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Saturday, July 21, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: Kroketten's Miniballen, my favorite potato snack

 Kroketten Miniballen
Last month, I met with my former officemates in Robinson's Galleria for a catching up session with them. I asked them to wait for me at a potato dutch corner called Kroketten as I'm gonna treat them using my remaining gift certificates with those promising potato snack called kroket.  When I arrived in front of Shakey's where they chose to standby and wait for my arrival, I happily introduced to them these potato balls of different flavors. Good thing that the Kroketten stall is just in front of the pizza parlor. The staff behind the counter asked if we want free taste and we easily said yes in chorus. What we had are assorted flavors of miniballen. My GC was not honored when I present it so I had to let he contact the manager and ask for its clarification. In less than 10 minutes everything was settled, there was just some miscommunication  as to the validity of the gift certificate.

 Kroketten Miniballen
If I recall it properly we had three orders of assorted miniballen with flavors Cheese, Chicken, Beef and Pork Adobo coupled with two kinds of dip which I personally chose - Garlic Dip and Honey Mayo. I only used one (1) GC worth 100pesos to pay for everything plus additional PhP 5. Cool! It was Kath and Mychal's first time and they instantly like it asking me to treat them in the future, adding too that it was worth buying for :)  The only downside I encountered was that there's no Vers En Snel beverages available because as per the staff I  talked with it's not yet approved by the mall on their outlet.  I'm wondering why include it on the menu if they cannot sell it yet? Next time I'll treat my friends at their other branches making sure that it has complete package already :)) Moreover, one cannot easily distinguish one variant of miniballen to another. Perhaps, a dot of color that is food grade at one side of the ball will help. Say for instance a dot of blue for pork flavored miniballen; a dot of green for tuyo and so on and so forth.

Excited to have my another potato snack experience - my newest favorite!

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