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Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a great way to expend my time and energy for my rest day!!!!!!Wohoooo!!.. This is so unplanned. I was logging in my Yahoo! email account two days ago and upon checking I luckily entered a certain colorful form for Goldilocks' upcoming event. Since I am a food enthusiast and baking is my outlet, I am certainly  all for it. In the said form I not only enrolled myself but my best partner in every crime. We conspire in almost anything ..from the food we eat, to places we go and some little stuffs that further need attention. I just got so luck that night that I earned two entry passes for an all-day hands-on workshop :) Geeeeee.....

So later we must cooperate in going to SMX Convention Center for the GOLDILOCKS' 3rd CAKE DECO EXPO. I think I cannot retire to bed at this point in time as we would like to vie for a special gift from Goldilocks! How sweet it is to be FREE on a Sunday - no work and full of enjoyment await us ^_^

I first heard about this very exciting event from my second cousin two years ago who is pursuing a course like I did 6 years back - B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics. As per her sharing it was part of their curriculum to join the said event. What a great exposure indeed! Because not only they are mingling with the best pioneer in baking industry in the Philippines, but it helps in their personal evolvement. One of the great projects I could not afford this year. I really can't help but be very enthusiastic. 


So what are you guys waiting for???? Join your family and friends here and spend your Sunday in a more fruitful and sweet way. General admission is only P50. Not costly for a fun-filled day with all the beautiful cakes and workshops that are for sure worth trying for.  Mind you . .workshops are on a first come first serve basis so might as well catch the event way ahead of its schedule. See you guys later!

You're the ONE Goldilocks!


Mei said...

I should have known this earlier. Sayang :(
That is really fun! A great way to bond with your family and friends.