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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

ACADEMY OF ROCK Where Great Musicians Are Born

As an institution which strongly believes in holistic learning, Academy of Rock (AOR) provides a conducive environment for students to build and develop their character, inspire creativity and forge lasting relationships through the process of learning. 

In the 5 years that it has been in operation in Singapore, AOR’s successes and achievements have exceeded all expectations. In 2011, it was awarded the Promising SME 500 2012 from Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), Singapore. The Academy distinguishes itself from many other music institutions by ensuring that its teachers are internationally certified to conduct music lessons. It is part of AOR’s culture to expose students to a diverse range of musical experiences as such our students are given opportunities to perform at world-class art venues locally as well as abroad. 
El Jorda Events Head, with AOR Directors Jeremy Ward, Charles Lim, Priscilla Teo, Rikka Infantado Dylim PR Head and James Aguilar Spokesperson for AOR Philippines.
Cerah Hernandez
Top Students from AOR Singapore
It also has its very own retail department with the AOR MUSIC STORE which will market its own AOR range of instruments. These range of instruments have been carefully selected to cater to the beginners and their quality in construction and finish will prove to be the instrument of choice for any new music prodigy.

Experience the joy of playing the music of today as well as strumming to the beats of the past, with a structured learning system that is systematic yet tailored to the individual. Be pampered with the choice to pursue your academic aspirations with the leading Rock Music Examination board in the world – Rockschool UK. And get inspired to showcase your talents on the stage or screen.

Yeng Constantino
Yeng Constantino with Sandwich Band
Charles Lim, Priscilla Teo, James Aguilar, Jeremy Ward with Yeng Constantino
This 2012, it has been presented with an opportunity to stretch its arms beyond the shores of Singapore. AOR had the system, the strength and the network of support to share its expertise with the land of musical talents – the Philippines. It is with pride that the latest addition to the AOR family is presented - the Academy Of Rock Phils, Inc. The successful launch last June 22 was capped with a show which featured Yeng Constantino and Sandwich.