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Friday, March 30, 2012

Gary V: On Higher Ground at Music Museum

GARY V opens the summer season with a series of 8 concerts at the Music Museum, marking his 29th anniversary in the industry and the 25th year of his company Manila Genesis Entertainment & Management, Inc. Stricken by Type 1 juvenile diabetes for 30 years now, this unmatched performer has been a shining beacon of inspiration in the country and he remains complication-free and still, on top of his game. Gary has consistently inspired his millions of fans through his craft as a singer, musician, songwriter, video producer, dancer, actor, musical arranger and a multi-awarded television host/performer for 9 years on the undisputed top-rating musical variety show, “ASAP.” 

After visiting typhoon victims in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan for UNICEF, Gary V jumpstarted the year with a new segment on “ASAP 2012” entitled “With Love: Gary V” – a spin-off of his platinum CD under Star Records and his much-talked about television special which aired seven times on ABS-CBN and MYX in 2011 and twice on The Filipino Channel. The segment features Gary as he showcases stories of love, forgiveness, redemption, and faith while he sings songs that celebrate the beauty and goodness of humanity. “With Love Gary Valenciano,” the CD compiles the soap opera and movie theme songs which he performed and recorded for ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. Just this March, Gary, together with the ASAP team, flew to Cagayan De Oro to shoot a video with a courageous flood victim for his segment. All these efforts let led to “On Higher Ground,” a fundraiser for UNICEF and the Shining Light Foundation, two faithful partners dear to Gary V, who has been National Ambassador for UNICEF for 14 years now.

The Old Spaghetti House EXPRESS!

I was too excited to use one of the two vouchers I purchased online to experience for the first time The Old Spaghetti House Express! which happened  during the second semester of last year. Curiosity kills the cat! No not that much...just hear me out. 

Since 'menu' is said to be the heart of the food business it must deliver in order to meet the diner's expectation. Judging the menu of TOSH it looks awesome along with its interior even if it was situated at the food court level of Landmark in Trinoma. The place is a self-service kind of restaurant therefore one must get his/her own tray and fall in line patiently.
The moment we talked with the supervisor on duty who happily assist us regarding our voucher, we have already selected what we liked out of their drool-forming menu list. Everything we ordered for the very first time was either not available or they were just simply out of stock of some ingredients. We then choose and choose until we hit what they can finally offer. Whew!

Shepherd's Pie with Rice
The plating doesn't look good but I was hoping that the food would be something exceptionally tasting, but I was so wrong. It tasted just enough to make you at least full. It was comparable to eating mashed potato with some kind of  gravy on it dashed with specks of parsley.

Is T.O.S.H! posh?

This small space attracted me most. I like the colorful mural as my backdrop :)

It was a dinner date with my mother when we hastily went here at the TOSH! Express aka The Old Spaghetti House Express  in Pearl Drive Ortigas branch. My second time using a voucher I bought online. It was Saturday night when I reserved seats for my mother and I. We hit the said place at 7pm and mind you they will close in an hour time so sort of  need to hurry or else my paid vouchers will never be put to good use. There were no guests until they closed at exactly 8pm or just after we leave so that means Mama and I were all alone at their cute dining space. The voucher I got has indeed a great deal but I was so hopeful that this time around it will be a delightful experience far from my previous one, which I will be sharing with you on a separate post. I do not expect something grand but shall I say something way better than my first experience at TOSH Landmark branch. 

To give you the overview of TOSH's dainty place I've got some pics to share with you . . .

Small counter area. TOSH Express is a self- service type of diner so you better have to fall in line to be catered by the cashier. On the left side is where the production area is.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: Goldilocks Merienda Specials

This cheap eat yet precious moment is still very much alive in  my memory. Less than a year ago I was with three of my newly-acquainted workmates who joined together in a quick snack at Goldilocks.
The branch that we have chosen that time is newly-renovated which gave us more excitement in eating. Very long lines at the counter station never deterred us from tasting the best pinoy merienda we could afford to have at Goldilocks. We picked our seats first and rest for a while and when the line subsided we fall in line and placed our orders.  Here's what we got:

Busog sa saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Even without giving you the names of our simple plated snacks, I know for a fact that you can easily identify it. Correct me if I am wrong okay..But for the sake of transparency I am still giving you their names:

Baked Macaroni (P 75)
Bopis with steamed rice   (P 75) 
 (P 75) 
Chicken Tender Barbecue with Java Rice (
P 45). 

