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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas. . .With Home-Made Cream Sauce

Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
No! Not my first time in Chuck's Deli particularly at this branch.  December last year I went here with my beau for the simple fact that I need to compensate my absence to the invitation made by OpenRice Philippines because I was in Tagaytay then for a brief staycation. Glad that a friend gave me his Chucks Bucks (a gift certificate worth PhP250) in exchange of two Starbucks stickers  for the holiday planner. He was teasing and made me really envious of their experience, the reason why we had a trade. Nice barter actually.
Last night, I set foot again at this not so ordinary deli because I was invited to an exclusive gathering for the newest offering of Chuck's Deli known as Flatbread Pizzas. So honored to have met one of the owners, Chef Katrina Kuhn Alcantara (wife of Mr. Marco Alcantara , her business partner as well) and Ms. Cyrstal Yaptinchay, the one who is in charge of marketing. The place is known as the "Home of  the Slabwich" which first opened in Serendra Piazza Ground Floor on November 2010 and expanded to Eastwood in May 2011. I promised myself to visit their other branch soon so watch out for my another gastronomic adventure.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
Yup! Chuck's Deli makes their own bread. This man inside the production area is in the early stages of  making a Flatbread Pizza with home-made cream sauce for us. Can't wait for this pizza too cook immediately as I am so famished while taking a snapshot of this ^_^

Chuck's Deli Challenge Slay the Buffy
The dining area filled with red  and white shades is undeniably clean and orderly even if they are a little bit jam-packed that night. Each table has hand sanitizer that impresses me because they aim to let their guests eat with clean hands. A wonderful idea that for sure food and sanitary department of Quezon City could support very strongly.  Chalked on the red wall at the far side of the dining space is the popular CHUCK'S CHALLENGE Slay the Buffy. The objective is to finish off Chuck's Deli's Feisty Buffalo Chicken Slabwich aka The Buffy Slabwich (imagine eating a massive slab-like sandwich with thick filling) and chew it down under five minutes. Well if you are confident enough that you can gobble it up with the given time frame then go go go!!!! So what's the reward? Buffy is definitely for free! Plus a challenge winner T-shirt and your name on wall of fame for bragging rights that you genuinely deserve.
Slay the Buffy Challenge
Look up and you'll meet the Chuck Champs. Wanna be cool and beat them?  Then slay the buffy faster than these name's time :) Good luck! Bear in mind that The Buffy Slabwich is 1-2/2 pounds and 10-inches long. Not for the faint hearted!
Chuck's Deli Eastwood
We were primarily offered with Potato Chips which they call as one of the Side Kicks on the menu along with Onion Rings, Coleslaw, Double French Fries and Chili Fries. Chips were ultra-thin and lightly salted perfect for a classy appetizer. You can create your own dip by concocting one condiment with the other, but I am good with the garlic sauce and spicy garlic sauce dip.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
 Sausage Flatbread Pizza (PhP 265)
Made with English and Italian garlic sausages with onions, Swiss cheese, cream sauce and shredded basil. Not your ordinary tomato sauce and cheese pizza plus sausage meat type. This one is so tasty because of the quality of cream sauce and savory taste of seasoned and cooked sausage that are irregular in shape. Slight hint of mint coming from basil made the entire dish a little more full in taste.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
 Parma Ham Flatbread Pizza (PhP 285)
Made with Parma ham, onions, cream sauce, arugula with lemon oil. I like this pizza so much because of its thinly sliced dry cured ham which known to me as prosciutto. Reminds me well of a certain pasta dish which is a common favorite of me and my best friend. Its fresh and ligthly salty properties build up character to the flat dish. Love the combination of its sweetness and saltiness in one with the cream sauce though lemon oil was a bit untraceable for my palate.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
 Shrimps and Anchovies Flatbread Pizza (PhP 265)
Made with shrimps, anchovies, onions, arugula, cream sauce and garlic oil. I'd expect that anchovies will overpower the taste of shrimp because of its strong flavor and odor but to my delight, it blended well with the other elements topped on the pizza. Flavor not that deep but simply exhilarating.Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
 Mushroom and Swiss Flatbread Pizza (PhP 265)
Made with fresh button mushrooms, Swiss cheese, onions, arugula and cream sauce.Somewhat like a veggie pizza. Arugula is an aromatic green leafy vegetable that blends well with mozarella cheese, but with Chuck's Deli's recipe it is combined with Swiss Cheese which is not that bad.
Chuck's Deli Flatbread Pizzas
 Bacon Flatbread Pizza (PhP 245)
From the name itself, made with my favorite breakfast partner- bacon plus onion and cream sauce with nutmeg. I firmly believe that those black specks you are seeing are not pepper but ground nutmeg or perhaps a combination of such that I can't place. I just learned that this spice is not just limited to be used for desserts as it also adds rich and warm flavor to pizzas too. 

