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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Exactly a week ago I happily received my Nestle Membership Card. I'm a real fan of this food company maybe because I get to see most of their products everyday. Who's not using their world-renowned food items??! I think every household has it in their storage places like chiller and cupboards. This is how magnanimous  NESTLE is which has been with us for 100 years :) Oh how I wish I belong in the same well-respected and flourishing company. 

A Special Centennial Keepsake from the Nestle Club! I am so grateful and excited to use this card and the benefits that come along with it. I do cook and bake and I firmly believe that Nestle will help me hone more my skills and polish my craft. I'm a registered Nutritionist-Dietitian but still has a lot to learn. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

Now if you are a homemaker or a simple lady like me who is fond of cooking and learning tips and strategies of this daily task then join now. It is easy to join and be a member of Nestle Club. Simply register now. Here's the link: http://www.nestle.com.ph/recipe/nestleclub/regform.asp

FYI Not everybody can have this kind of membership card from Nestle as they only released some for its centennial year. 
Hope this helps. Have a great day!
 Good FOOD.
 Good LIFE.
 Good HEALTH to us all :)

CASA REYES: The Tradition of Good Food

Facade of the restaurant
Table set up.  Liner , napkin and cutleries :)

Greenhills shopping center is on top of my list whenever I think of buying some personal essentials. Once again tiangee was all set-up and ready to lure locals and toursists alike with the given 'bagsak presyo' but good quality apparels and accessories. In a year I cannot exactly place how many times I visited this place most especially when December comes. This is the place where everything can be found. Shops, chapel, clothing, gadgets, accessories, other home essentials and GH is one of the best places where dining hubs are superb.

Hours have passed and we must stop strolling. I need to be at work by 2PM so I hassled my gastronomic buddy to buy what he still have not yet bought. In a few minutes along the Connecticut carpark area we noticed a familiar restaurant with a very flashy merchandising materials advertising good-looking affordable lunch sets. We gotta try it in here before I collapse due to starvation and more so before I can afford to be late from work.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My CRAZY CREPE: Mango Banana


Care to watch this video on crepe making? =D
Wanna know how to make this ultra thin pancake also known as crepe? Watch this video and it is surprisingly easy. Enjoy viewing and it is my pleasure to share this video.  Great that the girl crepe maker on this video permitted me to do the filming. Thanks a lot and enjoy how this lady created one spectacular special crepe that was popular only in France before ! I'm wondering when will I have my very own crepe machine. . . hmmmm. . 


Are you crazy over crepes? Oh well count me in as I am too crazy with them no matter what
how sweet or savory they may be :) There are some restaurants offering crepes as desserts or main course usually those that has French-inspired cuisine. I want to share with you a stand-alone shop selling crepes. You might have actually saw it if you frequent the Greenhills Shopping Center.
This Crazy Crepes is situated just beside the Greenhills Chapel and it is ideally sinful to crave for it right after saying your prayers or hearing a mass. In a meaningful fashion, my best gastronomic buddy and I had to give in at the delight of eating one. And oh yes before I forgot this place is a NO CONE ZONE! Why so? It is because crepes in here are not plated but rather put into a nice piece of colorful thin paper together with your chosen and freshly prepared crepe shaped into a cone-like figure. Done that way for easy handling. Mind you that you will be given a small spoon to scoop out the goodness beneath, under, or in between the crepe folds. Me and my buddy get loco over this one! Cool!

The CREPE counter

 This is where the crepe cooking and assembly take place. I want to call the people behind this coiunter a Crepe Master. Their capabilities in crepe making requires a lot focus, patience and art as well. I'll share with you a video on crepe making on my next post  :) Watch out for it!

Menu board is available but you may want to choose from the deliciously displayed life-like crepe flavors that is situated at the side part and front part of the establishment. As you find your seat at what seems to be a an al fresco type of seating, you can still get in touch with the crepes as you can behold them at any given point. Also, you can positively see your crepes being cooked or being assembled by the staffs. I actually took a brief video about it with permission of course.