The last one which happens to be my personal choice ia what most of us have seen in the commercial of Dingdong Dantes. Can you still recall it? With these your hard-earned money cannot be put into waste given their all-time Filipino favorites at a very affordable price. I suggest though that as part of their promotion since they have been in the business for 45 years already, why not make the merienda specials in a form of  value meal. Something that comes with a drink (or maybe with a simple dessert too) to complete the package. I'm sure everyone will chase after this deal. 

SMACKED SNACK is yaniconquistadora's compilation of cheap eats or great snacker's find in and out of the metro and of course from the confines of her own home.  Basically this is composed of her brief reviews on anything that is considered to be a light quick meal at any given hour of the day. Any food consumed  out of elation, cravings or just any type of mood that could possibly be associated with food. Are you now ready to smack all the snacks or allow it to kiss you goodbye? Join me and lets smack 'em down!


I was having this fetish over moon lately. I dunno how it started. All I know is that my name was kinda associated to being a goddess of the moon. Perhaps that could be the reason why I am always amazed of its beauty and I untiringly look up at the night sky and judge its desirable form every possible time. Last month which I cannot recall the exact date (but I'm sure I have included it in the journal but I can't place..sorry about that) but it was past midnight while I was walking all alone from work going straight to my home's confinement. I noticed a significant difference of the moon. It was so glowing and sort of gleaming on me.  What I did was that when I reached home I instantly grabbed my Fujifilm bridge camera from my cabinet to be able to capture one fine moment with the earth's natural satellite. I felt the moon is just so near yet so far :( My mother felt awkward as to what I was doing in our backyard then. Here are the consecutive and unedited shots which I took that silent midnight...
Some failed and some successful shots too! Just don't get tired of studying it okay as it is quite lengthy? Tell me how you guys find it too. Have a great day! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tapa King: Your 24/7 Diner

This is how the diner looked like one wee hour of September. It was 3AM. 

One early morning of September I went from a friend's crib to celebrate a Midnight Pizza Party because it was my girl friend's post birthday celebration treat to us at the confines and comforts of her lovely home.
After celebrating with my gal pals, 3AM strike and we need to be getting home already. My gastronomic buddy fetched me from somewhere in Mandaluyong and invited me to have a quick breakfast at one of the restaurants in Edsa Central. It was his treat. A very demanding but hearty invitation cannot just be blatantly busted by me so I went to his  invitation and gladly took our breakfast as early as three in the morning. We basically stayed there for an hour talking about what transpired on our lives for that day. 

It was my very first time at this branch but eating here was like usual for me as we have the same branch outside my college university somewhere in Dapitan Street This is one of the places we usually get into when my college friends and classmates are looking for an all-time Filipino eatery. I still believe TAPA KING will always be there at one corner of that street.

When we reached the place we thought that it was not open because from afar we see that no other guests were there but only two staffs. But then we noticed a sign stating that it is a 24-hour store, my buddy hastily went inside and we are gladly met and greeted by a lady. Meaning, this place is really open round the clock . The ambiance is cool to the eyes, well-ventilated and lit is such a way that resembles a casual dining restaurant. Atmosphere in here is homey. I took a sweep panorama of the dining area (as shown above) so that if you happen to plan on eating here you will certainly know what to expect. Hope this will be of big help. 

It can cater a good number of guests anytime of the day. Most seats are couch-like so there's plenty of area that will be most occupied by couch-loving peeps out there including me. It was a nice place with clean tables and floors. I know this place isn't new but it still looks fresh at least from my judgement.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know this post is so timely as summer has just arrived even if for the past few days we experienced isolated rain showers all over Metro Manila. If I am not mistaken, last year was the last time I had a scoopful serving of ice cream along with my friends and office mates from this food kiosk called Scoopery. Since the bill will still be footed by our company based on our superior, we had an aftermeal delight at one of the popular ice cream shop inside the mall. It was actually my idea to go there instead of somewhere else for we may be running out of time to to go back to business or at work if we get too choosy for a quick dessert. Yes we need to enjoy but we still have more to accomplish as we go back to our office and get the business running excellently. We consider the treat more of a side trip which greatly compensated all our efforts for somehow achieving the set goals.

