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Monday, March 05, 2012


I was craving for a good noodle soup that afternoon when my gastronomic partner and I were window shopping in Greenhills. It was raining gently that afternoon and such a great time to have a hot noodle dish to satisfy my starvation and to ward off coldness.
Instantaneously, I called up a friend from a choir on where exacly Le Ching is as I am quite disoriented that moment. He gave me a swift direction only to find out that we were just in front of the said tea house, just that we were outside the Shopesville building. 

I heard that this Chinese restaurant had just finished its renovation. This will be the second time I'll be eating here. The very first one a few years back with my mother.

The dining area seems small today compared before. I was glad that the management decided to renovate the place because the last time I was here it looked shabby already
The place doesn't look like a high-class restaurant like the ones we see in most of the high foot traffic malls in the metro.  From the looks of it, it is more like of a 'carinderia' setting. I actually do not mind for as long as the food was prepared clean and tastes good. I was actually looking for more good points to dine at this place soon. One of the first thinga I noticed is their chipped off tables which I think is made of granite. Well it seems bearable but that primarily catches my attention.

My buddy and I were dismayed by the unruly and not-so-hospitable behavior of their male food servers. There were 7 of them that time and usually crowded at a little space in front of where the orders are issued for serving to the customers. They did not greet nor bid goodbye and ask for repeat business.
Most of the workers do not look neat. We actually saw 2 of them not wearing socks with their splashers. Oh noh! And one with his polo shirt with accumulated dirt and  food marks. We also noticed that they do not use trays for serving their customers' order which I bet should be available at all times. It will be easier if they use food trays instead of using only their bare hands in holding the food. We were just that not so comfortable with most of their ways to be honest. Despite all of these a lot of people is visiting the place even if it looks crowded all because of their FOOD! :)

Table set-up
At P 120++ is definitely a winner noodle soup. It is a noodle dish served with tender beef cut-ups,and some green leafy veggies shrimp siomai (hakaw)?!? Correct me if I'm wrong...It is a perfect comfort food for rainy season. At first glance I thought me paying a hundred plus bucks for this noodle soup isn't all worth it but I was wrong!


Our favorite! I was the only one who enjoyed the noodle soup as he is still full from the company's event he attended. So he just gulped in a bottle of cold soya milk (500ml) just to join me in my enjoyment of sipping my hot well-made soup.


Price is quite cheap. Food tastes well as usual. The only downside are the people who handles and serves our food. Intensive training I guess in terms of Food Safety, Hygiene and Customer Relation.

For your information, another Le Ching Tea House is also housed in the same building of Shoppesville. It was just a few steps away from where we dined in. The name is Le Ching Too which is a little cute and crowded too but rather well-maintained than the other one. Will try the other branch next time I'm in GH.

Ground Level, Shoppesville
Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan City