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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Valentine Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts 

Chocolate hearts are on the wall,,br. Chocolate hearts are on the ball, It must be Valentine's Day. 
I gave my love a chocolate heart. 
He ate it right away. 
He gave me a chocolate heart. 
It must be Valentine's Day
I gave my heart a valentine card,
And it said, "I love you!" 
My love gave me a valentine card, 
And it said, "Love you, too!" 
Chocolate hearts are on my dish.
Chocolate hearts are in my wish. 
It must be Valentine's Day!


It is the second day of the well-embraced 2nd F%D Sale at SM Megamall  when me and my gastronomic buddy went there to take part of the exciting event. It falls on a Saturday and we kinda expect it to be mobbed by all sorts of foodies. To our surprise at 10:30AM the mall is only a quarter full approximately. This scenario worked well as we have the luxury to roam around the mall without so much hassle. We first landed at the best part of the mall named Atrium, where a lot of gorgeous restaurants can be found and to our awe is the very place where the beautiful and catchy giant chocolate hearts were installed.  Aheeemmm...here's where the excitement started.. camwhore in me works perfectly ^_^

Be dazzled. Be in love with these romantically installed heart-shaped chocolate giants! If you are a certified chocolate addict like me, then this one is for you :)

Can I please take you home????!!!

The scenario won't be perfect without me...LOL! I stood, sat and displayed before these lovely yet saliva-dripping showcase and it made me more happy that morning. It is great to be IN LOVE! 

Should there be any chocolate festival here in the Philippines, kindly do not hesitate to inform me okay? I would appreciate it very much.


guolisha said...

These look super yummy! Haha Love love.. Just made me hungry @@