Custard Cream Crepes, Fresh Cream Crepes, Ice Cream Crepes and Hot and Spicy Crepes are available to satisfy varied cravings of its customers. That day I just had my cash prize claimed at the OpenRice headquarters being one of the monthly winners of their promo and to make my day a delightful one together with my buddy. We have to satisfy such as sweet and toothsome cravings here at Crazy Crepes. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chatime DISC


I'm sure a lot of you already behold and touched this.

This disc will actually given by baristas when your order/s are on a pending transaction. It buzzes and makes a vibrating sound like that of a bee and light at the same time in order to let you know when your orders are ready for pick up. Very interesting. I'm hoping that no evil-minded customers will pilfer this  from the establishment in exchange of their drink. I dunno if there were reported cases of this but I think it is possible. Watchatink?

Anyway, see how this cool thing works.....watch this! Enjoy. More and more tea shops are using this I dunno which brand or shop actually pioneered using this one. Tell me if you have an idea okay? :)

CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.

CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.
A lot of people here and abroad went really gaga over milk teas which unendingly sprouting all over the metro. It has become a craze already. Yes tea drinking has never been this so popular. I surmise coffee shops should start bracing themselves with the newest "vogue" in drinking. They might topple down in no time. By what??!  What else but TEA! :)

Who does not know where GOOD TEA and GOOD TIME situated?! In fact it is becoming the famous milk tea chain in the Philippines and for your information it came from Taiwan. Introducing CHATIME!
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.
The  small space as dining area. Given only a small piece of lot, this space won't be enough given the fact that a lot of customers has been lining up and waiting for their pending order/s just to drink their newest favorite drink.
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.

Their extensive menu. They've got a lot for you and me. I actually had a hard time choosing which among the teas will guarantee that I'll return to their place. They've got Smoothies, Mellow Milk Tea, QQ Jelly, Oriental Pop Tea, Chatime Special Mix, Fresh Tea among others. And yes they do also sell coffee but their best sellers are teas which are cold and added with milk. Topping choices are: grass jelly, pudding, pearl, rainbow jelly, coconut jelly, aloe vera and red bean. You may mix and match as you please. But take into consideration that it will take lesser space when you add a lot of topping on your drink. For me, I'd prefer to only have one topping--- just pearls. I'll try the other topping next time. There's still plenty of time though.
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.
The new pending number! It has no numbers at all..it just buzz and light up. Cool!
It is a black flashy disc which will light up and buzz once your order was assembled already and ready for pick up at the counter area. I am clueless as to how many feet or meters away can this buzzing and lighting disc can go.Wow! Pending numbers nowadays can now be replaced with this awesome thing. Comes with the budget of the food establishment of course. Any idea how much is this thing? (See my next post with video on how this disc buzz and light  up).
CHATIME: Good Tea. Good Time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012



My mother and I are  frequent customers of the supermarket area of Robinson's Galleria. We find this place complete as compared to those other supermarkets in Metro Manila that is near our place. Everything we need is there waiting to be bought and brought at home. During one of my me time and malling moments I happen to drop by at the supermarket level in order to buy just few of my personal needs. What initially surprised me was this certain eatery lining in front of the supermarket just across where counter area and cashiers are. Moreover,  the said new dining hub is saleable and attractive. Named as Asian Bites. Out of curiosity I'd given myself a chance to break in this place. I felt the need to sample one of their products until such time that I have decided what to order.

I was given a pending number and a copy of my receipt and diligently waited for my order. It was indeed a fast and swift transaction with them. I approved on their idea of placing their store at a location where high foot traffic is. In their case, it was situated just in front of the cashier stations. It is good to take note that they have the power to attract passersby coming mostly from the supermarket or from the food court.

Some of your favorite Asian Bites on display :) 

The SANDWICH GUY is My Kind of Guy!

