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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

PASTO Italian Cafe and Resto Bar

Whenever I am here at PASTO I always remember my friend Chris who influenced me to try their offerings some three years ago. Last night I was again at his favorite Italian restaurant in Ortigas to attend and learn some thoughts about a business solution for success. It was my first time at this branch so I was kinda excited to blog about this. As you enter the place, cold air and friendly staffs will greet you. The place is a cozy casual dining and such a perfect venue for some night out with close friends.

At the facade of the restaurant is this extensive menu filled with Italian staples and favorites- from Insalate, Zuppe, Antipasti, Pasta, Pizza and Panini to Caffe and Bevandi. Every food category is according to an italian terminology. Maybe time to practice more of your skills in speaking Italian language. It was also noticeable  in one corner PASTO's Buy One Take One Cocktail drinks for only PhP165. Would love to try it this month!

This kind of light sets the feel-good mood

Interior is warm and very contemporary, filled with abstract pieces in every corner. I love how the restaurant maintain to have a very suitable setting that will have diners get invited to the  feel of both Italian pizzeria and modern restaurant too.  PASTO is known for their pizza, pasta and panini as the big bold letters combine with the name of the resto which I am sure you noticed as well. Those three must be their house specialty or core products. Pasto for all you know is an italian term for "meal". So should I say here's my pasto that evening. . .

                      Arrabiata Pasta with Chicken Fingers and Margherita and Formaggi Pizzas
My plate was composed with these Italian favorites- pasta and pizza slices plus chicken tenders. The Arrabiata is made of penne pasta with smoked bacon and mildly spiced tomato sauce that very well matched the two thin crust pizzas on the side. I liked the Margherita pizza with the classic Italian combination of fresh tomato slices, awesomely melted mozzarella cheese and basil. Though everything served warm, the Quattro Formaggi pizza is not my type because I appreciate pizza more than its melted cheese ingredients.

House Blend Iced Tea
Yes it was refreshing but too sweet that there's a need for me to dilute it from time to time. With that, a tall glass could actually be good for sharing with proper water dilution so as not to affect the overall taste. Perhaps, PASTO needs to improve on their iced tea mix or it is just their standard.

Ice cold water 

More outside seating for you and your drinking buddy.

For a taste of Italy, visit this place. Can't wait for another meal here at PASTO :)

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