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Friday, March 02, 2012


I am a self-confessed voucher addict.  I love things which has great value for money. Hence, I love GROUP BUYING SITES! way before it is not that popular here in  the Philippines. I just admire the idea of selling things at a lower price and making the most out of your hard-earned money. I know I am not stingy but just practical. I'm sure a lot of people nowadays are into it, checking daily deals which suits their budget and lifestye. What's vogue this time are  printed vouchers or coupons from the various  group buying sites. Who does not know its existence?  Everybody loves on sale items, so I bet majority of us heard of it and used  it.

Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia, describes GROUP BUYING as ..."also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. What a brilliant idea. And for all you know this tradition rooted from Chinese.

So much for the history. Since it is my daily routine to watch out for new deals, every now and then I open my laptop or pad and see to it that I catch the greatest deals ever. I may not always have disposable income for whims and caprices but it has always been my practice to set aside for my food hunts and little adventures :)

Weeks ago I suddenly discovered a certain group buying site which started form Angeles City in Pampanga. I am not choosy as to what brand of site will I buy for as long as I firmly believe I purchased the best deal in town yet! The name of the site is http://www.bigdeals.com.ph.

 It has recently came out in the open and I want you to welcome this site as much as you have welcomed other popular ones.  As of press time it is actually one of the TOP GROUP BUYING SITES with more that 2k hits!  Care to try deals pertaining to Food and Dining? Health and Wellness? and Travel and Events? Why won't you give this site a try. I actually made some purchases from them like the  . . .

UNLIMITED Illy Brewed Coffee and UNLIMITED Cakes, Breads & Pastries FOR ONLY P120 

Bought 3 vouchers of this for me and my girlfriends ^_^ 

Interested???!!! I know YOU are. To give you a brief background of this site kindly read on . . .

BigDeals is one of GREECOS Software Solution’s leading projects. GREECOS is a registered company in Angeles City established by a young group of entrepreneurs composed of engineers, software developers & marketing professionals. The emergence of online deal site in different cities throughout the Philippines has proven the effectiveness of this marketing logic and business model. Thus, GREECOS thru its BigDeals project, that was launched September 2011 has committed to bring this new and exciting online service targeting wide range of clientele. This is the first daily deal site launched in this province and in   Angeles City as well, and now saturating the busyness of Manila. 

Being a home grown company, BigDeals.com.ph has the unique advantage of knowing what’s in and what’s best for our customers - you! Our goal is simple – to give you the most amazing deals and discounts! Our company offers the very best deals in town so you can enjoy your most favorite meals and experience the great services at a very cheap price by availing them from us in a simple, fun, and secure way. 

At BigDeals, it is our mission to find the best stuff in your city - everything from restaurants, SPAs, coffee outlets, entertainment venues, travels and more to give you that life you deserve! We work with the best local businesses to offer you great deals at incredibly low prices. 

You might ask further on how this thing works? 
So here  are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I find out about other great daily deals? – Visit www.bigdeals.com.ph , sign up and we will send you email updates on our deal/s for the day offered in your city.
  • Do I need to use the coupon voucher the same day I bought it? – No, BigDeals’ vouchers usually have a redemption period which is usually up to 6 months or as specified in the terms and conditions.
  • I purchased a deal, now what do I do? – After you made your payment, you will receive the voucher via email with your corresponding coupon code. Print the coupon and follow the instructions on how to redeem the service or the product with the local merchant.

  • Can I purchase daily deals as gifts? – Yes, unless otherwise specified in the details of the promotion.
  • If my name is on the voucher can I still give it as a gift? –Most likely yes, but you should verify with Bigdeals and the merchant just to be sure.
  • Can these daily deal vouchers be combined with other coupons or discounts? – Unless otherwise specified, the vouchers usually cannot be used in combination with any other offers.
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind? – Don’t count on it. Most sales are final. But if for some reason you encounter any problem, please contact us and let us know how we can help. 
  • What happens if the voucher expires? – This depends on the agreement between the merchant and Bigdeals as well as the applicable laws. Usually the coupon value is non-refundable upon expiration but if applicable laws require that the coupon value be redeemable from the merchant, then the merchant must allow this redemption based on the actual cash value paid for by the customer in purchasing the coupon. If for any case the merchant refuse the redemption of the coupon value, BigDeals will refund the value as credits to your account that can be used for purchasing other deals. Contacting BigDeals may also provide you with other specific instructions related to the deal you purchased.   

Hope these helps. Happy BUYING folks! ^_^ BIG DEALS has a lot in store for you and me. Check out the site and remember to always spend wisely. Living nowadays and surviving is not that easy so better expend those hard-earned cash or coin in a meaningful way or you'll left out with nothing in your pocket.

SPEND LESS, ENJOY MORE! Be a member of BigDeals!