My best gastronomic buddy and I were on a Binge Day one holiday of August. We particularly alloted this day for us to unwind as we binge and relax on a lazy Friday. We have always been like this as a form of our bonding moment. To us it is not always exercise, movie dates and movie marathon. Once in a while it must be coupled with a lot of eating..and I really mean A LOT!!! Aptly called a cheat day or binge day ^-^

As we were roaming around the cinema level of Robinson's Galleria looking through the Next Attraction and Now Showing films we have happened to noticed this sandwich establishment near one of the cinema entrances. Whoa! This place surely is new, so I thought. My stomach gurgled by the sight of this. I do not feel like eating rice-based meals that afternoon. I wanted something filling. Feeling a little choosy on food choices, I nudged him as we embark on our new gastronomic fare.

The SANDWICH GUYNew yet wholesome! That was when we discovered this small yet captivating establishment.

CerealiciOus Cafe in Robinson's Galleria

CerealiciOus Cafe in Robinson's GalleriaCerealiciOus Cafe in Robinson's Galleria
CerealiciOus Cafe in Robinson's Galleria
 I swear I do love cereals! They may come in different shapes, forms,sizes,colors and flavors but I will always treat them as my breakfast or snack favorite. Whenever I eat one I feel like a child once again. It is like a comfort food already.With over 30 plus kinds of cereals and 40 plus toppings to get crazy over with, you may momentarily forget everything but the experience of eating one bowl of cerealicous. 

A round of applause for the best ever Cerealicious Cafe in town. I do not frequent this outlet but seriously I am one of the fanatics of Cerealicious. I can still distinctly remember we have one inside the campus at the carpark level in UST. Now I have one nearest my place-- the one at the cinema level of Robinson's Galleria.  One day I get the chance to once again taste the colorful, sweet concoction of unique cereal in one delicious bowl. It was one Sunday morning as I was left alone by my friend there as she was paying her bills at the nearby Sun Cellular Shop.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Year of the Dragon at EDSA Shangri-la

Last January 23 was my rest day and I wanted to spend it in a manner that I'll be productive without expending to much cash and energy. I read online a few days before my well-deserved two consecutive restdays that there is an on-going 6th Spring Film Festival at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza for FREE!!!! Everytime there is an announcement pertaining to film festivals with free viewing I'd always love to to be the first one in line to experience it. This one in Shangri-la mall isn't my first time because a few years back I experienced viewing one for free also but I cannot place now what country or organization it represented. 

After queuing patiently to get two tickets for me and my best buddy, we decided to take a tour at one of our favorite malls in Ortigas. It has become our favorite place for hang-out because of its accessibility and we feel relaxed being inside the said mall as it is spacious, not crowded and upscale. While getting some snacks near the activity area of the mall, we happened to notice a new set of gaudy and wonderful displays for the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. How time flies. . .just about few weeks ago the displays are about Christmas and now these. . .

List of activities to start the Year of the Dragon right. 
 This mall never ran out of perfect ideas to suit timely celebration. Activities which  most of the  time are free   and open to public are their way to extend to the mall goers and shoppers. I find it really helpful and brilliant. Thanks Shangri-la mall for all these things. 
During that day there is an on-going Chinese Painting Exhibit open to anyone during mall hours. So for anyone who passes by near this mall you might want to drop by to see and feel the Chinese in terms of artwork. This is ongoing until January 28, 2012. Here are some samples included in the exhibit to look forward too. .

One of the Chinese lanterns that brightens the mall.

WATER DRAGON as the centerpiece hanging up above the mall's ceiling.

Of course there are myriads of Chinese lanterns too that surrounds the mall bringing to us the prosperity and good fortune of another  Chinese calendar year. 

What awed me are these life size  Chinese dolls. I really went gaga over taking pictures at these gigantic and super cool stuff. If only I could easily take them home that night :)
Female Chinese Doll

Male Chinese Doll

Made out of glazed porcelain, these China dolls became center of attention of every person that crossed the centre of the mall. Anybody can really get silly upon seeing these giant dolls. They are so lovely. Everybody wants pictures and unending shots with them. I hope that seeing them and having photo op with them will bring us good luck this very year. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI everyone!

