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Monday, March 26, 2012

multum in parvo

Happy Monday! Meet our family's one and only PUG. My brother brought him to our home two years ago and this puppy was such a cutie! We can't help but to be nice with him and love him tenderly. Meet PUGi as I named him when we first met, while my brother call him Roger. Whichever pleases you, you may call him in either of the two names but most preferred to call him PUGi as he seems to have a handsome look. lol! 

Sharing you here are some of the snapshots I took over a year ago  while my brother together with an aunt, my father and a female cousin went to see our grandfather's grave one afternoon of  All Saint's Day. 

 Sorry sweetie you have to be enclosed in your portable kennel for less than an hour as we travel going to Marikina Loyola Park that day. Peace! I loved to cradle you in my arms but they won't allow me as you are so clumsy. But you cheered us up big time! Really.
 How you loved to be so free. So carefree that day as if life to you is all beers and skittles. You drank lots of water that afternoon after exhausting yourself with non-stop running and walking ^_^

This is so cool! Caught you in the act paying respects to our beloved lolo. Your first time to meet him. I know he loves you too just as he loves us dearly. 

 PUGi aka Roger
Arf arf!!!! :)

He is a toy. The newest member of our family :) He has a small to medium built which is typical of his breed. Chubby I think is the appropriate term. Have been described as multum in parvo ("much in little") which generally refers to the pug's personality and small size. A gentle pet and a friend that always cheer us up and relieves our stresses. A short-muzzled face, wrinkly, and curled tail are his distinct physical characteristics akin to English Bulldog and King Charles Spaniel. But apparently PUGi belongs to the most tamed breed of dogs.

Taking care of someone most especially if it is something special and so cute and lovable is not an easy job so just a few weeks of getting to know this puppy, I realized I kinda had a hard time nursing him. What I did was I searched on line regarding the TLCs for my new-found friend pug :) That was almost two years ago but these instructions I hailed from http://www.ehow.com helped me manage our pug in a good way. Here are the four brief instructions which you may apply too if you happen to own one: 

1.  Your first step is to simply show your Pug some love. They are very caring and affectionate. Taking care of your Pug always has to start with a lot of attention being paid towards them. A Pug is generally underfoot a lot, great lap dogs and happy to be with you no matter what it is you doing. So give them the love they need and deserve.

2.  Those cute little wrinkles that everybody loves so much are not that much fun for you Pug. Those wrinkles must be cleaned out to keep moisture from building up that could ultimately cause an infection. Taking a baby wipe and cleaning out the folds every month or so is a good idea. When food is involved you have to keep your Pug on a good diet. They will eat anything and everything if given the chance. Two cups of food a day with a few yummy treats in between is good. Those cute little fat Pugs are not healthy Pugs.

3. Watch your Pugs overheating. I can't stress this enough. Pugs have no way of regulating their body temperature so you must be very careful. Never leave a your companion home during the summer without a cool room or air conditioning. If they are out in the heat make sure they have plenty of water.

4. Next it is good to be aware of the health issues Pugs tend to face. Eye problems such as dry eye syndrome are common among others. Tracheal collapse is one of a few different types of breathing problems that can occur. On top of this their legs and knees can be vulnerable to problems. Along with those issues obesity, back problems and skin allergies are common

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billings