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Saturday, January 21, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: Popcorn Freak!

I am truly a popcorn addict. I so love eating popcorn no matter what brand it may be or on what occasion. Once I pop I cannot stop! Whenever I am at a grocery store I never left the place without having at least a bag or canister of it. I keep on trying and testing any brand and flavor as long as I am not penniless. Popcorn eating cannot just be attributed during film viewing as the best movie partner. To me I can have it anytime of the day as  frequently as I can.  Just recently I get hooked into eating microwave cooked popcorn. I am not totally a fan of this before but I guess some things are just meant to be broken or at least modified. There were studies that microwaved food might kill you overtime but I'm not worrying about it as of the moment. What is important is that I'm enjoying what I am eating . . .

Here's what I got and tasted lately. . .

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn

Here's what my aunt gave us as one of her presents upon arriving from a trip abroad. A pasalubong which I find really interesting than imported chocolates, snacks etcetera. A brand I haven't seen yet in groceries. Do you guys know where I can find this? A little help please... I love this brand more that its local counterpart. I'll tell you why at the bottom of this review.

MagicTime Yellow Cheddar Microwave Popcorn
The one which I sourced from a nearby grocery store to compensate for the brand I was looking for. (something I miss eating already). 

As we all know every brand of microwave popcorn has different cooking time and results. It is usually the results that most of us are excited about. The beauty of  Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn  is that it created plenty of yield than what I bought from a local supermarket (Magic Time). Both are premium brands and imported. Also, both are cheddar in size and flavor too. I just went loco over the former because of its big puff and real cheddar taste. Both are good brands I believe. Downside in microwaving popcorn is that there are some unpopped kernels unlike the ones we buy from food stalls. I surmise it is cheaper if one buys from the food stalls and kiosks like that of Chef Tony's and Holy Kettle Corn if you are a type of person who wants to get the value-for-money. Because to tell you frankly I find it  quite expensive when buying a box of microwave popcorn with 3 bags on it and learning later that there are unpopped ones which could have been the best popped corns too.  Oh well reality bites! 

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