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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

DINERS' DEN is a Great Fusion Cafe

I went here weeks ago together with foodies and OpenRicers like me. I've been spotting this place as I am a frequent customer of Tomas Morato restaurants and cafes. I live nearby so when I got an invite I know where exactly to enter. It is a small cafe focused more of fusion dishes like that of Asian and Western cuisines. First timers would really expect great out of their vast menu selection ranging from Salads, Soup of the Day, Lite Bites, Sandwiches. Pasta, Asian Noodles, Main Course, to Breakfast, Cakes and Desserts, Hot Favorites, Cold Favorites, Milk Shakes and Ice Blended.  As usual we had another unique gastronomic adventure matched with hefty goodness. DINERS' DEN might be new to you but this is a must-try place if you want something different and oozing with flavor dishes. Ms. Michelle Ong, owner of Diners' Den hosted the small gastronomic fusion private gathering and below are the dishes she offered us. 

Just in case you would like to chill-out outside of the cafe, this area could cater you. 

A peek inside the cafe. Peaceful, simple and clean.

Iced Tea (PhP 50)
Refreshing iced tea with wedge of lemon on the side. I always like the citrus tinge for my iced tea so this one is good enough for me. It is house blended so it is different from the powdered iced tea that others are serving. Cool.

Mango Crab Salad (PhP 135)
Sweet and fragrantly ripe mango with shredded crabsticks on a bed of crunchy lettuce and cucumber drizzled with fresh mango dressing.
What a fresh dish that successfully turn on my appetite. Greens are my favorite as starter and this tangy creation which is for sure loaded with vitamins and minerals. Up to the last and final food offered to us I am still taking forkful of this salad. Sweet, tangy and healthy. 

Pad Thai (PhP 150)
This is labelled to be the most famous of all Thai Fried Noodles and I ate this kind of dish a couple of times already from various Asian-inspired restos. Using only the best quality ingredients, this earned a five star rate from me. A little of everything taste that brought confusion to my palate yet great sense of taste eventually, because of its sweet, sour yet nutty and spicy at the same time. And of course, fresh shrimps and slices of fried scrambled egg made the entire plate protein rich offering too. 

Hongkong Cheese Pork Chop (PhP 150)
At first glance, I said "wow!" and I knew instantly that this will let our mouth water more and more because of the obvious thick slices of porkchop covered with layers of melted cheese with red and white sauce. Taste was like eating a fresh Italian tomato-ish pasta dish with fried to perfection pork tenders. Really satisfying and heavy on the belly.

Pesto Prawn Pasta (PhP 195)
Diner's Den also call it as PPP. I am an avid fan of pesto and this one is a perfect pasta dish mixed with fresh pesto. The owner being a well-traveled person and a Singaporean foodie as well likes it to be made in a manner that won't compromise the overall taste of this pasta dish. Taste was really authentic and the fresh prawns on top that were both garlicky and pesto-cooked  made the dish a truly signature one.   

Hainanese Chicken Rice (PhP 150)
Hey, this Singaporean dish another favorite of mine. I can't help but to easily get satisfied with Diner's Den creative dishes. Steamed chicken pieces with three types of dipping sauce plus a cup of rice cooked in chicken stock is always a winner. The satiation is overwhelming already. I'm loving it!

Fried Dory with Binagoongan Rice (PhP 195)
To me as long as dory fish pieces were cooked to perfection as this, it will easily capture my attention. This maybe bland for my palate but the tasty mango salsa nicely done on the side plus the fish paste flavored rice balanced everything on the plate. Try this it is insanely good.

Black and white framed art of different location all over the world pinned on the wall grabbed my senses.

Chocolate Marshmallows

Mud Pie (PhP 135)
With the fusion dishes that left each one of us belly satisfied and too full for dessert, we were still  treated with these two cakes which were both crowd pleasers. The first cake was moist and chocolate-y while the mud pie was frozen with delectable crushed oreo base. I find the frozen mud pie rich in taste than chocolate mallows though both are must-try dessert pieces. As of now, Diners' Den has an on-going Sweet Treats Promo. For the price of PhP139 you'll get to have a cup of Italian blend coffee and a slice of cake. Not a bad price at all especially if it was originally priced at PhP 180.

Overall experience was remarkable and absolutely highly-recommended nook along Tomas Morato. If you are in search for a fusion restaurant with decent priced items, try this and I am sure you'll say YAY everytime :) 

265-B Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines