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Monday, March 26, 2012


Back again at a very familiar place called Shakey's where they serve more than just GREAT Pizza.   It is known to us as a family place or a family restaurant and it was also the very same place where we usually if not regularly take our meals after our team meeting. It was one lunch time of August where we dined together after discussing our work-related targets, goals and mission to improve our sales and profit. 
With our company which  provided us the budget so we may  hit this place again, thank you so much! We were so privileged :)

The facade
Menu folders that cluttered our table. We each have one menu to keep us abreast of their offerings.
The spacious dining area of Shakey's. 
Counter area

And of course y very own lunch plate!
The spacious dining place was well-lit and clean-looking. Maintenance of the store look was clearly in place. Since I was a kid I used to see this place and I can see nothing much changes as to how it looked before. Perhaps it only goes to show  how well they manage cleanliness and condition to keep the place as inviting as before. As usual, we were happily greeted by most of the staffs, some of whom have become familiar to us. Glad to see these peeps again . With the menu given to us we took our time in ordering as most of what's inside we have ordered for the past months or so. Yes we are familiar with their core products, who's not?

While waiting for our orders to arrive my team and I posed before the Supercard stickered on our table . Such a big card. Whoa! I secretly hope I could take as big as this one but it can never be removed :(  A smart way to be included in their marketing strategy, to lure guests to buy one. My brother has this card and we use it big time from time to time.  Valid for one year and so much perks included already. Better than their competitor's Palm Card which stays with you for about 6 months only. I actually got one but expired already.

Shakey's House Blend Iced TeaTotally refreshing! But with a group consisted of 5 members this pitcher was not enough. Maybe next time there will be a free refill? :)

Basket of Fried Chicken with Mojos
I am not their fan of chicken to tell you honestly, because to me it is somewhat dry every time I try it. I still prefer a chicken which has juicy mouthfeel and has crunchy skin of course. However, I could never deny the fact that their  mojos is truly a crowd pleaser! One of my faves here at Shakey's. Perfect for this is the ranch dressing. Too bad the said dip was not  included with our ordered package :( I so loved its taste. Just perfect!

Basket of Garlic Bread
Oven-baked bread with garlic batter spread topped with bits of parsley. I liked munching this one every now and then most especially if partnered with any of Shakey's pasta dishes. I find it thickly-sliced and toasted enough.

A creamy fettuccine pasta dish made more delicious with ham slices, bacon bits and parmesan cheese. This goes well with the garlic bread, fried chicken and mojos. Serving is big enough for the team.

Calamari Crunch
Battered squid rings and deep-fried to perfection which are seasoned lightly. One of our team members liked this as she misses this appetizer which has become a staple for her way back her Dumaguete days. Therefore, we ordered one for her. So light and crispy! We had two options for dips: sweet & sour and mayo-ranch dressing. Yummmmmmy!

Manager's Choice Pizza
And here's the most filling part of our lunch and the super awesome one. . We made sure to eat it last or just second from the pasta and fried chicken. As they always say..save the best for last!
We let our pizza served to us in such a way that it has two flavors- Pepperoni and Shakey's Special. This was actually suggested by the manager on floor during that time and we are just so happy to try it. Salivating us!  The best and the number one pizza flavor of Shakey's is Manager's Choice for everybody's information.  I knew this since I am in my elementary age. Now I am still eating this even if a lot has changed in my eating preferences. So why won;t you grab one now!

We finished our late team lunch on a perfect note. Everything seemed perfect from the service, dining ambiance down to the food.  We will go back for more! If not with my team at least with my family and friends too should we want an American way o That's a promise!

3rd Level, SM City Sta. Mesa
Aurora Blvd. corner Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila