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Thursday, January 19, 2012

BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center

BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center
Last year  I bought 1 dozen of vouchers for this tea bar named BonAppetea which I purchased through online shopping. I'm really into group buying sites with my bestfriend as a major influencer. Whenever I thought that it is worth buying, I will really go out of my way to purchase it. Since I'm a foodie and would really take risks into tasting something new and different, buying food vouchers from time to time help my little caprices adequately. This was how I discovered this small tea bar in Ortigas. I made use of my vouchers after claiming my grand prize from the OpenRice Philippines head office in Taipan Building October of 2011. I really prepared for that big day as I want to treat myself and indulge into something really cool yet inexpensive. Me and my gastronomic buddy's first stop was here. It was situated in the food court area of Strata 2000 Building along with the wide array of food kiosks. 

Here is their simple menu board displaying all sorts of tea. From Fruit Teas, Simpliciteas, Milk Teas, Yogurt Teas, NaughTeas, Hearbal Teas and VitalTeas. 
BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center

BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center
As we all know a lot of tea business ventured into something like this. It has been sprouting anywhere and everywhere. But I find BonAppetea cheap and simple. It has no pretensions at all. It does not have cozy seats and tables nor elegant-looking space that they may call their own. It was just standing at the food court area yet serving its real purpose-- to quench one's thirst! :) Simple! That is why it is called an express brew. As in in an instant you may get your drink as it is being prepared right in front of you. No hassle and no pending number or alarm disc.
BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center
When we get to the place (our first time) our eyes glued on these take-out  tea drinks. Whoa! those were pretty plenty huh about 10 large-sized cups. Maybe the one who bought these used his/her voucher for claiming. That's nice! Getting money's worth and guaranteed to be an enjoyable drink next to water or coffee.
BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center
After spending some time to wonder on what to order based on their long list of teas, we finally arrived at our final decision to order for Milk Teas Since I still have 10 vouchers left that time that will still last for the next 3 months, we do not need to rush. We'll gonna spend it little by little while having different purchases each time we drop by the express tea store. Sounds really good. We even had a pinky promise for that conception of belief.
BON APPETEA in Strata 2000 Building, Ortigas Center
Nirvana and Blossom Dreams
I opted to try for the first time the Nirvana Milk Tea while he got the Blossom Dreams. Mine was made of assam black tea and wintermelon which I find really a good thirst quencher. Milk teas never turned me down no matter what brand it is carrying. On the other hand, his verdict of his chosen tea drink was way too different from mine. Oops! Well it was made of  jasmine green tea and honey. He didn't like the jasmine thing to be staying on his tastebuds. Honey is fine with him but the jasmine flavor and aroma is just not his thing. That is why we just exchanged drinks before he decided on shooting it to the nearby garbage can. I still enjoy the Blossom Dreams even if it has a different orientation of taste. It is unique and to tell you honestly, it surely has a strong jasmine flavor. It is subtly sweet and really scented (which I reckon not most of the guys thing for a drink). 

For our large-sized refreshing milk tea drinks, we paid nothing! as I have already paid for it beforehand through online banking. Each drink (22oz) originally priced at Php70 but I only bought it for only Php35. Just half of its real price. Amazing isn't it?.

More posts to come regarding this Express Brew!

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Pasig City 
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