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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Card Billfold Of All Sorts

Billfold  most commonly known as wallet is every girl or boy must-have. It is not merely used as paper bill storage or receipt and paper card inserts. According to answers.com, a wallet  is a flat pocket-sized folding case, usually made of leather, for holding paper money, cards, or photographs. I think it is more of a girl thing as I for one is fond of collecting membership cards and calling cards as well as some pocket-sized pictures of my dear friends (especially in college) mostly from those whom I've come in contact with for the very first time. I make it a point that I'll include it in my numerous pieces of cards organized neatly in my assorted type of  card holder wallet. I actually got myself four kinds already, usually differing in color, style and and thickness. These I earned through the years along with the cards I collected and I am glad that I have organized them in a simply cool fashion. All of them I either bought from a bazaar or sidewalk vendors. The reason why is that because it is a lot cheaper when you purchase it from them than those displayed at the department store. Maybe because it has something to do with the packaging, the type of material used and style.

Something red for a fierce and stylish look :)
Plain and striped versions :) The left one I recently bought for my guy friend to impart him the idea of the word

All of these card holders are made with either leather or synthetic materials and clear plastic covers. Price ranges from P50-120. That is what I call fashion for less! Mall merchandise of the same kind will cost you P200 and above. I bet it all depends on the user and how he/she appreciates the idea of having one everytime he/she leaves home. I am sure you also own one. The big question is how many do you have as of the moment?