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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Exactly a week ago I happily received my Nestle Membership Card. I'm a real fan of this food company maybe because I get to see most of their products everyday. Who's not using their world-renowned food items??! I think every household has it in their storage places like chiller and cupboards. This is how magnanimous  NESTLE is which has been with us for 100 years :) Oh how I wish I belong in the same well-respected and flourishing company. 

A Special Centennial Keepsake from the Nestle Club! I am so grateful and excited to use this card and the benefits that come along with it. I do cook and bake and I firmly believe that Nestle will help me hone more my skills and polish my craft. I'm a registered Nutritionist-Dietitian but still has a lot to learn. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

Now if you are a homemaker or a simple lady like me who is fond of cooking and learning tips and strategies of this daily task then join now. It is easy to join and be a member of Nestle Club. Simply register now. Here's the link: http://www.nestle.com.ph/recipe/nestleclub/regform.asp

FYI Not everybody can have this kind of membership card from Nestle as they only released some for its centennial year. 
Hope this helps. Have a great day!
 Good FOOD.
 Good LIFE.
 Good HEALTH to us all :)