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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

BIG SHIFT Creativ Centrale: BIG Ideas...BIG Moves!

Currently having an active lifestyle and is so serious about it? Or honing your skills a little further until you hit  perfection? I want to share with you one of the posh studios that recently opened just this April in Makati. It is called BIG SHIFT Creativ Centrale, a top Asian brand in global multimedia and entertainment forefront that is breaking through.  If you are on a lookout for something innovative and really new in the market then this could possibly be the fitting place for you. I know you will then ask on what is in store for you here, so here are the four parts and parcels of the creativ centrale which is in fact comprised of a 500sqm facilities. 

I. Dance and Kinetic Arts and Studios 
II. Music Recording and Rehearsal Studios
III. Total Communication and Marketing
IV. Creative Hub & Digital Production 

For schedules, packages and rates, check those in here. You might want to enroll in the next few minutes. For the meantime allow me to take you too on a brief tour about the place. During the Preview Party our group was given the chance to see what's new and what's out and even met one of the people behind this, none other than Mr. Jhong Hilario.

Inside this Music Recording & Rehearsal Studios you can either do one or more of the following: Soundtrack Recording and/or Editing, Music Recording and/or Editing, Indie Album Production, Song Demo CD Production and Voice Lessons & Classes on Instrumental Music.

Big Shift has an introductory rate of PhP 650/hour for the first 2 hours; PhP 500/hour for the succeeding hours, but with the minimum of two hours for the rental of the studio. Inclusive already with instruments while others are available for rent.

The crowd that night  enjoyed the fast, hefty and unlimited influx of cocktails, light snacks and  entertainment through a showcase of various dance styles, acoustic music and reggae beats. Some were having a lucky day as they took home some winnings!

Dance & Kinetic Art Studios could cater Group Dance Classes with Recitals and One-On-One Tutorials; Kinetic & Martial Arts Classes; Instructional Dance Videos; Dance concert Production; and Dtudio Rentals for Corporate & Private Functions. On the other hand, Creative Hub and Digital Production has Motion Graphics, Flash Animation, Computer Graphics, Video prioductioon, Post-Production and even Photography. 

Moreover, Total Communication & Marketing offers Graphic Design, Advertising, Publicity, Online Branding & Marketing, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs, Special Projects & Events, merchandising and Market Research too.

Mr. Jhong Hilario and Mr. Benjamin S. Madrigal, Senior Executive VP of Big Shift

Enroll now and make sure to apply for Big Shift DANKA Club Membership and enjoy bigger perks.I might see you there as I will be attending either Dance or Kinetic arts classes] next month.

BIG Shift Creativ Centrale 
3rd Level  A. Venue Mall
Makati Avenue
1210 Makati, Philippines

Mobile: +63917 524 8586   +63922 819 0868   +63999 882 2551
Direct Lines: +632 216 0848   +632 341 9377