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Monday, January 09, 2012

MALL OF ASIA Christmas Parade 2010

Sharing you here are just two of the snapshots my camera phone managed have during the Grand Parade of Lights that my friend and I surprisingly witnessed on our way to saying our prayers at the nearby church.   
It was truly an awesome experience as our eyes popped out looking at magnificent floats and long parade featuring different brands that we normally see inside the SM Supermalls. It was so creative and embodied how merry Christmas should be for every Filipinos. I can't remember exactly why I only got two pictures as I am too fond of getting shots at anything cool and unexpected. These were the only shots that remained in my laptop :( Please bear with me and allow me to share this magical experience with you even if it was way too old. I still have this Christmas hangover, the reason why I'm bombarding my blog with some of the nicest Christmas destination which are a must-visit during the BER months or let's just say before the 359th day of the year strikes once again.

MALL OF ASIA Christmas Parade
MALL OF ASIA Christmas Parade
MOA EXPRESS marks the start of the colorful Christmas Parade

The parade started at exactly 6 PM and happened only on all Saturdays of Christmas Holidays. And as far as I can remember there was a beautiful fireworks display that lasted for 10 minutes to end the event on a good note. I wasn't able to witness this 2011 MOA Christmas Parade but I'm pretty sure they are making it a yearly celebration. I wish I can catch this yearly.