We earnestly ordered for our ice creams on cone that afternoon. The child in us apparently came into being. It was an automatic stimulus from each and everyone of us. Ice cream made us child-like all over again. 

This is the one-stop ice cream shop situated at the center part of the mall entrance beside the escalator. You can instantly see this when you use the mall's main entrance. I bet everyone knew about this shop because it is everywhere. In here you can find ice cream on cones which are not only affordable but satisfying as well. I regularly have one of this delighting ice cream as it is a year-round fare and the flavors do not change that much compared to fruits which has to be in season before you can actually buy one for cravings.

This stall may be cute in size but big in flavors. For every stall of Scoopery there is one chest freezer available to showcase the available flavors.  Here are the flavors available the time we purchased for our contentment: Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, Mango, Ube and Cheese. Scoopery Ice Creams are categorized as follows: Classic and Supreme. We can easily distinguish one from the other based on the concoction and how flavorful one compared the other. Still both are equal when it comes to satisfying one's craving, right? 

Monday, March 26, 2012


Back again at a very familiar place called Shakey's where they serve more than just GREAT Pizza.   It is known to us as a family place or a family restaurant and it was also the very same place where we usually if not regularly take our meals after our team meeting. It was one lunch time of August where we dined together after discussing our work-related targets, goals and mission to improve our sales and profit. 
With our company which  provided us the budget so we may  hit this place again, thank you so much! We were so privileged :)

The facade
Menu folders that cluttered our table. We each have one menu to keep us abreast of their offerings.

multum in parvo

Happy Monday! Meet our family's one and only PUG. My brother brought him to our home two years ago and this puppy was such a cutie! We can't help but to be nice with him and love him tenderly. Meet PUGi as I named him when we first met, while my brother call him Roger. Whichever pleases you, you may call him in either of the two names but most preferred to call him PUGi as he seems to have a handsome look. lol! 

Sharing you here are some of the snapshots I took over a year ago  while my brother together with an aunt, my father and a female cousin went to see our grandfather's grave one afternoon of  All Saint's Day. 

 Sorry sweetie you have to be enclosed in your portable kennel for less than an hour as we travel going to Marikina Loyola Park that day. Peace! I loved to cradle you in my arms but they won't allow me as you are so clumsy. But you cheered us up big time! Really.
 How you loved to be so free. So carefree that day as if life to you is all beers and skittles. You drank lots of water that afternoon after exhausting yourself with non-stop running and walking ^_^

Sunday, March 25, 2012

CDR King Mouse and Protector

It was Saturday of last week when I thought of buying some essentials for my two and a half year old MSI netbook. I badly needed a  brand new optical mouse and a keyboard protector already. I am used to like the idea of using the laptop touch pad but I felt the need to use a USB mouse as I gauged it is faster than my fingers would normally do. Moreover, my keyboard are kinda overused too and I do not want its keys to be looking lousy by the time I bequeath it to someone. Those two issues prompted me to buy at the nearest one stop shop media provider. No one else but CDR KING. There was one recently opened branch near where I live. Finally!  

Every budget-conscious individual like me would really consider this shop because it is as if everything is being sold here. I was a bit surprised when I saw that this shop is also into selling tablets, binoculars and cell phones already. And mind you even home appliances too! Shocks!  I dunno if I will be horrified of that reality but it seems too fast for them to break in with those kind of supplies as I personally thought of it as the place for computer and media related things alone.  This business is emerging so fast and always loved by the crowd. I just hope that the quality won't be overpowered by the quantity,.

By the way here's what I purchase from them lately. . .

My very first time to use the keyboard protector. It is an essential or a tool which is placed on top of your computer keyboard to prevent it from harboring dust and other foreign materials thus, it eliminates the need for cleaning the keyboard. It will make my soon-to-be-dilapidated keys  tidier. This protector is made of plastic or silicone which makes it elastic, stretchable and washable as well. How I wished that the package I bought before includes this stuff. Now I am learning to get along with this plastic sheet on top of my keys as it somehow affects my keystrokes ..making my stroke slower than before. I will certainly get used to it. 


