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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka

Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka
Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka
Ever since I discovered  Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka  last year I can't get control my craving out of it. As a matter of fact this is not my very first review about this famous merchant. I am a frequent wanderer at SM North particularly the Sky Dome area where I first unexpectedly experience the small shop peddling  this rice cake and coffee, which turned out to be a constant hang out place of me and my beau. I'm not sure if you noticed too that there were carts of Antonio's strategically located at SM North where they could spread the word that they are selling the freshest bibingka pieces in the market today. Bibingka as we all know is a common snack item and just recently it captured the hearts of many as it continue to expand and be known- some with dining area while some are in food cart. Just so you know the following are the branches with dining area that you may opt to visit during your craving-for- bibingka-moments: SM Calamba branch which opened January 2011, followed by Sky Garden in SM North last February 2011 and Fairview last April 2011. Additionally, these are branches that are cart set-up only which opened only this year:  Wilcon City Center last March 2012 , SM Lazaro May 2012, SM North Annex June 2012 and SM Fairview just this month of July. 

When I was invited to do a food review for them, I could turn down the idea as this is the only shop  that serves excellent bibingka varieties. I swear and I'm saying this without sugarcoating. I cannot actually remember how many times I bought a box or two for a simple pasalubong for my parents every other weekend. Together with a handful of bloggers we stayed at their cute and neat shop in SM Megamall building A to conduct a taste test from most of the things written on their menu. Now I'm missing those memories I had with them because today's weather is such a perfect time to indulge ourselves into this snack items with overpowering appeal. Who could afford turn down freshly baked bibingka, putu-bungbong partnered with coffee or your choice? No one I believe. 

Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka
Antonio's Coffee+Bibingka branch in Megamall has an open-type dining area and could cater approx 10-15 guests compared to that of in Sky Garden, smaller in space yet quite intimate in style. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Empire Macaron

One dozen of Empire Macaron
The other day while doing a food review in a certain coffee and bibingka shop with fellow foodies at the topmost level of SM Megamall Building B, Ms. Leira welcomed us with a huge smile bearing something that is obviously a mysterious box of something really special. In the middle of our coffee cup conversation  she hastily opened the box with black and white print and let us taste those colorful macarons. I wondered when was the last time I've tasted Parisian Macaron...I think that was a month ago from a cafe in Burgos Circle, Taguig. I was drooling the moment I saw those sweet and cake-like  flavoured biscuits.
One Dozen of Empire Macaron

Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas. . .With Home-Made Cream Sauce

Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
No! Not my first time in Chuck's Deli particularly at this branch.  December last year I went here with my beau for the simple fact that I need to compensate my absence to the invitation made by OpenRice Philippines because I was in Tagaytay then for a brief staycation. Glad that a friend gave me his Chucks Bucks (a gift certificate worth PhP250) in exchange of two Starbucks stickers  for the holiday planner. He was teasing and made me really envious of their experience, the reason why we had a trade. Nice barter actually.
Last night, I set foot again at this not so ordinary deli because I was invited to an exclusive gathering for the newest offering of Chuck's Deli known as Flatbread Pizzas. So honored to have met one of the owners, Chef Katrina Kuhn Alcantara (wife of Mr. Marco Alcantara , her business partner as well) and Ms. Cyrstal Yaptinchay, the one who is in charge of marketing. The place is known as the "Home of  the Slabwich" which first opened in Serendra Piazza Ground Floor on November 2010 and expanded to Eastwood in May 2011. I promised myself to visit their other branch soon so watch out for my another gastronomic adventure.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
Yup! Chuck's Deli makes their own bread. This man inside the production area is in the early stages of  making a Flatbread Pizza with home-made cream sauce for us. Can't wait for this pizza too cook immediately as I am so famished while taking a snapshot of this ^_^

Friday, July 27, 2012

Max’s Corner Bakery: A New and Exciting Create-Your-Own Merienda Mix Experience at Max's

Max's Merienda Mixes Launching at Greenbelt 2
When you visit any restaurant of Max's you are sure to find at one nook its Max’s Corner Bakery. My mother and I are regulars here and honestly speaking we are addicted to their Caramel Bars and discounted breads and pastries available everyday.    Max’s Corner Bakery is actually the bakery brand of Max’s Restaurant, one of the most enduring global Filipino brands today. It  is famous for its perennial dessert – the Max’s Caramel Bar, and a roster of other oven-fresh, saccharine treats that have captured the heart of Filipinos all over the world. Delectable product line includes a wide variety of cupcakes, classic and custom-made cakes, breads and pastries.