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City

Rock Baby Rock at Johnny Rockets

You want entertainment? Then I'll give you one ^_^ Wanna see how Johnny Rockets exemplifies their  diner to be The Home of the Dancing Servers

Thursday, January 26, 2012

JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way

It was just last year when I heard that is coming to the Phiilippines. The first time I saw it in broadsheet and in actual during one of those few days when I roam around the mall, I know for a fact that it will be a sure hit in Manila. I was kinda curious as to what it feels like eating at the casual yet rock restaurant. I know for sure that American fare will major the menu but it feels like something movin' and groovin' is happening inside the place. It was just recently that I found out something rockin' cool within this place. That was last year (August 28) when me and my best gastronomic buddy tried this place.

That time we had just finished snacking at two of the snack bars at the topmost level of the mall, but our snacking seems like not very satisfying. So when we reached the veranda part of the mall where few yet brand new line up of food establishments that surely feast one's eyes and taste buds, we started scanning which will best fit our impending satisfaction. It was then when he suggested Johnny Rockets and he was right!
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Facade of the American fine dining restaurant. Seeing such a  colorful and full of life diner like this feels like you are in the early 60s, 70s or  maybe 80s in America. Awesome!

The Sicilian Express in Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The Sicilian Express in Tomas Morato, Quezon City
The facade. A small restaurant among the other restaurants in Tomas Morato.
All the way from Subic wherein we had our Zoobic Safari adventure, my friends and I are really tired and hungry when we hit Manila. Good thing I had with me a printed voucher at one of the pizza eateries in Timog. It is no other than he Sicilian Express. We are all first timers in here although I've seen that it is has slowly some outlets along Ortigas and Mandaluyong City. I came to know about this place thru a site selling vouchers. I didn't hesitate to print 3 vouchers for my future use. I actually redied myself for this and earnestly told  told them to join me as we savor the goodness of pizza while not overspending.

At past 6pm we hit Manila. The bus took us off somewhere in Kamuning area and from there we ride a cab to get us to The Sicilian Express which is situated along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.
The Sicilian Express in Tomas Morato, Quezon City
 Fronting the restaurant was this motorcycle with a sturdy box behind it. This goes to show they are having delivery service. We might have our deliveries of their pizza soon. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Hooray at MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

Christmas Hooray! That was how our college class president wanted to call our mini reunion one dinner time somewhere in West Avenue Quezon City. There was a poll in our closed group Facebook account voting on which place should we meet and dine together. Apparently, it has been five years since most of us somehow lost contact of each other. We've been very busy pursuing our careers in our chosen field. Some became doctors already while others strive to work in a hospital as a registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and still others managed to have a career in a far more different industry and working environment. It was meant to be celebrated days before Christmas and so it happened. Consequently, only six of us came to the said event which is at first disheartening but later on became a very good night. Hooraaaayyy!!! to those who were able to attend in spite of tight schedule. Though we were super incomplete, we managed to update each other of our whereabouts. There were lots of catchin' ups and unending sharing of experiences. It was so glad to meet these peeps again.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean CuisineMISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Mr. Kabab was our chosen event venue because it is where we could possibly meet halfway. Accessible to most of us! The place is not air conditioned though well-ventilated. I advice you not to wear thick clothes like I did, I never expect it to be very humid that night.
The dining area was lit in such a way that you are on a romantic date of some sort. At first I find it kinda dark and my visual acuity is not helping that much. We chose a long table where we there's plenty of  room for circulating air, we seated by the open window where cars can be parked. Thanks to my friend Kristal for being such a genius. She usually frequents this place when she was still working in Starbucks in Tomas Morato. According to her it is open everyday for 24 hours. It is in here where her co-baristas spend wee hours of the morning. To the rest of us, it was our first time to be dining at this mediterranean restaurant.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
The menu.