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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Each one of us is Starbucks addict! It was Tuesday morning when out of the blue I invited my cousin to go with me and try out Starbucks Philippines' Frappuccino Happy Hour. Since I was bum during that time I had plenty of time to look out for orpportunities in the world wide web..be it food, travels and promos related to them.

The said Happy Hour  is a promo that features their frappe variants at a huge 50% discount from 12nn-2pm. A week-long promo at its best.
I've read an article online about this that the ever-growing coffee shop named STRABUCKS will held this kind of promotional activity all over the Philippines. That surely be a sure hit!

Long line . . .and only less than an hour left before promo ends.
I was expecting that there will be some kind of commotion in every Starbucks coffee shop as it is guaranteed a huge saver. Every Pinoys will definitely make the most out of this happy hour knowing that this coffee shop is a remarkable brand and well-embraced by most of us. I was never wrong about this. 

Since the Mezza Residences is just a ride away from where we live, we got there just in time - 45 minutes before the promo ends. I asked the guard if we can still be accommodated as we were queued outside of the shop already. He said it is still positive for us to be entertained as the baristas are doing advance calling out of order to the assembler. 

It took us roughly around 15 minutes for our orders to be taken. Not bad. After all Starbucks obviously has lot of fans that afternoon. And see our happy faces? All because of the VENTI drink! :) This year I dunno if they will be having another run of this promo. We hope so! ^_^ I am sure a lot will be very excited. 

Whipped cream topping of our MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO is already melted. But still worth the wait. We ordered for VENTI size to make our stay super enjoyable.
We noticed that they are giving coffee caddy even if we said FOR HERE. Uhmmm?!? Maybe for those whose patience of waiting is not that let us say looonggg. . .
Since it is a week-long celebration, I thought every one will be given an opportunity to have their fair share of Frappucino Starbucks goodness. 

Thing is one must have a strong will to go to the nearest Sbux coffee shop and muster the virtue of patience. Watchatink?! This happened last year between May 2 to 8, 2011 12 to 2 PM and I kinda miss it. Guys inform me should Starbucks has another event like this for this year okay! :) 

Ground Level, Mezza Residences
Aurora Blvd. cor. Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 353-7424