I was craving for a milk tea while doing some routine at work tonight when out of the blue I asked my friends to join me for a cupful of Nai Cha from Chowking. In a month I gobbled up about 10 or more Nai Cha from the very same branch..that's how addict I am and that is certainly how addicting this milk tea is. Actually I got my dose yesterday lunch time when a good friend treated me while having our break at the nearest CK branch from work. This is not the Nai Cha I've known before as this is the NEW and IMPROVED version. I am a fan of their Nai Cha way before and still the same fan who loves CK products along with their noodles, dimsums, halo-halo and black gulaman. 

Have you met CK Nai Cha lately?  

I was kinda shocked by the dress up of this vogue milk tea as it was just last week when I got one for take home transaction. It  looked totally different from last time! That was fast speaking of fashionable and flashy logo. I  LOVE  the purple color of the removable cup sleeve. Attractive! But reminds me of another tea shop.  ^_^ I bet you don't need a clue, right? I noticed that the middle cup has a different kind of lid compared with the other two which has flat lid I surmise the store has shortage of flat lids and used dome lid instead. No problem with me as long as I have the quality of a milk tea :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Plus Card


This year Jollibee Foods Corporation released a magical card that can do so much convenience for its customers. And that certainly includes me and you! Have you purchased one for yourself already? I did. Actually  it is JFC's customer loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they eat in Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon establishments in Metro Manila.  January of this year, after about couple of weeks since it was initially launched in Metro Manila's Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon branches, I finally purchased one for myself. It was more than a treat. It was actually a reward.!  I learned from a friend that a giant competitor from United States has something that resembles this. I just forgot how they call it. 

Sharing you here is the actual look of the membership kit which will surely be the next big thing in quick service restaurants. Later you will find out why it was aptly called "cashless payment with rewards".

Happy Plus Card
P100 is the selling price. Not yet pre-loaded. Thus, you have to load it with a
minimum of P100 and a maximum of P10,000.
For every P 50 = 1 happyplus point.
Happy Plus Card
You need to register. I accomplished this card registration form a month
ago and just this wee hour I registered my card too online to make
sure that I do qualify for the monthly raffle! :) Who knows I might win!
Happy Plus Card

Happy Plus Card
DISCOUNT COUPONS. Who does not like these stuff? I am sure no one!
Having these was like bouncing back your P100. Cool! Must be used within
a month otherwise these will be forfeited :(

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Are you an online shopper or maybe a coupon or voucher addict? I for one is a certified voucher or coupon addict. I started spending thru online shopping because of these sites since 2010 and I find it really addicting. Matter-of-factly, it was Buyanihan that I first knew from my best friend.  For over a year it has been part of my regular routine to check what are the best deals in town
Based on the free encyclopedia online known as Wikipedia...
 " Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. Origins of group buying can be traced to China where tuángòu or team buying was executed to get discount prices from retailer when a large group of people were willing to buy the same item. In recent time, group buying websites have emerged as a major player in online shopping business. Typically, these websites feature a "deal of the day", with the deal kicking in once a set number of people agree to buy the product or service. Buyers then print off a voucher to claim their discount at the retailer. Many of the group-buying sites work by negotiating deals with local merchants and promising to deliver crowds in exchange for discounts. "
Although I know for a fact that most of us encountered these so-called GROUP BUYING SITES here in the Philippines,  I enjoyably collated and  provided single-handedly this post wherein you can see the alphabetically-arranged list of GBS with their known logos so that it is much easier and neat to navigate from one site to another, searching deals which best suit each one of us. Feel free to hop from one link to another but never forget to update me if in one way or another I missed one or if ever there will be soon to be launched GBS. Bookmark this link if you want to :) 

Discounts always work for us, right? So why not spend wisely and live well!  Enjoy online shopping!!!! 
Check out the current deals in town  or join their mailing list too.


LE COEUR DE FRANCE Endless Afternoon Treats

Photo couretsy

Promo is valid from 2pm to 5 pm at selected branches and specific days. 

When I first saw this I told myself that I'm going to include this as my blog post for tonight. I love pastries and anything that is sweet most especially if these were  made with love. Just like Le Coeur de France's offerings!

Now is the time to Indulge in unlimited coffee, tea and selected breads and pastries. It is indeed an ENDLESS AFTERNOON TREATS!

Mark your calendar or journal ...Here's the  promo schedule per outlet:
Weekdays - Alphaland
Monday to Thursday - Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, Shangri-la Plaza, Sta. Lucia Mall
Friday to Sunday - Festival Mall, Virra Mall Greenhills, Walter Makati 

Will definitely visit the one nearest me which could either be at Robinsons Galleria, Shangri-la plaza, Virra Mall Greenhills or SM Megamall before it ends on April 30, 2012 :) Can't wait! Bon apetit!

BFF aka Best Food Forward

Photo courtesy
Got my FREE Entrance tickets for me and my bff to the BEST FOOD FORWARD FESTIVAL. I waited for this because the last time it was introduced I was not able to join the happy crowd. But this weekend count me and my gastronomic buddy in as I've learned that it will be even more exciting with more participants. Whoa!  Thanks to my best friend who called me up regarding Deal Dozen's promo. Click here to get your free tickets too! It is anticipated so better check out this event happening only  on March 24-25, 2012 at 10am-8pm in NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. Better mark your calendar as soon as you learn this food fair. By the way this food fair is back with a travel flair! Check this out for more info. See you there! 

Best Food Forward! (BFF) is a benefit food and drink fair showcasing an array of the best in the food and drink industry. 

Its mission is to celebrate food during one of the most awaited seasons of the year, to encourage family togetherness, promote entrepreneurship, and establish the event as a cheerful epicurean adventure to look forward to - where one will discover great taste, culinary genius and an ideal place to establish a name in the food and drink industry. 

Now I can say that this event will bring a lot of learnings and discoveries for we will get to know the best and the newbies in the food industry. The conquistadora in me is so alive again! Gotta discover new dishes this weekend. Yipee!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 What brought me here again at my ultimate favorite pizza restaurant? 
Now I am talking again of my past experience about Pizza Hut! And I'm gonna tell you that little by little. I cannot gauge yet how many post do I have to make out of this all-time favorite dining spot ^_^ I just feel the need to share so bear with me please. 

Zumba day with Harry Potter 3D experience. That was the day and the date was July 14, 2011. How could I forget this? This was the very day 2 days after my natal day. And I was with one of my eldest yet closest choirmate friend Ate Rhea. I was so gratefully to be  treated by her to a 3D movie at Robinson's Galleria which she bought early in the morning just to make sure our seats are being reserved. The movie was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In return, right after our enrolled Zumba class at Gold's Gym I shouldered the treat to one of the fancy restaurants I've known eversince. You know what it is by now I guess. It was like my way of returning back the favor ^_^

I witnessed the transformation of this Pizza Hut restaurant branch all because of its close proximity to home. Me and my gastronomic partner have been an avid fan of their ala carte dishes especially the Super Panalo Meals which we gladly experience from time to time at the very same branch. I can say that we are regulars in here already.  There is something so alluring about this place that I cannot exactly place. Perhaps some magnetic force that magnetize me whenever I am looking for some budget friendly dinner date meals :)


Who else is not aware of this promo? I surmise it has been a year-long promo of The Coffee Beanery. Wow!

The Coffee Beanery was situated inside this hotel named The Orange Place Hotel. You can find Lomabardi Restaurant inside this small hotel too which seems to be a perfect dining hub near my place. It is a dainty place where you can check in for an overnight escapade.The place is very accessible from my work and from my  home as well. As months pass by I realized one incredible thing about my city. . It is more FUN here in SAN JUAN City! Watchatink? 

My good friend from work and I just came from a New Product Training. It was an exhausting day for the two of us. In order to compensate all our efforts for the rigid process of product roll out and training I incidentally remember that I recently encountered a website wherein all types of current promo in the Philippines can be found. One of those advertised promo was the TCB's UNLIMITED COFFEE AND CAKE PROMO. Yes you read it right! The Coffee Beanery had just that kind of promo at a very affordable price of Php150. 

Lucky me that I live in San Juan. Therefore, it is too accessible on my end to drop by The Orange Place Hotel in Jose Abad Santos St. anytime. I knew this place even before as I usually passed by this small chic hotel whenever I commute going to and from Ortigas area

Sunday, March 18, 2012

CBTL's Open House

Photo courtesy 

OMG!!!! Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will have another OPEN HOUSE today. It has always been their practice to hold this kind of event everytime they are launching new products be it coffee based or not. Actually I have seen this breaking news a few days ago since I am a fan of their page in Facebook. I have not yet attended any of their promotional activity yet but have always been supportive as I never forget to respond to every single invitation since 2011, granting that it cannot be easily turned down most especially that it always fall on a Sunday. Hopefully later I will be able to attend the said sweet invitation even if it means breaking out from work for an hour. 

Summer's here!! So why not join for an exclusive first taste of CBTL's new summer beverages! Enjoy a 12oz. Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended or a 12oz. Fru-tea Ice Blended drink on the house when you come and visit us on today, March 18, 2012, from 10:00AM to 11:30AM. You just have to RSVP on the Events Page and be sure to invite all your friends and family! I might see you there! I will either be having one of their newly-released drink in San Juan or Cubao branch. 

Take note that it will be available at  all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Manila, Batangas, Cebu & Davao except DLSU Cybernook, One Archer's Place and Ayala Ave. Convergys. 

Click here and take part :) Have a blessed Sunday to all!

Card Billfold Of All Sorts

Billfold  most commonly known as wallet is every girl or boy must-have. It is not merely used as paper bill storage or receipt and paper card inserts. According to answers.com, a wallet  is a flat pocket-sized folding case, usually made of leather, for holding paper money, cards, or photographs. I think it is more of a girl thing as I for one is fond of collecting membership cards and calling cards as well as some pocket-sized pictures of my dear friends (especially in college) mostly from those whom I've come in contact with for the very first time. I make it a point that I'll include it in my numerous pieces of cards organized neatly in my assorted type of  card holder wallet. I actually got myself four kinds already, usually differing in color, style and and thickness. These I earned through the years along with the cards I collected and I am glad that I have organized them in a simply cool fashion. All of them I either bought from a bazaar or sidewalk vendors. The reason why is that because it is a lot cheaper when you purchase it from them than those displayed at the department store. Maybe because it has something to do with the packaging, the type of material used and style.

Something red for a fierce and stylish look :)
Plain and striped versions :) The left one I recently bought for my guy friend to impart him the idea of the word

All of these card holders are made with either leather or synthetic materials and clear plastic covers. Price ranges from P50-120. That is what I call fashion for less! Mall merchandise of the same kind will cost you P200 and above. I bet it all depends on the user and how he/she appreciates the idea of having one everytime he/she leaves home. I am sure you also own one. The big question is how many do you have as of the moment? 

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Eat 'N Run

YUMMY! isn't it?

How did you react when you first saw this food pic? Does this burger had you at hello? Seriously? Tell me how did you find it . . .
How about when someone asks you to have a Pizza, Burger and Pasta with him/her? How do you visualize the setting in which you're about to indulge those favorite snack of yours? Isn't it you were expecting to have those items in a cozy fine dining restaurant or maybe in a quick service diner? What if I tell you that I recently had that sized up burger posted above in just one of the outskirts of San Juan City. Will you buy that idea? I am not kidding! Actually I was invited at this humble little shop called EAT 'N RUN by two of my new found girlfriends. We were hosted by their guy friend who happens to be the sole owner of this store. Get to know this place better and its simple snack offerings by first, learning it thru my snapshots and second by doing yourself some favor in including this place in your bucketlist of next cheap-eating destination. 

Here's the actual photo of the place from quite afar. It was midday and people are starting to visit the small store selling pizza, burger and of course pasta!
ENR is beside a salon and is situated in a residential area crowded also with nearby schools and offices.  Buying crowd  are predominantly students from Xavier school, residents of Little Baguio and some office workers coming from nearby buildings. Store opens around 9 AM up to 7PM daily. The owner is in the process of considering to have it on until wee hours of the morning. The store is still infant as it was just recently opened about a couple of months ago as another food business venture. There were about 5  high chairs without backrest available and a long slim table like the ones we saw in convenience store, only that at  EAT 'N RUN is elevated to cater those who is cool with eating quick snacks while standing :) Therefore, it is more of a take out counter than a sit-down eatery.

