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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New All-Day Breakfast Samplers by Figaro

Figaro UP Ayala Technohub
It was a rainy Friday morning when my food blogger friends and I reached this branch of Figaro in UP Ayala Technohub for a brunch visit. We were there 11AM on the dot and introduced ourselves to one of their staffs on duty making sure that we also meet the manager of floor named  Mr. Joel Manawis. As expected he was there and hospitably welcomed us but obviously  was quite surprised of our arrival. I'm sure he's fully aware that we are coming over and sample Figaro Coffee Company's newly launched breakfast item for morning crowd. Anyhow, he ushered us to a small function room where food tasting was held. Yes he was courteous and polite but I was really expecting him to be more focused with the guests and knowledgeable enough of the current breakfast items which unfortunately did not meet my expectation and I'm pretty sure with my companions as well. I never forget to ask for the a flyer or menu or any merchandising materials that states the New All-Day Breakfast Sampler so that I could easily compare those on the photo and its actual serving portion but he said that it is not available yet which piqued my interest to ask while waiting for the breakfast plates to arrive. I found out that it a stand up menu of what I was asking for is propped up at one corner and above the cake display chiller. Sorry to say but I was dismayed. Since Figaro breakfast samplers should be served with the beverage of our choice (8oz brewed coffee, 8 oz herbal tea or 12 oz lemonade), he then asked for our preferred drink. Hence the following: 

Figaro Lemonade
12 oz Lemonade
Figaro Brewed coffee
8oz Brewed coffee
I opted for a glass of lemon juice as my morning thirst quencher while others preferred a hot coffee drink that suits the weather. I've drank Figaro coffee many times so it is about time to taste their lemonade. Instantaneously, when it landed our table I noticed that it is no lemonade at all because of the absence of lemon slice alone. We politely asked the server if that is how they serve it and then he  recovered the two plastic glasses and in no time it arrived just exactly the way it should be presented :) That was fast. Taste was more of like a lemon water for me which is usually partnered with brewed coffee. Slightly sour and not too sweet. I think of it being heavily diluted with water.

After an hour of waiting which and feels like ages and our drinks fully-consumed already, the much-awaited breakfast samplers arrived. That was past 12 noon already. Not a brunch anymore but still fine with me. Here I go again expecting the manager on floor to talk with his guests and talk about the newest offering that Figaro should be proud of, but then he does not present himself. Not having a bird's eye view of the items before us we then proceeded to our normal way of food tasting. 
Figaro Filipino Breakfast Sampler
Filipino Breakfast Sampler (PhP 175)
This is a representative collection of what Pinoy breakfast is usually comprised of - bangus belly, tapa, skinless longanisa, diced tomato and itlog na maalat or salted egg. To me this plate is quite underportioned perhaps due to the size of the plate which I believe I cannot do something about because that is their standard plate since time immemorial. First thing I noticed was the absence of garlic bits on top of the plain rice. We were not asked if we want the rice plain or preferred the Pinoy way, sinangag na kanin which is also known as "garlic rice"
Figaro Country Breakfast
Country Breakfast (Php 175)
When this landed before me I gape at it literally. Pancakes with bacon and ham and scrambled egg is surely a killer. Take note this plate is sided with mango slices. Portioning was alright to hefty. Presentation was nice and really filling . One hell of a breakfast that I highly suggest you try.
Figaro Arroz Ala Cubana
Arroz Ala Cubana (PhP 165)
This one is really flavorful that I could taste the right Arroz ala Cubana recipe and not just a second rate and trying hard copy cat recipe. Another good option for a breakfast plate except that the banana fritters on the side seemed unappealing and inappropriate because of its size and presentation. a little makeover is needed to the banana slices compatible with the entire element on the plate.
Figaro French Toast Combo
French Toast Combo (PhP 175)
Still another satisfying meal for breakfast that you cannot miss. Slightly salty yet complemented the bland taste of french toasts. I find the toasts a bit soggy and saturated with egg and milk mixture. Remember this is a good try.

Our supposedly breakfast session finished at about 1:30 PM. Fully satisfied with the food as each plate is promising. Service must be well executed and there's an absolute need to correct some flaws. Training and knowledge check must be exercised regularly. Figaro is actually one of my favorite local coffee company that's why dining here must be always a pleasure. Breakfast should be taken daily and considered as the essential part of your diet, why not give Figaro a try and see for yourselves :)