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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tapa King: Your 24/7 Diner

This is how the diner looked like one wee hour of September. It was 3AM. 

One early morning of September I went from a friend's crib to celebrate a Midnight Pizza Party because it was my girl friend's post birthday celebration treat to us at the confines and comforts of her lovely home.
After celebrating with my gal pals, 3AM strike and we need to be getting home already. My gastronomic buddy fetched me from somewhere in Mandaluyong and invited me to have a quick breakfast at one of the restaurants in Edsa Central. It was his treat. A very demanding but hearty invitation cannot just be blatantly busted by me so I went to his  invitation and gladly took our breakfast as early as three in the morning. We basically stayed there for an hour talking about what transpired on our lives for that day. 

It was my very first time at this branch but eating here was like usual for me as we have the same branch outside my college university somewhere in Dapitan Street This is one of the places we usually get into when my college friends and classmates are looking for an all-time Filipino eatery. I still believe TAPA KING will always be there at one corner of that street.

When we reached the place we thought that it was not open because from afar we see that no other guests were there but only two staffs. But then we noticed a sign stating that it is a 24-hour store, my buddy hastily went inside and we are gladly met and greeted by a lady. Meaning, this place is really open round the clock . The ambiance is cool to the eyes, well-ventilated and lit is such a way that resembles a casual dining restaurant. Atmosphere in here is homey. I took a sweep panorama of the dining area (as shown above) so that if you happen to plan on eating here you will certainly know what to expect. Hope this will be of big help. 

It can cater a good number of guests anytime of the day. Most seats are couch-like so there's plenty of area that will be most occupied by couch-loving peeps out there including me. It was a nice place with clean tables and floors. I know this place isn't new but it still looks fresh at least from my judgement.

We went to the counter area and placed our orders. Very typical of a self-service type of restaurant. At the counter there was a hoisted menu board that tells most of their offerings. Some of which are: Only in this Store. Classic Plates, Royal Plates, Bowls with Drink and Classic Favorites. Our individual orders fell into Classic Favorites and Only in this Store.

Sharing you here are the laminated menu and merchandising materials which can be accessed from the counter area.

Garlic Vinegar, Spicy Vinegar and bottled sardines are being sold in this store too. Should you have a little or some cravings of these then this store have something for you to try on :)
With the help of my bridge camera powered with 18x zoom I was able to catch these bottles so far away from our table. Cool!

Chocolate Cake
I want you but my tummy won't allow :( Perhaps soon!
A view on our right side. We felt at peace while having our hearty meal together. Companionable silence there was.

We shall start first with these condiments. These were placed on our table when we are already seated and talking about something. Fish sauce and vinegar are two very critical condiments for tapa. A Pinoy fave tapa will be good tasting with the aid of these two savory liquids.  Watchatink? 

Our simple yet hearty first meal of the day finally arrived. . .

Royal King (P 155)
This suited my gastro partner's taste. Delighted him always. He usually eats at this place without me making it my first-ever encounter at this place. This dish is a house specialty composed of two sunny side up eggs (just the way he wanted--kinda malasado or over easy), served with spoonfuls of tapa, freshly diced tomatoes. Served with a plain steaming rice. You will definitely feel like a king when you have this type of meal.

Chicken Sandwich (P 45)

Mine was totally different from his order. Served on two whole wheat bread slices garnished in between with fresh iceberg lettuce and meaty but slightly bland chicken spread. The sandwich was halved into two which could probably mean for sharing and also for ease in eating 

The breakfast could be sudden but it was an almost perfect way to start the day. Another wee hour breakfast with the one I truly love ^_^ More early breakfast with you soon sweetie! 

True enough.. breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day :)