Just recently,  Max’s Corner Bakery  is in hand in hand with Max's Restaurant with a campaign called Max’s Merienda Mixes. I was invited to the said launch happened at their outlet in Greenbelt last week and honored to be among the selected few to try their newest promo. I was saturated with a truly unique and thrilling merienda meal experience because of its affordability and filling goodness all for a price that no one could disagree - PhP 95! We were wowed by Ms. Wilma Doesnt who hosted the rainy afternoon launch together with the operations and marketing people of Max's.

Bobby Simborio, Corporate Media & PR Manager for Max’s Group of Companies said,
“Max’s Merienda Mixes reaches out to merienda-lovers of all ages. It is not only budget-friendly, the choices of Max’s Corner Bakery and Max’s Merienda items are also sure to make any mouth water. Max’s will no longer be just a place for a hearty breakfast, or a sumptuous lunch and dinner. It is the new place to experience delicious and indulgent afternoon snacks that are absolutely Filipino. This promo is a value-for-money offering that integrates the components of a fast-casual dining restaurant - comfort, quality service and exceptional food. Our customers can also enjoy unlimited wi-fi service while taking pleasure in their favorite Max’s Merienda Mix."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Another Lunch Buffet Experience at Bayview Park Hotel

Bayview Hotel's Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival
As a matter of fact this is my third review of the Bayview Hotel's Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival. You guys still have chance to experience what I've just experienced until the end of July. Make sure you are starving before you hit that hotel in order to maximize every penny you spend. I suggest be there as early as 11AM as crowd become dense once 12 noon strikes. I surmise the hotel's coffee shop could cater to 60-70 guests, thus there's enough room for everyone. So shall I show you now what set of Filipino dishes that my palate favorably tackled the other day?
 Itlog na Maalat na may Kamatis at Sibuyas (Salted Eggs with Tomatoes and Onions)
This is impossible to resist. Oh my. . . I can live by just eating salted eggs, tomatoes and onions :)
Tinolang Manok (Chicken Ginger Stew)
Chicken stew to warm my just filled stomach. Green leafy vegetables drenched in the chicken ginger soup. An absolutely good comfort food.

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

As a young professional and still living with my parents, I put a lot of effort in managing our home. I religiously follow my mother's advice about the importance of home maintenance, the reason why I am really strict when it comes to orderliness and cleanliness of my own space. Someday, when I get married and have my a home which I can really call my own, for sure I will make its interior lovely with all sorts of furniture which to me is one of the most essential parts of one's refuge. Functionality and style is absolutely necessary. I subject myself to home furniture stores especially when I am in mall alone, studying the crafts from pillows, sofas, dining tables to bed frames and other small home items. And to tell you frankly what my mom's advice is to shop at Mandaue Foam, the very store where our pillows come from. Since then I consider this well-known brand at the top of my list on where to buy my future furniture items. As of the moment, below are my top three great finds. You can start saving and always believe that whatever your mind conceive and believe, it can be achieved.

Being a certified foodie, aside from having a classy kitchen I should be ready to have a nice set of dining furniture. I can imagine myself seating at one of knockled back dining chair while enjoying my meal. Black and white colors are forever elegant shades so I'd go for this one. Just perfect for our family of six.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New All-Day Breakfast Samplers by Figaro

Figaro UP Ayala Technohub
It was a rainy Friday morning when my food blogger friends and I reached this branch of Figaro in UP Ayala Technohub for a brunch visit. We were there 11AM on the dot and introduced ourselves to one of their staffs on duty making sure that we also meet the manager of floor named  Mr. Joel Manawis. As expected he was there and hospitably welcomed us but obviously  was quite surprised of our arrival. I'm sure he's fully aware that we are coming over and sample Figaro Coffee Company's newly launched breakfast item for morning crowd. Anyhow, he ushered us to a small function room where food tasting was held. Yes he was courteous and polite but I was really expecting him to be more focused with the guests and knowledgeable enough of the current breakfast items which unfortunately did not meet my expectation and I'm pretty sure with my companions as well. I never forget to ask for the a flyer or menu or any merchandising materials that states the New All-Day Breakfast Sampler so that I could easily compare those on the photo and its actual serving portion but he said that it is not available yet which piqued my interest to ask while waiting for the breakfast plates to arrive. I found out that it a stand up menu of what I was asking for is propped up at one corner and above the cake display chiller. Sorry to say but I was dismayed. Since Figaro breakfast samplers should be served with the beverage of our choice (8oz brewed coffee, 8 oz herbal tea or 12 oz lemonade), he then asked for our preferred drink. Hence the following: 

