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Friday, March 30, 2012

Is T.O.S.H! posh?

This small space attracted me most. I like the colorful mural as my backdrop :)

It was a dinner date with my mother when we hastily went here at the TOSH! Express aka The Old Spaghetti House Express  in Pearl Drive Ortigas branch. My second time using a voucher I bought online. It was Saturday night when I reserved seats for my mother and I. We hit the said place at 7pm and mind you they will close in an hour time so sort of  need to hurry or else my paid vouchers will never be put to good use. There were no guests until they closed at exactly 8pm or just after we leave so that means Mama and I were all alone at their cute dining space. The voucher I got has indeed a great deal but I was so hopeful that this time around it will be a delightful experience far from my previous one, which I will be sharing with you on a separate post. I do not expect something grand but shall I say something way better than my first experience at TOSH Landmark branch. 

To give you the overview of TOSH's dainty place I've got some pics to share with you . . .

Small counter area. TOSH Express is a self- service type of diner so you better have to fall in line to be catered by the cashier. On the left side is where the production area is.

The displays and knick-knacks that surround the cute dining area will make you feel like you are just in the comforts of your own home. Nice place with simple decors. The wooden walls with the effects of dim light  made the entire place warm. Feels like home!

Now let me take you to where the eating portion is. Since the fine print says that a voucher is valid for any food and beverages we explored their menu first before we finally agreed for our order to be called out.

Iced tea
Not a house blend as my taste buds defined it. More of an instant type of beverage which is absolutely fine with me as I am particular more on their dishes.

The spaghetti was too dry and cold. I dunno if they subjected the noodles and sauce from heat or what. The fillet I understand it if it is bland but I was expecting if to be a little flavorful because of the olives and spinach included on the recipe. Java rice is okay. 

My mother's choice and she felt she was tricked which saddened me  :( According to her it looked great on the menu board but on the actual it was poor in taste. Everything is bland. Her pasta dish was also cold. My mother didn't finish her plate because she said it was lacking in appetite. I was worried that I didn't impress my mother for tagging her along with me on a dinner food trip . It may not be the high-end resto that I would like her to experience like the ones we see in malls called The Old Spaghetti House (which is the exact opposite of TOSH express in terms of food preparation I guess) and just a fast food counterpart but I do believe that their offerings must be at par with each other. Portion size may be compromised but never ever the taste, flavor and presentation. Ergo, both bear the same name and thus the same value.

Sorry TOSH Express if these two also earned us not another clap but we thought that this was not the way Italian dishes are prepared and served. My hopes went down this time. Again, a far cry from our expected overall presentation and taste. We ended up putting more parmesan cheese on pomodoro and the pizza was not that tasty even if the name clearly defined it as four-cheese. 

This dessert we shared compensated all the saddening experience we got about the TOSH dishes we had. Forgot the name already but it was made of mango bits and cream folded with finely crushed graham crackers. Small in size though but a nice sweet ending yet expect nothing to special about this dessert cup which is P 90 per order.

'Tis one a  nice try. I think my mother accomplished the form for feedback purposes which I think was healthy enough. I believe it was tastefully made :)

Our dinner at this place didn't earn a clap from both of us instead plenty of chuckles. But that doesn't mean we are closing our doors for some improvements about their food in general. Who knows I might unexpectedly come to this place soon but for this time I think we will try its restaurant counterpart.

TOSH! Express
G/F Pearl Plaza Bldg.
Pearl Drive Ortigas Complex
Pasig City