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Monday, July 23, 2012

NISCENSSA Direct Sales Launches Online Store

Nisce Skin ‘n Face is really familiar to me as my friend from previous work influenced me to try some of their services. It happened in the year 2009 when their outlet in Robinson's Otis is newly opened and in close proximity to the restaurant where I used to work. Just recently, Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, launched the Niscenssa online store (www.niscenssa.com), the easiest way to shop for Niscenssa products. Below is how their webpage looks like wherein you can find truly effective products at affordable prices, from toner, soap, deodorant to sunblock, makeups and food supplement. Niscenssa products are dermatologist tested and approved and are formulated by Nisce’s world-class research and development team to suit every skin type. 

Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, said
“As we want to bring beauty within everyone’s reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this, we aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers."
Bela Padilla
Guess who is  Nisce's  new brand ambassador? It is no other than the beautiful and flawless actress of her generation, Ms. Bela Padilla. During the launch, she shared some helpful tips on how she manages to have smooth and radiant skin. It was really, really obvious... I was star struck when I saw her!

Niscenssa Direct Sales a direct selling arm for their skincare products was established before having an online store for the Niscenssa Direct products. It aims to provide an income-generating opportunity for loyal customers and to bring the glamour of effective skincare products within everyone’s reach.

Products range from skincare for men and women, makeup, and insect repellent and are divided into four brand categories –Blaise, Dr.Skin, Nisce, and Niscenssa. The Blaise brand is a unique skincare line specially formulated for men. It has a wide array of products from shaving cream to facial scrub. Dr. Skin product line is formulated for whitening, acne treatment and prevention, and age defying; products under this category range from deodorants to facial creams and lotions. Soap products of Niscenssa Direct are under the Nisce brand, with different types –whitening, exfoliating, and organic soap. Aside from the soap, Nisce also has sunblock lotion with SPF 80. Their makeup products are under Niscenssa; available products under this brand are face powders and foundations. The insect repellent product that provides up to eight hours of protection against mosquitoes is also under this category.

Bring out the glamour in you! Kindly visit the link below for further information. 
Shopping Nisce products has never been easy. Shop, shop, shop on NISCENSSA online store!

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