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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

INNOVitelle Here I Come :)

 It was February 17, Friday night, when I received an email stating that I won a gift pack from Asian Secrets, that I will be receiving 2 tubs of lulur scrubs per variant and 2 bengkoang soaps per variant. (Total of 10 items). Whoa! I was so speechless. I love winning and I do love surprises :) I knew for a fact that I joined so many online contests but I cannot place from which beauty blog I won. Not when I figured it out. It was from Pinay Reviewer. I am one of the lucky few who made it on the second weekly winners.

As per instructions in the email I need to claim the said beauty loot within 45days after the receipt of the email. Otherwise, it will be forfeited. So when opportunity strikes I made it to the address with a dear friend of mine. I did the claiming during my 1.5 hours break from duty. On February 25, Friday, exactly one week upon the receipt of a very surprising email, I went to Innovitelle Office, 2F Bonaventure Plaza, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City,Metro Manila (across Greenhills Shopping Center). Good thing that I am famiiliar with the landmark. We were there 5 minutes before 5 PM. Great! we made it to the cut-off day and time. Yipee!!!!

I looked  for Ms. Sheryl Roan but unfortunately she's not around but a lady politely assisted me. It took a while to retrieve the goodies for me, so in order not to waste time, me and my friend scrutinize what's new and hot at the reception area of the INNOVittelle office. Here's what we found. . .

Different awards all coming from Watsons (Your Personal Store) on different years.  Most of the awards I noticed INNOVitelle bearing the Feminine Hygiene Brand of the Year which we all know as PH Care.

 Here's how the display area looks like..filled with all sorts of INNOVitelle brand ranging from feminine wash, oral care, skin care and the likes. UNILAB has it all! One day I want to be a part of their team if fate permits :) One by one I patiently and enjoyably took pictures of all the items which are perfect for sharing. Who knows you might be using some of them too!
Here they are:

Scrub me Pretty Body Scrub and Body Lotion
 This intrigues me as I haven;t seen one in any of the Watson shelves. 

Celeteque DermoScience Skin Care line
Something I must try really soon in order to improve my skin. Need some rejuvenation and pampering.

Of course the well-known feminine wash which me and my mother use daily for ages, pH Care.
I've tried all the scents and my fave is Pink Passion. What's yours?

Who else haven't tried their wide array of  Myra E products such as hand and body lotion, facial cream, facial moisturizer and lip balm. I tried their lotion long time ago but stopped applying one when it was fully consumed and when a package abroad came from a relative filled with cosmetics and lotions. One thing remains in my purse up to now is the Myra e Vitamoisture Lip Balm. I'm still using it after how many months. It was actually given by my cousin who purchased it for me. I like the feeling of my lips being moisturized by such a balm even if it has no fragrance. Will definitely get one when it is depleted. 

Going back with the ASIAN SECRETS gift pack, here is the actual loot I got from INNOVitelle and Pinay Reviewer. I'll have a separate review on this one :) Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! For sure I'll enjoy every piece of this prize.  I'm sure every little girl who wants pampering would love to own one too!