Here's the menu of the stand alone mini store composed basically of the first three adorable fast food items plus hotdogs, add-ons and beverages. Are those items pricey in your own point of view? Well, judge it in the following shots :) Will you? But  before that allow me to tell you who prepares the food and how it is being prepared. The owner of this place has only 1-2 people to man the store on an entire day. Someone he shares confidence in running the business, someone who is loyal enough to take care of it with or without him on sight. His staff/s are trained and knows exactly what they are doing. Grooming is okay.

 All items on the menu are prepared on a cook-to-order basis in order to protect the quality of the food. Something which we regularly see in our favorite burger stalls, right?

Patties are made basically of beef and are purely home-made. Done by the owner himself. He shared me that he prepared a batch of patty daily which is just good enough for the day's average daily quantity sold. So it is guaranteed fresh and free from any other form of adulteration and more so contamination. By the way he studied culinary arts so he exactly knows what is best when it comes to food handling, storage and preparation. However, same goes true with the sauces used for pastas.

Are you ready with my EAT 'N RUN experience? . . .Aww I missed this big time. My stomach's gurgling as I am writing this blog. How embarrassing!

Beef Italian Pasta (P50) and Creamy White Sauce Pasta (P60)

The Beef Italian Pasta is not your average pasta that one usually buys in kanto or karinderia and to me that fact feels kinda weird. It was beefy as expected with a tinge of herb flavor when sauce blended really well with the well done pasta. Cheese was a bit overportioned so I asked Mr. Morgan of the portioning tool used; and he gladly remarked that they are using 1 tablespoon for the cheesefood (or maybe a quickmelt cheese)
On the other hand, same holds true with its White Sauce counterpart, still not your average pasta. It was totally creamy and bacon-y with a peppery note. For the allotted price for each of the pasta dish I do consider it worth it. Price is comparable with those of fast food restaurants but this one is better compared to them all. Really! No sugar-coating involved here :))

I am not yet finished yet in feeding myself with the styro-packed pasta goodness when he arrives with another delish snack. . .Meet Mr. Morgan Cueson, the person behind this newly-opened humble eating place in Little Baguio San Juan City.  Visit him and his eating hub and experience how to run after his offerings.
Does he look familiar to you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Without beating around
the bush, he co-owns a boulangerie and patisserie located in Wilson Street in
San Juan named AZUCAR.
So what is he holding and his brimming smile about? Oh I remember! It is because of this. . .

 Cheeseburger (2 patties) (P90)

I know this plate formed a lot question in your mind that needs answers in an instant. Yes the two-tier beef patty burger comes with a regular size fries with catsup and mayonnaise. Drink not included. They do no use plate when serving unless you request for it. Burgers were cooked without the need for oil as it was cooked in its own fat in a corrugated griddle, hence its corrugated cooked and slightly burnt appearance. Veggies such as cucumber and tomato were fresh. As you can see in the photo there was only one sliced cheese sandwiched between patties. I am a chees-y person. Therefore I would love to have another slice maybe at the topmost part after assembling the vegetable slices. Fries were sourced outside and the brand speaks of  high-quality shoestring. There was little to no salt in taste which is likely my preference to skip hypertension in the future. Fries strips were cooked just right in an oil which is clean and definitely free from acrolein, a substance in used oil which causes cancer. 

Downside:   The space. It is small but yet crowded. Expected it to be a bit more expansive.
                     Staff. Might experience under manning or lack of manpower when peak hour sets in. 
                     Menu. I was expecting there's one or more value meal for a more maka-masa appeal :)

Upside:       Superior taste especially in pastas. Great offerings trapped in a an inept location.
                    Cool logo. Catchy name for a snack hub.
                    Just right location with mid to heavy foot traffic.

You might notice I missed one of the hub's core product.Yup I  have not tasted any of their pizza variant but will definitely try it soon! :)) I can now judge it is tasty. 

Burp! Now I am lost for words to say for literally I eat and run. Lol!  Thanks Chef!

614 Gen. S. De Jesus St.
Little Baguio, San Juan City

Metro Manila