This is the nicest gelato place I tried a few weeks back situated at the Promenade building in the well-renowned shopping center here in Manila. Snacks, coffee, wine and so much more can be found in here.  Although summer has officially ended, Cafe Publico is one of the best hang out places near my home. It is so accessible and eye catching that I bet passersby would invest in dining and killing time because of their unique ambiance and home-like interiors. Actually, I first encountered the brand online thru a group buying site but I was not able to buy even a single voucher due to the fast turnover of transaction. It was so fast that I think those lucky food voucher addicts like me celebrated with so fun and laughter. That for sure I envy big time!

As you enter the glass doors just before a team member gladly greets and invites you to choose your seat around, this tiled floor will definitely get your attention first or should I say first to greet you. You must notice it otherwise, you are either so excited to get in because of its eclectic yet inviting interiors or you are just so giddy to try out their best sellers. My first  impression was like this is a place where everybody could come and kill time as if you could do it everyday.  Publico is a Spanish term for public, thus this place has something for everyone and  could possibly mean pro bono publico too or made for public good. It should serve its real purpose and I must say that for a first timer, they successfully met my expectation.

These chalk-like illustrations which imply the essence of sharing and happiness will snag your attention. I appreciate the place from the facade all the way to its two-storey casual dining place. Cafe Publico succeeded in portraying that this is not just a Gelato, Snacks and Pastries place but a place where People can have a great time anytime of the day. Open form 11AM to 12MN daily!

You may opt to seat at these cushioned high chairs while enjoying a moment with yourself enjoying a cup of italian ice cream or you may want to celebrate with your group of friends at the al fresco area. No matter where you want  or whom you are with to have a gelato time, I am sure every hefty spoon that touches your tongue is a moment of gladness.

Cups of different sizes are ubiquitous in every corner, reminding everyone inside to never get out of the place without trying their best sellers. The first time I encountered this place online, my initial plan was to taste their house concoction of fresh italian ice cream that I do not care what season we have at the moment. If you are an ice cream person I know you feel for me. So better get to know this place better by trying to visit this place soon and include in your bucket list. But for now allow me to tour you around the world of Cafe Publico like it is a gelato hoilday!

A weekly game or store marketing strategy wherein every customer could participate. If you are game to outsmart anybody on this mind game then I am sure this will suit you. Familiar with the Who Said? of the day, a line which possibly rings a bell, then cast your answer and who knows you will be the selected winner for the week. A great come on for guests - first-timers or regular customers alike. 

Their latest price list of your possible next favorite GELATO(s) and in-house concoctions yet.

Mr. Peter Chua, the ever charming owner of the place, at your service.
Yup he is so hands-on and a humble operations manager-owner of the well-loved, newly opened cafe. 
I admire his wit and charm in dealing with his guests. Such an excellent way of exceeding customer expectation.

Just please do not forget to deposit your answer inside the fish bowl atop the freshly-made gelato display for you may never know if it is your lucky day or not. A free gelato treat just for you!

Care to have a SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE -sized gelato? Think about it! One thing is for sure Cafe Publico offers only the most innovative and unique flavors so why not indulge and I swear you'll love it that you might found yourself repeating the same unique indulgence over and over. Why did I say so? Just study and be informed of their offerings. As of now as per Mr. Chua, they have 43 flavors right now but that evening during the OpenRice Eat's A Date event 18 flavors were showcased. Want to know each one of them to give you at least a view on what to expect when you visit the cafe? Check the following and anticipate the pleasure. . ..

18 gelato flavors to choose from that sweltering night. Can you guess what I chose among those simple gelato pleasures? It was actually a combination of three flavors. Though I wanted to have it a little of everything but I stuck with only three to give leeway for my tongue to concentrate on the intensely rich and flavorful cup. 

A medium cup would cost you PhP160 only and this hefty. Whoa! This cup is good for sharing already, what more if it is a large cup.

Sophia Lauren, Blushing Geisha and Cream for the Gods
My verdict: Temptingly toothsome! Every layer a delight and a type that you can easily fall in love with. The Blushing Geisha is the most memorable of the three because of its tea-like taste yet rich in flavor. See you again Cafe Publico! A repeat customer here is always available :) 

Have a great GELATO Holdiday everyone!

2nd level, Greenhills Promenade

Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City