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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New York Pizza Palace

Ooopppsss sorry if I have to start my post about NYPP's toilet. I need to use this place and tale a pee before actually ordering. I left my gastronomic companion at the dining area for a while. I can't help but be amazed with such a perfect piece of vandalism made at the toilet wall's surface. I bet most of the guest who use this comfort room admire the simple yet artful design.   But first and foremost what is NYPP??!! NYPP is also known as New York Pizza Palace. My buddy and I went here last year during one of my well-deserved rest days. As usual we are going to use printed vouchers that I got for free at a certain group buying site here in the Philippines that does not require its customers to pay over the counter or on line. One has the opportunity to print deal of the day vouchers at a certain period of time with the limited number of copies to be printed. The name is Salamat.ph.com., which is as of press time ain't that active as before :( I kinda miss their superb deals as it is ultimately hassle free!

NYPP Spicy Shrimp and Prince Street Clam
We both love seafood, the reason why we ordered these slices out of the various huge selections at the pizza counter area. We could afford to choose the cheapest among the display but we'd rather ordered these two which costs P135 each slice. Anyway, the voucher indicated that any flavor will do + a drink for only..guess what??? P99. That's incredible huh. For a big slice of pizza and a soft drink of our choice this is oh so good.

This table serves as our lunch scenario. Our wooden sturdy table was equipped with tomato ketchup, hot sauce, parmesan cheese (condiments that are just perfect for our pizza slices). However, these pizza may seem big but we were kind of dismayed by the quality of toppings as it looks underportioned and sort of dry already. Maybe..just maybe it is overheld at the station. But I do love its thinness and overall appearance..though we had a hard time swallowing every bite of it. Rating would be good! :)

What is so clever about this place is the theme which very well portrays the busy New York environment. Like those running LED lights that will easily catch your attention? You could feel the NY City even in Makati just because the place features state of the art LED’s capturing actual live footages of New York City. Those who'd been to NY for sure will appreciate this one-of a kind set up. The dining area is big enough for barkada and family packages. Actually on our right side is a group pf people celebrating their lovely girl's graduation day. 

See the wall behind me? It is filled with cool stuffs that is typical of a New York style pizzeria. Love those signages. The place is clean and neatly set up. Staffs are well-groomed and trained. We'll have another round of meal here with or without vouchers, preferably in the evening just to compare the mood.

I provided you guys a map just so you want to drop by at this cool place in Makati. Got it from the restaurant's website. If you love pizzas better hit this place, Why won't you give it a try? 

A. Venue Event Mall
G/F Unit F105-106
# 7829 Makati Avenue Makati City
Delivery No: 720-5977
(for more info about delivery, click here)