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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Are you an online shopper or maybe a coupon or voucher addict? I for one is a certified voucher or coupon addict. I started spending thru online shopping because of these sites since 2010 and I find it really addicting. Matter-of-factly, it was Buyanihan that I first knew from my best friend.  For over a year it has been part of my regular routine to check what are the best deals in town
Based on the free encyclopedia online known as Wikipedia...
 " Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. Origins of group buying can be traced to China where tuángòu or team buying was executed to get discount prices from retailer when a large group of people were willing to buy the same item. In recent time, group buying websites have emerged as a major player in online shopping business. Typically, these websites feature a "deal of the day", with the deal kicking in once a set number of people agree to buy the product or service. Buyers then print off a voucher to claim their discount at the retailer. Many of the group-buying sites work by negotiating deals with local merchants and promising to deliver crowds in exchange for discounts. "
Although I know for a fact that most of us encountered these so-called GROUP BUYING SITES here in the Philippines,  I enjoyably collated and  provided single-handedly this post wherein you can see the alphabetically-arranged list of GBS with their known logos so that it is much easier and neat to navigate from one site to another, searching deals which best suit each one of us. Feel free to hop from one link to another but never forget to update me if in one way or another I missed one or if ever there will be soon to be launched GBS. Bookmark this link if you want to :) 

Discounts always work for us, right? So why not spend wisely and live well!  Enjoy online shopping!!!! 
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