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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Have you tasted me yet? 
Just before my closest travel and food buddy headed to Bicol region for a very important family matter, we sat and talked for a while at a familiar veranda coffee shop in Ortigas area. We not only updated each other of our whereaouts but enjoyed more our conversation as we taste the newest and refreshing Starbucks offering, the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino! That was May 8, Tuesday and a day after the second week of famed Half Price Frappuccino Hour. To save a bit for our expenses that day it was great to know that I carry with me most of the time my Starbucks 2012 Planner wherein I could use a bounce back coupon for the month anytime I want. Starbucks Planner is always full of surprises. Good thing I checked my unused coupon first before making my way to the counter area.

Coupon #142357 Grateful I found you :) 
Ergo, it is like buying 1 Frappuccino beverage of my choice and getting 1 beverage of equal or lesser value for FREE!!! Paid only PhP 198 for two venti frappuccino bevs! 
So have you tasted this newest addition to the frappuccino blended beverages? 
If not, then take you chance now as it is so rich in flavor that a venti size is immensely delicious. 
Starbucks described it as 'An indulgent blend of rich mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, Frappuccino® chips, our signature Frappuccino® Roast coffee and fresh milk blended with ice, topped with delicious chocolaty whipped cream and a chocolate cookie crumble topping.' 
So how's that for you? I am a certified frappe addict, I love it day or night, summer or not so having tasted this nice addition is like my could be best favorite (if there is such a thing). Actually the cute-looking female barista on duty that time encouraged me to add one of our orders with almond syrup if my memory serves me right. Oh well an addition made my drink a little more flavorful and yummier too! My buddy hate anything that is fragrant when it comes to drinks so it is a thumbs down for him, but a two thumbs up for me with matching big smile.Next time I order this drink I would love it worth almond syrup again. Nice try dear barista!

When I participated in the second wave of  4 week-long half-price Starbucks frappe promo a day we went at this branch, I did not notice the newest design of their napkins. Perhaps I was just too busy looking for some place to seat and cool down. I must say the napkin was plain and simply done and yes a bit larger too. 

Whoopie Pie
Another addition too in the coffee shop chiller display along with cakes, pastries and cold sandwiches. I'll make time and extra stomach space to taste you okay. You are so cute and strikingly got my attention. Those wide eyes made me smile.

2nd Level, The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 477-7290