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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was craving for a milk tea while doing some routine at work tonight when out of the blue I asked my friends to join me for a cupful of Nai Cha from Chowking. In a month I gobbled up about 10 or more Nai Cha from the very same branch..that's how addict I am and that is certainly how addicting this milk tea is. Actually I got my dose yesterday lunch time when a good friend treated me while having our break at the nearest CK branch from work. This is not the Nai Cha I've known before as this is the NEW and IMPROVED version. I am a fan of their Nai Cha way before and still the same fan who loves CK products along with their noodles, dimsums, halo-halo and black gulaman. 

Have you met CK Nai Cha lately?  

I was kinda shocked by the dress up of this vogue milk tea as it was just last week when I got one for take home transaction. It  looked totally different from last time! That was fast speaking of fashionable and flashy logo. I  LOVE  the purple color of the removable cup sleeve. Attractive! But reminds me of another tea shop.  ^_^ I bet you don't need a clue, right? I noticed that the middle cup has a different kind of lid compared with the other two which has flat lid I surmise the store has shortage of flat lids and used dome lid instead. No problem with me as long as I have the quality of a milk tea :)

I always admire Chowking for getting at par with their milk tea competitors in the market nowadays. I love milk teas from other milk stores and tried hopping from one brand to another just to compare and analyze. But I simply love the best price Chowking can offer to their loyal customers like me and my friends. Guess the price, can you? Well not just me getting the best value for my money bu most importantly the satisfaction I get when I purchase one.

 See the tapioca pearls or the sago/black pearls? Oh! They are addicting too. It was cooked to perfection and just as sweet. I noticed that unlike other merchants who sell their cold teas with an option to add more pearls for a certain price, CK has nothing of this kind or gimmick. I wonder why? :) It is also being sold with just one size available. If they will come up with a bigger size I'll go grab one in an instant. I am sure you too!

 Top view. Can't help but to serve this as my regular drink. YUMMMMMMM....

Chowking Nai Cha for only P39
You are the cheapest milk tea drink I've ever found here in Manila. Cheapest yet yummiest of them all. Why can't I get over with your distinctive blend that is so refreshing. A cup of your size today won't satisfy me as I always crave for more. So smooth and so delicious! You improved a lot. Now, I am really crazy over you. I'll sip you again really soon.

N. Domingo St. San Juan City

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