Figaro Lemonade
12 oz Lemonade

SMACKED SNACK: Wendy's Twisted Frosty

Wendy's Kitkat Twisted Frosty and Oreo Twisted Frosty
From regular Wendy's Frosty to Frosty Coffee Jelly and now. . .Twisted Frosty. If you guys love sundaes then it is not hard to fall in love with these newest frosty selections which is now with a twist of Oreo and Kitkat. I've tasted these at their outlet in Glorietta 4 last week and I am just inspired to share them with you. When it comes to frosty what pops out in your mind? In my case, it is the signature frozen dairy dessert of Wendy's - - the choco and vanilla frosty but they will be soon replaced by these. . .
Wendy's Kitkat Twisted Frosty and Oreo Twisted Frosty

Wendy's Salad Sensations

Wendy's Salad Sensations
I grew up loving vegetables as my parents introduced them to me during my early childhood years. The very reason why I can possibly eat anything healthy and nutritious without being picky even when it comes to veggies. Perhaps, this kind of diet influenced me to take up B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics in UST some 10 years ago making me now a licensed dietician. ^_^  Matter-of-factly, if there's one fast food restaurant here in the Philippines which could offer healthy food items, it must be Wendy's. I used to love their buffet salad together with my mother most especially at their  branch in SM City Sta. Mesa, unfortunately that promo has been gone a long time. Part of me wish for its comeback but it never happened. Good thing that I came across with their Salad Sensations the other day. During my exciting college years Wendy's side salad is enough to  satisfiy me which only cost me and my friends about PhP20++  per serving. Part of the super value menu even up to now, only that presently it is priced at PhP40. Here are the big Salad Sensations that I was talking about:
Wendy's Salad Sensations Big Taco
Big Taco (PhP 142)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing the SON OF BACONATOR by Wendy's

Hey, have you met the "it" burger in town today? I sure hope you have heard of him already or even tasted him yet. I would like to introduce to burger fans out there The SON OF BACONATOR! Does the name ring a bell? Yup, SOB is just like his father, THE BACONATOR! Perhaps you had eat his parent voraciously and this son is quite familiar to you already. Nevertheless, bringing to your attention the following.:
Wendy's Iced Tea
 Wendy's Iced Tea
Who would say no to this refreshing house blend of iced tea. Next time I'll go for its lite counterpart. Big is size and always big in taste.

Monday, July 23, 2012

CHEF & BREWER Cafe and Restaurant in Ortigas

CHEF & BREWER Cafe and Restaurant in Ortigas
12th of July, my birthday when suddenly this co-blogger of mine named Carlo invited Ness, Marco, Vance and I to join him in a chillaxing entertainment to witness the performance of our idol Gary Valenciano along with singers Dingdong Avanzado and Julianne Tarroja, the budding Filipina singer-songwriter that is remarkably at par with the seasoned Filipino singers. That happened on a late night at Chef & Brewer Cafe and Restaurant in Ortigas. What a great way to end my birthday. Not only the dishes are satisfying but the ambiance was way too classy and local artist guests very entertaining. This place is not just for people who loves good food and music every night but could also cater to lunch and dinner crowd. It specializes in Western, Continental and Filipino cuisines so you will have plenty of choices to choose from. That night we had the following:
                 CHEF & BREWER Mochaccino
Mochaccino (PhP 130)
CHEF & BREWER Frozen Margarita
Frozen Margarita (PhP 210)

DRUM TAO: Art of Drum Tour in Manila

I was so fortunate to be with good set of friends last rainy night of July 19, Thursday and finally witness the ultimate sensation from Japan - DRUM TAO. I was meaning too see such a spectacular Japanese martial arts and drum-playing extraordinares because not only it is well-renowned but also the first in Manila. Oh how could I afford to miss this? Thanks to an angel who made this possible. You know who you are. She got tickets for us worth PhP4500 each and  had the best seat that night - we were seated at the VIP section and almost face to face with the performers. Truly mesmerizing and captivating. I can't help but be smile and be glued to thee two-hour choreography and join the spectators in clapping while the Japanese performers encourage everybody to participate in some of the scenes. Too bad we were not allowed to take photos or any form of recording during the event but I managed to have some as the extravaganza near its end. I took snapshots because that's what everybody is doing that time, which I guess is allowed already.