When you hear the word pizza what comes first into your mind? Isn't it a round-shaped freshly-baked bread topped with red sauce and flavorful toppings?  You know what made Chuck's Deli's  flatbread pizzas super special and bursting with so much flavor? Because of its thin rectangular-shaped crust which is mechanically soft to chew coupled with intense flavor of cream sauce that is oh so rich and pleasing to the palate. The white sauce at first sight is comparable to the bechamel sauce we use in carbonara dish, creamy and so interesting . Pizzas were served warm as expected but to tell you frankly even if it cooled down a little, the taste is still intact and the crust not hardened that will make you crave for more. 
Chuck's Deli Eastwood
Hamsome Threesome (PhP 495)
A whole size slabwich with a sumptuous combination of York Ham, mortadella ham and smoked cooked ham with Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Chuck's sauce on a two 10-inch long tablets of homemade, crunchily toasted ciabatta. This is one awesomely hefty kind of a sandwich! Whoa! I surmise 4-6 persons are needed to gobble this up. I instantly knew that the Slay the Buffy challenge is not that easy at all. Whew! I find this massive creation a bit salty and really really meaty that my stomach churn at the sight of it. Half serving will cost you only PhP 255. 
Chuck's Deli Eastwood
 Take a look at this slabwich better. Focus!

Meals won't be complete without something to drink. Thus, we each had our own Chasers & Quenchers.
 Fresh Lemonade (PhP 85)
Who would dare say this is not fresh? See those lemon slices? Something to drink for cleansing one's palate.
Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
Oreo Vanilla Arce Dairy Milkshake (PhP 195)
My order. This is too good to be true as Arce Dairy is my ultimate favorite ice cream brand especially the Pistachio flavor.  Price is slightly high but once you sip and finish this tall glass you'll say that it is not expensive at all. All because of its pleasingly sweet taste and concoction. Something to look forward after a busy day at work. Heaven! Wondering why use the brand for milk shakes? Simply because the owners also manage the Arce Dairy outlets/stalls here in the Philippines.
Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
 Power Shake (PhP 145)
Nice name and extremely powerful looking. Guess what's this tall glass made of? Okay I'm spilling it of course. This shake is made of blended lettuce, apple and orange. Tasted this before so I did not order for this again not because I did not like it but to explore other option. Some find if off in taste but to me it just lack the taste of sugary drinks and humbly done without any artificial sweeteners. Just as is. Like it or hate it. Pretty presentation I must tell.

Hey, I wasn't expecting that our group will be allowed to taste Chuck's Sweet Fixes :) I'm all smiles when I heard the announcement.

Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
 Mamou's Key Lime Pie (PhP 145)
Far more different from the key lime pie that I've tasted before. This one may not be perfect but a little overwhelming. I like its texture yet too sweet for me.
Chuck's Deli Eastwood Libis
I forgot what its called but obviously it is a dessert made with three different flavors of Arce Dairy ice cream - chocolate, cheese and strawberry with banana slices on a waffle bowl. Screaming with so much flavor that is affectionately sweet. I can't get enough of this.

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