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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Old Spaghetti House EXPRESS!

I was too excited to use one of the two vouchers I purchased online to experience for the first time The Old Spaghetti House Express! which happened  during the second semester of last year. Curiosity kills the cat! No not that much...just hear me out. 

Since 'menu' is said to be the heart of the food business it must deliver in order to meet the diner's expectation. Judging the menu of TOSH it looks awesome along with its interior even if it was situated at the food court level of Landmark in Trinoma. The place is a self-service kind of restaurant therefore one must get his/her own tray and fall in line patiently.
The moment we talked with the supervisor on duty who happily assist us regarding our voucher, we have already selected what we liked out of their drool-forming menu list. Everything we ordered for the very first time was either not available or they were just simply out of stock of some ingredients. We then choose and choose until we hit what they can finally offer. Whew!

Shepherd's Pie with Rice
The plating doesn't look good but I was hoping that the food would be something exceptionally tasting, but I was so wrong. It tasted just enough to make you at least full. It was comparable to eating mashed potato with some kind of  gravy on it dashed with specks of parsley.

Seafood Marinara

Cold when this pasta dish reached our table. A big no-no for I firmly stand and believe that hot foods must be served hot and cold food must be served cold.  A simple principle in cooking and serving could not be overlooked just like that.  Seems like the sauce was not well-simmered so we lose our appetite because of this. I was expecting too much from TOSH I think because of the standard that I formed out of this promising eating place. I noticed too that since the cutleries and plates that were issued on us are generic meaning nor bearing the restaurant's logo; I think they need more time and space when it comes to compensating the plating, garnishing and stuffs by serving flavorful dishes with ample time of reheating and cooking. At least by doing so, it will not deviate from the real purpose of a certain food business- to keep your customers craving for more of your offerings. 

Another dish that did not pass our standard taste :( Perhaps the reason why I forgot its real name. Sorry about that. Before I misnomer this with something, his dish but it was like a Beef Steak of some sort. The sauce is too dark, thick and sweet. Ergo, it did not taste that good. Not highly recommendable.

Frozen Mud Pie
For someone with a sweet tooth this dessert must be a good try. At least during our dinner time together one food made it to meet our standards in terms of taste.The cashier and server could have suggested to serve it later instead to keep it from melting. Yummy! 'Tis one is recommended! :)

A table for two with our TOSH Express dinner. I sincerely understood that the name of place is commensurate to the type of service they are offering to its guests. But we expected something that equates delight. Next time around I wish to taste more of your offerings hoping that it is better and could be the best among the food express one can find inside the food court in malls. Of course I'll return to get an answer to the question that somehow hampered our dining experience with you. One thing is sure..me and my gastronomic buddy were not mad, we were not just simply delighted. We'll try our luck again at any of your branch if fate allows it. See you then! 

TOSH! Express
Trinoma Mall
EDSA corner North Avenue
North Triangle, Quezon City