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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Night at Stacy's


I have always believed that cooking from the heart is the best way to reach someone's stomach! But it is absolutely true also that the great service you provide to your guests will keep them coming back for more This is the backbone and the reason why every food service-oriented business continue to be alive and kicking. I for one witnessed it from all the staffs of Stacy's who were present that 14th day of December 2011 dinner date with the rest of the bloggers and OpenRicers. From the manager-on-duty to all the crews, they graciously attended our needs and concerns. They are not only presentable but also quick to assist us. 

Meet Ms. Angelique Abesamis-Castro, who hosted us that night and happen to be one of the owners of Stacy's aside from Ms. Abby Nachura, whom I've encountered a couple of times when I was still working in Del Monte Philippines. Be amazed as she told us the beginnings of this dainty all-day breakfast cafe, the people behind it and how it came to life. Listen to her as she generously shares her dream come true business and the woman (her granny) whom her business partner and her look up to even up to now, Stacy. Hence the name of the restaurant. She's smart, charming and very informative about the place. Learn from her as we did.