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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know this post is so timely as summer has just arrived even if for the past few days we experienced isolated rain showers all over Metro Manila. If I am not mistaken, last year was the last time I had a scoopful serving of ice cream along with my friends and office mates from this food kiosk called Scoopery. Since the bill will still be footed by our company based on our superior, we had an aftermeal delight at one of the popular ice cream shop inside the mall. It was actually my idea to go there instead of somewhere else for we may be running out of time to to go back to business or at work if we get too choosy for a quick dessert. Yes we need to enjoy but we still have more to accomplish as we go back to our office and get the business running excellently. We consider the treat more of a side trip which greatly compensated all our efforts for somehow achieving the set goals.

We earnestly ordered for our ice creams on cone that afternoon. The child in us apparently came into being. It was an automatic stimulus from each and everyone of us. Ice cream made us child-like all over again. 

This is the one-stop ice cream shop situated at the center part of the mall entrance beside the escalator. You can instantly see this when you use the mall's main entrance. I bet everyone knew about this shop because it is everywhere. In here you can find ice cream on cones which are not only affordable but satisfying as well. I regularly have one of this delighting ice cream as it is a year-round fare and the flavors do not change that much compared to fruits which has to be in season before you can actually buy one for cravings.

This stall may be cute in size but big in flavors. For every stall of Scoopery there is one chest freezer available to showcase the available flavors.  Here are the flavors available the time we purchased for our contentment: Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, Mango, Ube and Cheese. Scoopery Ice Creams are categorized as follows: Classic and Supreme. We can easily distinguish one from the other based on the concoction and how flavorful one compared the other. Still both are equal when it comes to satisfying one's craving, right? 

Belgian Cones
FYI They are home-baked. I am very particular with the cone used for my ice cream for I want it solid enough to handle the biggest scoops of ice cream I could binge. Great to find such a store like Scoopery where cones are really sturdy enough to handle melting ice cream yet still very pleasing to the taste. Never underestimate its goodness for certainly  you will  be surprised at how these cones are made. They are thick and rich in flavor. Every bite a delight! Have you experienced this one lately? Share your thoughts.

Oh! So TRUE :)

Pick one on the given set. The menu was placed beside the counter and can easily be viewed by customers. My team has chosen the Package B where you can have 2 ice cream belgian cones. Wow! Can't really wait to handle and lick my ice cream.  One ice cream on a cone bearing a scoop of either supreme or classic ice cream and still another one bearing the ice cream flavor of the day which happens to be mango in flavor! This package is only  P 55. Not bad at all for a great-tasting after meal! 

We were 5 in a team that moment, thus we ordered 2 Package B and one ala carte. Mine was the ala carte one. See what are the ice cream scoops flavor landed right on our hands. Scoooooperyfffficcccccccccc!!!!

Rocky Road anyone? 

I got myself a scoop of Rocky Road (not in this photo as I was the one who took the shot). However, the four of them had their fair big scoop of Cookies and Cream and Mango. Will I repeat this happy Scooperyfic experience again? Definitely! How about you will you give this food stall a shot? 

SM Centerpoint Ramon Magsaysay Avenue
Sta. Mesa, Metro Manila