NISCENSSA Direct Sales Launches Online Store

Nisce Skin ‘n Face is really familiar to me as my friend from previous work influenced me to try some of their services. It happened in the year 2009 when their outlet in Robinson's Otis is newly opened and in close proximity to the restaurant where I used to work. Just recently, Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, launched the Niscenssa online store (www.niscenssa.com), the easiest way to shop for Niscenssa products. Below is how their webpage looks like wherein you can find truly effective products at affordable prices, from toner, soap, deodorant to sunblock, makeups and food supplement. Niscenssa products are dermatologist tested and approved and are formulated by Nisce’s world-class research and development team to suit every skin type. 

Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, said
“As we want to bring beauty within everyone’s reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this, we aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers."
Bela Padilla
Guess who is  Nisce's  new brand ambassador? It is no other than the beautiful and flawless actress of her generation, Ms. Bela Padilla. During the launch, she shared some helpful tips on how she manages to have smooth and radiant skin. It was really, really obvious... I was star struck when I saw her!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

SIZE MATTERS Sausage Burgers now in 500 Shaw Boulevard

I first encountered SIZE MATTERS in Tomas Morato last year but  is now closed, causing them to transfer at 500 Shaw boulevard in Mandaluyong early this year, I think it was last May when they had the soft opening. My friend is currently working here which was the main reason why we met one night and try some of their to-die for and interesting offerings. His boss, Ms. Marge de la Paz was there that time and we had some chit chat about the food and the ambiance. She's so nice, cheerful, friendly and welcoming. 

You cannot easily see this  burger joint if you pass by Shaw boulevard because it is situated inside the newly-constructed building at the first floor level. The restaurant opens as early as 10AM and closes at 11PM but they are open for business until 1AM for Fridays and Saturdays. The area chosen by the owners was good as one call center company will soon open which will certainly make them more marketable even if not that conspicuous from the main road.

SMACKED SNACK: Kroketten's Miniballen, my favorite potato snack

 Kroketten Miniballen
Last month, I met with my former officemates in Robinson's Galleria for a catching up session with them. I asked them to wait for me at a potato dutch corner called Kroketten as I'm gonna treat them using my remaining gift certificates with those promising potato snack called kroket.  When I arrived in front of Shakey's where they chose to standby and wait for my arrival, I happily introduced to them these potato balls of different flavors. Good thing that the Kroketten stall is just in front of the pizza parlor. The staff behind the counter asked if we want free taste and we easily said yes in chorus. What we had are assorted flavors of miniballen. My GC was not honored when I present it so I had to let he contact the manager and ask for its clarification. In less than 10 minutes everything was settled, there was just some miscommunication  as to the validity of the gift certificate.

Friday, July 20, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: JOLLIBEE Coffee Float, Chocolate Float and Crisscut Fries

As in-between meal one past dinner time, my friends and I decided to drop by our old favorite fast-food restaurant in San Juan City ---JOLLIBEE. We came from a rising burger joint somewhere in Shaw boulevard where we had our biggie burgers for an insanely heavy and burp-forming dinner. Still not satisfied with our binge eating session, we hastily plan on visiting our former co-workers and team members for a much-needed catching up whilst enjoying some of Jollibee's newest offerings. We missed seeing each other and certainly that was the best time to update and engage ourselves in good conversations which timely brought us to ordering Coffee Float, Chocolate Float and Crisscut Fries. Seeing these items in commercials alone make me crave for them more and more each day, so that night was such an opportune time to taste them even if our stomach still full from the hefty and killer burger we had earlier. It's more fun to eat and explore while enriching your food knowledge, right? Here's what we ordered and shared together:

