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Friday, July 20, 2012



Indeed just like it’s father, the Baconator, the son of Baconator is made to it’s image and likeness. The Son of Baconator—the youngest among Wendy's mouthwatering hamburger line—is fast becoming the "it" burger in town today.

And why not? It lives up to it's father's legacy of "a filling and satisfying taste for an empty tummy."
A certified new kid on the block yet as popular as its senior, Wendy’s Son of Baconator is the newest "hamburger-wonder" of the fast-food industry known for its generous portions and oozing flavor.

A mini me, the Son of Baconator, boasts of two 45-gram pure beef patties grilled to perfection with with two slices of luxurious American cheese and topped with crispy four strips of honey cured bacon goodness—all on a toasted Kaiser buns. While it's truly meant as a comfort food, the Son of Baconator is more than just satisfying. It is truly a mouthful. No wonder, the Son of Baconator is a surefire hit for the foodies.

The Son of Baconator is available in all Wendy's restaurants. Wendy's is the most preferred hamburger restaurant Filipinos would rather go to for great hamburgers; fast, friendly service; and an overall excellent dining experience. This quick service restaurant guarantees total customer satisfaction by selling the highest quality, freshly prepared made-to-order products and served by the friendliest people in the cleanest restaurants.

So if you need your hamburger fixed but isn't famished, the Son of Baconator is another good choice of yours to satisfy your Baconator craving. Visit any Wendy's outlets near you and have a bite of the Son of Baconator. The Son of Baconator… indeed his father's son!