JOLLIBEE Coffee Float and Chocolate Float
JOLLIBEE Coffee Float and Chocolate Float
 Coffee Float and Chocolate Float (PhP 45 each)
Based on the commercial, you'll get a lift when you sip Jollibee Floats but did we really feel the same way? Read on. Coffee Float was too bold in flavor for me from my first sip up to the final sip that somehow made me feel sick. I did not finish my cup instead I enjoyed drinking the other variant. I am a self-confessed coffee addict but  I simply did not like how it was prepared. Too strong and very unappealing. It failed me and so were my friends :( On the other hand, the Chocolate Float has nice chocolaty taste that suits my sweetness level and really promising among the float beverages in the market. I am sure this is the best-selling item among Jollibee float variants. Both drinks were creamy maybe because of the vanilla  softserve on top when you stir it well with the drink. How I wish that this softserve could still survive to float even without ice because ice pieces occupy greatly clear cup space that would leave you wondering if you are getting your money's worth.  I know this has been an issue for float drinkers be it in Jollibee or its competitor/s. Less ice is more favorable and more delicious ^_^  
Jollibee Zesty Cheese Crisscut Fries and Savory Barbecue Crisscut Fries
Jollibee Zesty Cheese Crisscut Fries and Savory Barbecue Crisscut Fries
Zesty Cheese Crisscut Fries and Savory Barbecue Crisscut Fries (PhP 51 each)
We ordered two large crisscut fries of different variants to help us answer our curiosity. I'm unsure whether this item is just a comeback or what, but it surely is a come on for a snackers and french fries eaters like Mychal, Kath and yours truly. This type of fries is far from the conventional long strips of fried potato that we are addicted to eat with lotsa tomato catsup. To be honest, I like how it was marketed or advertised but the taste was kinda off. Even if served warm, these flavored fries seemed interesting and appealing in appearance at first yet the taste is conflicting with my accepted standard of good taste. No need to add more salt as each piece is highly-seasoned causing me to be heady and upsetting my mood. Might not order this in the future. I strongly believe that Jollibee is always good when it comes to product development and innovation but this crisscut fries is worst tasting flavored fries that I've tried lately :(( Regular-size crisscut fries will cost you PhP 31.

Have you tasted any of the snack items mentioned above? If so, how did you find it?

SMACKED SNACK is yaniconquistadora's compilation of cheap eats or great snacker's find in and out of the metro and of course from the confines of her own home. Basically this is composed of her brief reviews on anything that is considered to be a light quick meal at any given hour of the day. Any food consumed out of elation, cravings or just any type of mood that could possibly be associated with food. Are you now ready to smack all the snacks or allow it to kiss you goodbye? Join me and lets smack 'em down!

Marriott Manila’s GOURMET EIGHT: the Ice Cream for All Season

When the day feels like longer than it actually is, stress and exhaustion usually becomes the result. And if staycation is not possible or a long day of pampering is hard to squeeze in to your already very busy day, Marriott Manila’s The Lounge is introducing a delicious alternative to help you relax and indulge a bit, whether it’s a “me time” moment or bonding with people that matters most.

The rainy season and nippy weather surely won’t stop anyone in enjoying every now and then everybody’s favorite cold, yummy, and tasty treat—ice cream! In the spirit of well-deserved indulgence and to celebrate our love affair with everyone’s saccharine favorite, Chef Fil Afable and his team is launching Marriott Manila’s very own homemade gourmet ice cream selections featuring eight sensational flavors that are guaranteed to bring eight sensational indulgences. And yes, it’s the kind of ice cream that you can enjoy for all season!

Marriott Manila Halo-Halo
Halo-Halo (PhP 350)
Another household favorite, The Lounge offers an extra luxurious way to enjoy. Featuring an extra endearing side of our own local flavors such as macapuno, kaong, nata de coco, sweet beans, sweet banana, ube and garbanzos, this treat offers a rich medley with the velvety vanilla ice cream. To top it off, a generous layer of leche flan and ube makes it a decadent comfort dessert.    

FOLLOW the Latest Trends on TV

Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
Abreast with the latest trends nowadays? Well there is something that will help us keep us on the loop as there will be a new TV show that we have to look forward to every weekday. The name of the show is FOLLOW. A word or a  verb which means "come after". It is a lifestyle program that specifically target the Manila's top tier, A-class and aspirants wherein it will feature  where we eat, what we wear, where we shop, what we listen to and so on and so forth - in other words, the people we follow. This will air on Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel which I am sure majority of us know. It will start on Monday July 30, 2012 at 6PM. Regular airings will be from Mondays to Fridays at 6PM, 8PM, 8AM, and 2PM. Switch your channel no watch this show full of information about the vogue nowadays.

Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue channel
FOLLOW is created by Philip K. Abadicio and produced by the media company he spearheads, StyleRPA. The acronym stands for “Real, Personal & All-that Style.” He further explains, 
“The TV show chronicles the people who influence our lifestyle choices—fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets, etc—and thus, the people we FOLLOW.”
Guests of the initial episodes include interior designer Nix Alanon, international web designer Christian San Jose, Balik Bukid’s Hindy Weber-Tantoco, gay rights advocate Divine Lee, food market proponent RJ Ledesma and home accessories designer Daphne Oseña-Paez.



Indeed just like it’s father, the Baconator, the son of Baconator is made to it’s image and likeness. The Son of Baconator—the youngest among Wendy's mouthwatering hamburger line—is fast becoming the "it" burger in town today.

And why not? It lives up to it's father's legacy of "a filling and satisfying taste for an empty tummy."
A certified new kid on the block yet as popular as its senior, Wendy’s Son of Baconator is the newest "hamburger-wonder" of the fast-food industry known for its generous portions and oozing flavor.

A mini me, the Son of Baconator, boasts of two 45-gram pure beef patties grilled to perfection with with two slices of luxurious American cheese and topped with crispy four strips of honey cured bacon goodness—all on a toasted Kaiser buns. While it's truly meant as a comfort food, the Son of Baconator is more than just satisfying. It is truly a mouthful. No wonder, the Son of Baconator is a surefire hit for the foodies.

The Son of Baconator is available in all Wendy's restaurants. Wendy's is the most preferred hamburger restaurant Filipinos would rather go to for great hamburgers; fast, friendly service; and an overall excellent dining experience. This quick service restaurant guarantees total customer satisfaction by selling the highest quality, freshly prepared made-to-order products and served by the friendliest people in the cleanest restaurants.

So if you need your hamburger fixed but isn't famished, the Son of Baconator is another good choice of yours to satisfy your Baconator craving. Visit any Wendy's outlets near you and have a bite of the Son of Baconator. The Son of Baconator… indeed his father's son!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ballet Philippines’ SONGS

Ballet Philippines SONGS at Cultural Center of the Philippines

Ballet Philippines SONGS at Cultural Center of the Philippines
Last Sunday, July 8 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I was able to witness ballet for the second time; the first one was way back my in high school years. I was given the chance to watch the season opener of SONGS at the   Cultural Center of the Philippines on its third day courtesy of Ms. Rhea Bautista of Ballet Philippines. A million thanks to her :) Although I know very little about ballet I am still attracted to this classical and artistic form of dance, something that I am certainly not capable of doing. Grace and precision of dancing is what ballet is all about that always puzzle and amaze me. Ballet Philippines proudly present their champions that brought pride to our country in a new grand pas de deux created especially for them.

I got to secure a camera pass in order to take some snapshots of the show. Otherwise, I won't be able to share with you the following photos. Along with my fellow bloggers, I am seated at the orchestra seat fronting the stage. Lucky us.
Ballet Philippines SONGS at Cultural Center of the Philippines
Ballet Philippines SONGS at Cultural Center of the Philippines

My SerendipiTea Giveaway :)

My SerendipiTea  Top 10 drinks
Are you a teaholic? If you are, then you should be joining my another giveaway that will teach you to form a habit of tea drinking. Millions of people around the world is fond of drinking not just coffee but TEA on a daily basis. The reason why a lot of tea shops here in Manila became an instant hit. Let's warmly welcome one of the newest tea hubs in Manila selling our favorite hot and cold flavored tea beverages which are guaranteed 100% freshly brewed everyday. Would you love to win a GC from MySerendipitea? I know you are so ecstatic about this so simply wait for the Rafflecopter to load and follow the steps. As always joining is as easy as ABC.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

iRepublic.ph Supports Emerging Filipino Online Talents

Having your own website will give you immediate exposure to over 6 Billion Internet users all over the world. Filipino Talents deserve to be shown and shared with others world wide that’s why iRepublic.ph, the first ever Do-It-Yourself Website Builder in the Philippines will be sponsoring one lucky soon-to-be online icon every month!

Drum TAO: The Art of Japan Drum hits Manila!

Have you seen the most amazing sensory shows on earth watched by over 5 million spectators in 17 countries and 400 cities? If not, I'm telling you now is the time. DRUM TAO comes to Manila for the very first time. Slated last July 12 which was the gala night and will end on 22, 2012 only at The Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila for 10 shows only. Imagine that?Lucrative. Enchanting. Intriguing.  Here are some of the show snippets that surely leave everyone awestruck: